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Best Solar Driveway Lights

Best Solar Driveway Lights

Are you looking for eco-friendly light solutions for illuminating your driveway? If yes, then you might want to consider the option of solar driveway lights. Yes, similar to all solar light varieties, the solar driveway lights come with solar panels to help to channelize the sun’s energy for generating electricity.

How Do Solar Driveway Lights Work?

Similar to all types of solar-engineered lights, solar driveway lights operate as mini-satellites. As such, they absorb energy from the sun to store in the battery, after which the stored energy converts into electrical energy for powering devices during nighttime.

In the case of solar driveway lights, they are connected to photovoltaic solar panels and a rechargeable battery. The battery stores the absorbed sun’s energy that the solar panels absorb, and then, converts into electrical energy.

For optimum usage, you must maintain the solar driveway lights in areas that receive maximum sunlight for the battery to become fully charged. Preferably, the equipment must get around 8 hours of solar power every day. Even so, on cloudy days, the battery may not get charged due to inadequate sunlight, resulting in the solar lights to die out sooner or take a longer time to charge.

At night, the photo-resistor automatically turns on the LED lamps. The energy that the battery stores is, then, used for generating electricity. Until the battery is depleted, the solar driveways lights will continue to shine.

Conversely, the motion-sensing solar lights get activated upon sensing movement; and after some minutes, they get deactivated. Then, during the day, the solar panels again start to collect solar power, and the same process repeats.

Best 7 Solar Driveway Lights

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1. Siedinlar Solar Driveway LED Light

It is necessary to illuminate your driveway but you have to think of running and maintenance cost of those lights too! If you want a cost effective and eco friendly lighting solution for your driveway, opt for these Siedinlar Solar Driveway LED Lights. There is a set of 4 lights and you can set them up in garden and stairways too. The design of these Siedinlar Solar Driveway LED Light is elegant. There is no wire to mess with and the body is made of quality aluminum alloy. Siedinlar Solar Driveway LED Lights can withstand pressure up to 20 tons and so they won’t break even if you accidentally take the vehicle over the lights.

The stylish solar deck lights get fully charged under bright sun within 6 hours and then they stay lit for 12 hours or more at night. You need not think about these Siedinlar Solar Driveway LED Lights getting damaged by water. The lights are sold with IP68 waterproof rating. The usage is hassle free as the lights operate minus any human intervention. In the package, you get 4 pieces of Solar Deck Lights, Instruction Manual along with all required fixtures.

2. Aogist Solar Driveway Lights

You should invest in lights for your garden or driveway that offer good illumination. However, you have to think of running and maintenance issues too. This set of solar powered deck lights will be good. Each light has an embedded Ni-MH 600 mAh battery. The lights will turn on and off without you getting involved in it and this will definitely reduce operational hassle. Once the battery gets fully charged, these Aogist Solar Driveway Lights will stay lit for 8 hours.

Aogist Solar Driveway Lights come with IP65 waterproof rating. The high strength ABS body is durable in nature. Even if a heavyweight person stands on these lights they won’t get damaged. It is wireless and installation is simple.

3. Happybuy Driveway Lights

There are so many types of lights that you can use for lighting up the driveways. However, this set of durable solar lights is way better than the other options. These Happybuy Driveway Lights will work for 72 hours after getting fully charged by sunlight. The lights are IP68 certified for water resistance. So, durability will not be an issue.

Happybuy Driveway Lights are not only good looking but they are quite durable. The thick aluminum shell ensures the lights survive pressure well. The lights don’t get affected by temperature drop and UV exposure either. Each light has embedded 600mAh Ni MH battery. Happybuy Driveway Lights also come with buttons for switching on and off. Installation is easy and no wiring is needed. Apart from driveways, these lights can also be used at gardens and sidewalks.

4. JACKYLED Driveway Lights

Nowadays, a lot of people are opting for stylish solar dock lights. These lights are versatile and easy on the wallet. Choose JACKYLED Driveway Lights that can be used at driveway and garden. It comes in a set of 8 lights. Each light has 600MAH NI-MH battery inside that gets charged by solar energy and they stay lit at night. When you install lights outside house, weather resistance is something that can’t be overlooked. JACKYLED Driveway Lights are IP68 waterproof and come with sealed battery compartment. The premium poly-carbonate body will last for several years. Even if you run a heavy vehicle on these lights they will not get affected.

It has wireless design and the brand offers screws for setting the lights up easily. You also get 1 year warranty with 60 days refund policy on this set. In the pack, you get 8 units of solar dock lights, User Manual and 8 Screw Sets.

5. Westinghouse Solar Flat In-Ground Driveway Light Set

Not everyone is fond of stylish garden or driveway lights and minimalism is what they seek. If you have similar liking, opt for this minimal looking Westinghouse Solar Flat In-Ground Driveway Light Set. Each light contains 3 bright LED. Westinghouse Solar Flat In-Ground Driveway Light Set operates automatically thanks to an embedded and advanced light sensor.

The Durable stainless steel is capable of withstanding heavy weight and pressure. Each light has a Li-Ion battery and a ground stake. The top mounted solar panel is quite effective and you need not worry about the cloudy days. These solar lights are compact too. Installation is easy and no wiring will be needed.

