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Best Solar Shed Lights

Best Solar Shed Lights

Are you looking for sustainable light solutions to illuminate your sheds? If yes, then are you familiar with solar technology? As part of solar technology, sunlight is the primary requirement in solar lights. And you can use the solar-based lights for livening up spaces – in an eco-friendly manner. Yes, solar-powered lights contain solar panels that are designed for absorbing sunlight, which is then converted into electrical energy.

Also, over time, solar lights can prove to be inexpensive while resulting in greater savings. Now, if you need lights for brightening shed areas, then consider the option of solar lights. Only make sure to keep the solar lights in sunlit areas of your sheds so they can absorb maximum sunlight, which gets stored in the in-built battery and helps to lighten up your sheds when night falls.

Best 6 Solar Powered
Shed Lights

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1. Kyson Solar Powered Led Shed Light

You will want places like the garage or outdoor sheds to be well lit. Instead of installing a typical shed light that requires electricity and has a higher running cost, opt for a solar-powered shed light. This is one amazing remote controlled solar shed light that will not tax your wallet much. Kyson Solar Powered Led Shed Light has a graceful look and has awesome build quality. You get a pull cord for ease of usage.

To mount the solar panel, you get a wall mounting kit too. The Amorphous Silicon Solar panel has high efficiency and it draws enough sunlight to recharge the 400mAh Li-ion battery. Charging the battery takes 8 hours approx and then the light stays lit for 10 hours or so. Kyson Solar Powered Led Shed Light can be used both for illuminating the house exterior and also for accent lighting needs.

2. KK.BOL Solar Lamp Portable Shed Light

If you are tired of paying high electricity bills to light up house exterior, it is time you switch to solar-powered light. This amazing solar shed light will fit your bill well. There is a battery, a photovoltaic solar panel, and light in the unit. KK.BOL Solar Lamp Portable Shed Light can be used for purposes like home lighting, reading, emergency, and blackouts.

You may hang the lamp in a patio or garden and also in the garage. Its brightness can be compared with that of an incandescent lamp. The 1600 mAH lithium battery can stay lit for 7 hours once it gets fully charged. You will have to put the photovoltaic panel on the rooftop or at a place where it receives plenty of sunlight.

3. Loski 3W Outdoor Hanging Solar Powered 4 LED Shed Light

Do you want a light that is light on the wallet, offers enough illumination, and can be used in many places? Then, opt for this stylish solar-powered pendant lamp – christened as – Loski 3W Outdoor Hanging Solar Powered 4 LED Shed Light. It is made up of stainless steel and has a rotatable solar panel. Thanks to the included RF remote control and a pull-cord switch, the lamp can be sued in many places like the patio, balcony, garden, and garage, etc. The robust solar panel soaks in solar energy at daytime and that gets stored in the supplied lithium battery. The solar panel is adjustable and you can adjust it to ensure that it receives plenty of sunlight. After the battery is charged to full capacity, the light stays on for 8 – 12 hours.

Loski 3W Outdoor Hanging Solar Powered 4 LED Shed Light is IP44 water-resistant and so you can use it without worrying about weather conditions impacting its longevity or performance. In the pack, you get an LED Shed Light, Silicon Solar Panel, RF Remote Controller, a Wall Mounted Interface, User Manual, and a set of screws.

4. Lampelc LEDs Shed Lamp

There are so many types of solar-powered lamps and the variety can make picking the right one tedious, sometimes! This stylish and functional solar-powered pendant lamp comes with plenty of useful features and solid build quality. The black retro styling is easy on the eyes. Lampelc LEDs Shed Lamp is perfect for use at places like a garden, patio, and balcony. The light is made up of ABS & stainless steel.

The high-efficiency solar panel offers a 17.6% conversion rate. The included 2200mAh battery lasts for a long time. Once it gets charged fully, the light stays on for 10 hours or more. You get 3 brightness modes to pick from and the chosen mode also impacts the battery life.  Lampelc LEDs Shed Lamp also has an IP65 rating which makes it ideal for outdoor usage and you need not fret about rain or snowfall much. At just 620 grams, it is quite lightweight. In the pack, you get the solar lamp, Mounting Accessories, a User Manual, and Remote Control.

