Top 10 Threats To The Environment

Top 10 Threats To The Environment

The environment is already under extreme pressure from human activities. Species are going extinct, sea level is rising, water level is falling, CO2 level is rising, deforestation is increasing and more. The bad news is not showing any sign of stopping any sign of stopping any time soon. To make people realize the imminent threat to the environment that can spell disaster for our human society.

10 Grave Threat To The Environment

1. Climate Change

It’s been pretty well determined that climate change is real and man has played a pivotal role in it’s development. Over the past 100 years, the average global temperature has risen 1.6 degrees. This might mean much to a lot of people, but considering the temperature has only risen 8 degrees from the height of the ice age until the industrial revolution, a time spanning over 10,000 years, that is a very significant change. With a change in global temperatures, comes changes in weather patterns, natural disaster, rising sea levels, rising acid levels, and a change in oceanic currents.

2. Deforestation

They say it’s not a problem. It will grow back. They say it, but it never does. Millions of acres clear cut and burned. Entire ecosystems, plants, cures. All destroyed for your Wendy’s Value Meal. I hope it was worth it, because there is no longer any biodiversity ad nothing to protect the land, it is slowly becoming desert.

Though everyone claims to recycle, no one really does. I can walk down my street and around my neighborhood any given garbage day and never see the blue boxes at the side of the road. The Great Pacific Garbage patch is a great example of what we can do if we simply don’t put our minds to something.

3. Loss of Biodiversity

We all have our place. From the honey bee to the honey badger, to the Green Zebra Tomato. There’s a delicate balance in nature. When something becomes extinct that should have been preserved, we could be in trouble.

4. Rising Sea Levels

Read Climate Change. I like to swim, I just don’t want it to be my way of life

5. Air Pollution

There are times in specific places around the country and around the world in which you’re not supposed to go outside because the carbon levels are too high. I like to breath, and so do all the other animals

6. Oceanic Dead Zones

With the combination of climate change, and pollution, acid levels are going up, oxygen is going down. Coral reefs die, and so does the biodiversity. We have a dead zone.

7. Population Growth

At 7 billion people, we’re creating too much waste. We’re causing every other issue on this list.

8. Depletion of Natural Resources

Oil, Natural gas, Coal, none are sustainable. As we push the CO2 emissions into the air, we’re depleting what we have.

9. Overgrazing

Methane from cattle produces a huge portion of greenhouse gasses. The grazing is also causing Deforestation.

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