6. JIGUOOR Solar Driveway Lights

When buying solar deck lights you have to think of both functionality and durability. This set of solar driveway lights has 4 units. These lights are ideal for those seeking low running cost and minimal maintenance. The Ni-MH 800mAh batteries get recharged through poly-crystalline solar panel in day and then they stay lit at night.

This Silver gray set is made with quality aluminum alloy casting and you also get IP68 WATERPROOF rating. Wireless design makes installation very simple. JIGUOOR Solar Driveway Lights not only look stylish but they are extremely durable. You can drive your vehicle over these JIGUOOR Solar Driveway Lights and they won’t get broken or damaged.

7. Home Zone Security Solar Driveway Lights

Are you planning to illuminate your driveway for ease of usage at nighttime? Then look no further than this set of stylish and durable solar lights. The pack contains 4 lights and so it is suited for those with long driveways too. You may also set up these Home Zone Security Solar Driveway Lights in your garden. The high performance Mono-crystalline solar panels get charged up at day time and the lights get lit at dusk. There is an embedded 600mAH NI-MH battery in each light which gets fully recharged within 6 hours.

Home Zone Security Solar Driveway Lights are Waterproof and come with IP67 rating. The Cast aluminum heavy metal frame will last for a long time and it is capable of coping with heavyweight objects. Installation is simple and it has a wireless design.

Solar Driveway Lights
Buying Guide

As part of your quest to look for solar driveway lights that best suit your purpose, you must consider some important aspects. Though different individuals have their preferences and requirements, yet some common features are worth pondering over to make the right selection among the many alternatives.

1. Are They Weatherproof and Durable?

Placing any old light-bulb in your driveway would not be a good idea. Surely, you want your lights to be durable. So, why not go for the solar-powered driveway lights? They can withstand all types of weather and last for long durations without needing to be replaced often.

For durable lights, the LED driveway lights that have high Ingress Protection (IP) are your best bet. IP ratings help in determining whether containers are well-sealed or not. IP ratings that are more than 65 indicate that the casing covering the light is both waterproof and dustproof.

A higher IP rating than IP65 means that the lighting devices will remain secure even if they are immersed in deep water. Moreover, they will withstand rough weather for a longer duration.

Plus, you may want lights that are composed of hard and corrosion-resistant metals. Rust tends to kill outdoor lights quickly, so you must ensure that the lights either contain corrosion-resistant coats. Or, the lights must be constituted of stainless steel or aluminum because such metals help to prevent rust from developing.

2. How Bright Do They Shine?

When choosing outdoor lights, the brightness of the lamps is a crucial aspect. Lumen is the measure of the brightness of outdoor lights. The intensity with which the lights will shine is gauged by the number of lumens, with a higher number indicating more brightness.

For instance, average light-bulbs in homes measure approximately 800 lumens while outdoor lights range from 200 to 5000 lumens.

If you’re looking for solar street lights or driveway lights, then you require lights with the same brightness akin to the security lights or outdoor floodlights. Generally, driveway lights are designed for guiding you across your driveway. Here, if you’re choosing solar-based driveway lights, then opt for lights with lower brightness measuring between 200 to 300 lumens. Lights having lower lumen count also indicate that the lights will hold charge for a longer duration.

On the other hand, if you want brighter lights that reach afar, then lights having higher lumen count would suit your purpose – only keep in mind that they might not shine for long.

3. What Is The Run Time And Charge Time?

The duration for which the lights can hold charge is also an important consideration when shopping around for solar driveway lights. By placing the solar-powered lights for 7-8 hours during the day, your lights are fully charged.

Also, a good buy would be solar driveway lights that can shine on for minimum 8 hours on a full charge. Even so, in the case of bright lights that contain motion sensors, they shine bright only when they sense the movement of persons or cars while conserving energy for the rest of the time.

If selecting driveway lights, the general recommendation is to value longer runtime over brightness. This is because you want your lights to shine all through the night rather than having them shine overly bright.

4. What Is Their Range?

The range of solar lights helps in determining the amount of space that one single light can illuminate. The low-powered LED driveway lights are between the range of 2 to 3 feet while the brighter lights have ranges that can go up to 10 feet.

For longer driveways, you can go with lights that come with a larger range. Then, they can be positioned farther apart while covering greater distances. Conversely, for shorter driveways, lights that have a range of 2 feet would serve your illumination purposes adequately.

Keep in mind that the brightness of lights affects their operation time, along with costs. Lights that come with a longer range and runtimes are more expensive than the lights having a shorter range.

5. Where Should They Be Mounted?

You can mount outdoor lights in different ways. Some motion sensor lights or floodlights have to be mounted on the sides of buildings for security purposes. However, for several driveways, the installed lights contain stakes that are glued to the driveway ground.

Though, for clear and bright lighting effects, consider mounting lights higher up. You can avail solar-engineered LED street lights that are installable on high fences or poles, which is similar to pole lighting.

Now, if fences line your driveway, then opt for placing the lights higher up. By doing so, your driveway is illuminated while your driver has a clear view of the road ahead.


In addition to the above-listed aspects that require consideration when buying solar driveways lights, your budgetary constraints are important to consider as well. If working on a budget, then you must look for options within the given financial range. With an array of options available in solar driveway lights, you are sure to get the ones that are suited to your budget while matching your preferences.

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