5. CoolDeals Pack LED Solar Shed Light

Are you looking for low maintenance and affordable exterior solar lights? Then this set of versatile solar exterior lighting will fit your bill quite well! This comes in a set of 5 lights. The body of this CoolDeals Pack LED Solar Shed Lights is made up of toughened ABS material and so durability woes don’t exist.

The IP54 rating ensures the lamps do not get much affected by rain or other weather elements. The CoolDeals Pack LED Solar Shed Lights have solar cells on top that soaks in sunlight and draws enough energy to illuminate the lights at night. There is practically no maintenance requirement and running cost is near zero. You get a 1-year warranty on this set.

6. Libwx Solar Shed Light

When you search for exterior wall lights, it makes sense to pick durable and cost-effective products. Try this solar deck light that is made of ABS. Libwx Solar Shed Light is laden with a durable Solar panel that soaks in enough sunlight to recharge the supplied 600MAH NiMH battery. After that, the lights will stay lit for 6-8 hours. You can set these Libwx Solar Shed Lights on walls, and fence posts. The nice thing is these lights support 2 lighting modes. For regular usage, you can set the warm white glow mode. For special events, you may opt for the color-changing mode. This is ideal to spruce up the house exterior without spending a lot.

Libwx Solar Shed Light has an IP 65 waterproof design and so it is perfect for outdoor usage. It has an embedded sensor for hassle-free operation. Installation is absolutely simple and no wiring will be needed. The company packs in the screws required for installation.

How To Choose Solar Shed Lights?

Here are some important aspects to consider when choosing solar shed lights.

1. Lumen Output

One of the most important aspects to consider when making your selection among the different varieties of solar light systems for sheds, or solar lamp posts, or any other lights for that matter, is the lumen output.

Lumens are measuring units of the luminous flux that is produced by a single source of light within a given time frame. This unit refers to the light intensity or brightness that the lamp is capable of emitting.

Contrary to what several people may perceive, in the case of solar-based shed lights, the lumen output bears no connection to the solar panels that help to power the lights. Each light has its nickel or lithium battery for providing the energy that is needed by the LED solar bulb.

The lumen output of lights is determined as per the wavelength, bulb structure, and light color that they can generate. The solar panels will only establish the time taken for the battery to become charged. In the meantime, the battery uninterruptedly discharges for supplying the requisite energy that the lamp needs for maintaining the lumen output.

On average, the lumen output of solar-engineered solar lights is within the range of 50 to 200 lumens. For shed areas, you will require around 150-300 lumens.

2. Lifespan And Warranty

You must also consider the lifespan of the LED solar lights and their batteries. This aspect dictates the number of times you may need to replace the lamp. In most cases, the lifespan of lights ranges from 2 to 3 years. Thus, you can assume the warranty period of the lights to extend between the range of 1 to 2 years.

Other factors that are worth pondering over when shopping for solar shed lights include metal hooks, portability features, USB charging compatibility, and light color – to list a few.

3. Size of the Shed

Don’t ignore the size of the shed while zeroing in on the best solar shed light. If you have a lot of ground to cover, you might have to opt for bigger and brighter solar shed lights otherwise, it will defeat the very purpose of installing them in the shed in the first place. If the area is small, you can then opt for smaller ones.

4. Charging Hours And Operation Mode

Another important factor to consider in the case of solar shed lights is the number of hours that are required for fully charging the battery. If the lights need several hours of sunlight, they will be highly sensitive to unforeseen cloudy weather, leading to low charging battery levels in seasons having less solar radiation.

On the contrary, the operational hours determine whether the lamp will serve as dusk to dawn lights or are better suited on an occasional basis (having a remote control to switch on when needed).

5. Type of Solar Panel 

You need to go for the solar panels that are wells-suited with the weather condition of your region. If you are living in colder climatic zones, you might have to settle for solar panels that can produce electricity even when the sun is not burning bright above you. People living in colder climatic zones are well aware of the fact that they will not get sunny days most of the time. So, you need to find solar shed lights that are fitted with solar panels that can perform well in overcast conditions otherwise, it will be a total waste of your time and money.  


In addition to the above-listed points, you may want to take into account your budget as well. Surely, you do not want to go overboard spending on lights that you cannot afford, right?

However, a good starting point would be to draw a budget. Next, you must start hunting for solar light options that come within your financial plan.

Upon short-listing some solar light options, you may also want to study customer reviews. After all, you want to be sure you’re making the right choice and getting good returns for your investment in solar-based technology, correct?

Last modified: November 15, 2020