Best Solar Pond Pumps

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Best Solar Pond Pumps

Solar pond pumps serve as eco-friendly options to pump water around your pond, as compared to the battery-operated pond pumps. Similar to battery-operated pond pumps, the solar models cater to your needs for pumping water in your ponds to keep them aerated and suited for plants.

Normally, the solar-powered pumps are kept on the pond ledge or shelf and atop the pond liner. Pond pumps can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your pond too.

Now, though they are costlier as compared to the typical battery-based ones, yet they turn to be cheaper in the long run. And if you’re interested in solar fountain pumps, this page has some recommendations, particularly for browsers with small-sized ponds or birdbaths.

Best 8 Solar Powered Pond Pumps

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1. Sunlitec Solar Fountain for Small Pond

What can be better than solar bowered bird bathing unit to adorn your garden or backyard? This solar powered bird bathing kit will fulfill your needs well. The unit has a durable and efficient solar panel. Sunlitec Solar Fountain for Small Pond will last for 20000 hours. The brush-less motor is also long lasting. You can also use it in an outdoor fish tank. It is an eco friendly way to keep fountain or tank water fresh. The unit has 4 different spray heads. It needs only sunlight to operate and there is no other cost involved.

Sunlitec Solar Fountain for Small Pond is powered by 1.8W solar panel and its motor does not consume huge amount of power which is an added advantage. Since it does not have any external battery or external electric outlet available, it will not harm the birds in one way or the other.

This pump activates within just 3 seconds if it gets sufficient amount of sunlight. Yes it is that powerful. Sunlitec Solar Fountain for Small Pond lets you keep your pond clear and fresh so that your feathery friends can take a peaceful dip into the crystal clear water without any worry.

2. Eco-Worthy Solar Fountain Water Pump Kit

A solar powered pond pump can be used to beautify your garden or patio like never before. It circulates the water in the pond or tank, powered by solar energy.  ECO-WORTHY Solar Fountain Water Pump Kit has a long life and it runs for more than 20000 hours. The Durable aluminum frame ensures it does not get damaged easily by weather elements.

The Adjustable 10 Watt solar panel angle ensures you can set it in the best way to receive adequate sunlight. You get 1 year warranty on this product and the brand also offers Money Back Guarantee. ECO-WORTHY Solar Fountain Water Pump Kit is absolutely safe to use and no wiring is required. To get the best experience, ensure it is set up in a location where enough sunlight is available most of the times.

3. Solariver Solar Water Pump

A fountain is the best way to attract the birds to your garden but the thoughts of maintenance may deter you from installing one. With this solar powered pump kit, you cannot go wrong. Solariver Solar Water Pump can be set up at the patio, backyard or garden. It has a brushless submersible magnetic pump with long life.

Solariver Solar Water Pump is safe to use and it won’t cause any harm to the aquatic animals and birds. The 20 watt rugged solar panel has high efficiency. You get Money Back Guarantee on this unit apart from 1 year warranty. It does not have any battery and so the pump will operate in daylight only.

Solariver Solar Water Pump ais powerful enough to pump large volume of water without even breaking a sweat. Ideal for streams or large ponds, Solariver Solar Water Pump will help you save your electricity bills since it gets powered by sun entirely. The frame is made from aluminum and that means, it will last really long.

Features –

  • Non-Toxic
  • Offers Dry-Run Protection
  • Adjustable Flow Control

4. AISITIN 5.5W Solar Water Pump

Are you thinking of a low cost and eco friendly way to adorn your garden or patio? Go for this low maintenance solar powered floating fountain pump. It is laden with top quality 5.5W solar panels.

AISITIN 5.5W Solar Water Pump also has an embedded 1500mAh battery which stores the energy drawn from sunlight. The nice thing is that AISITIN 5.5W Solar Water Pump ships with 6 distinct styled nozzles. You can even adjust water spray height. This solar pump can be set up in small pond, fish tank and regular fountain etc. It will be ideal for alluring the birds. It is easy to use and set up.

5. COSSCCI Solar Fountain Water Pump

You may try many things to spruce up the look of your backyard garden or patio. However, for a low cost and environment friendly solution, nothing comes close to this solar powered fountain unit. COSSCCI Solar Fountain Water Pump has a pump which draws power from sunlight and nothing else is required. However, the solar panel must get sunlight and shading will hamper the performance.

Once you expose the solar panel to sunlight it starts the pump within a few seconds. There is one built-in robust brushless motor.  COSSCCI Solar Fountain Water Pump is ideal for setting up with your existing fish pond or bird bathing set. COSSCCI Solar Fountain Water Pump will run for over 20,000 Hours. You also get 4 separate styled spray heads for variety. However, it must not be kept at a place where sunlight is dismal.

6. Lewisia Solar Powered Water Pump

Using a solar fountain can make your bird bath and fish pond rejuvenated, literally. It will attract the chirpy lovely birds to your garden. The Polycrystalline glass coated solar panel is of high quality and it has IP65 waterproof rating. The unit is safe for the birds and fish. There is nothing like any external battery and your maintenance cost will be almost nonexistent.

Once it gets exposed to sunlight, Lewisia Solar Powered Water Pump starts functioning very fast. The brushless motor ensures long lifespan. The water spray height can be 55 cm at max. However, it will work the best in optimal sunlight. So, you should put it at a place where the unit receives optimal sunlight.

7. Winkeyes Solar Powered Water Pump

Are you low on budget but still want to adorn the garden or patio area? Do not worry and buy this solar powered water fountain unit. Winkeyes Solar Powered Water Pump comes with 4 different styled sprinkler heads. You may set this unit up at fish tank, bird bath or a small pond.

All you need to do is to set Winkeyes Solar Powered Water Pump on the water. Once the unit receives sunlight, Winkeyes Solar Powered Water Pump will start operating without any human intervention. Apart from sunlight, nothing else is needed to operate it and that means, the running cost will be zero. Winkeyes Solar Powered Water Pump is also safe for the birds and fish in the water. It is built robust and longevity will not be an issue.

8. Maso Solar Panel Powered Water Feature Pump

This is an easy to use and low maintenance solar pond pump that can be used to beautify garden and backyard of your house. Maso Solar Panel Powered Water Feature Pump has durable build and it ships with 4 separate styled sprinkler heads. Set it up at your fish pond or bird bath.

Maso Solar Panel Powered Water Feature Pump is absolutely simple to use and you just have to let it float on the water and the rest will be taken care by this device. Of course, there should be enough sunlight to allow it operate at an optimal level. The inbuilt brushless motor will last for long time. The pump’s Oil-free design reduces risk of water contamination and so you can be assured of no harm being caused to the fish and birds.

What You Need to Know About Solar Pond Pumps

Solar pond pumps absorb solar energy from the sun’s rays through the photovoltaic or solar panels that are attached to the pumps. The solar panels are generally connected to the pump system through wires; and in some varieties, they are in-built to the pump systems.

For the seamless operation of the solar-powered pond pumps, you must ensure they are positioned in a way that they are exposed to the sun directly. By doing so, they can absorb the sun’s rays effectively and continue to pump the required amount of water.

More so, they have to be placed at correct angles to prevent reflections. Doing so is important because the pump’s power varies, being wholly dependent on the amount of solar energy that gets transferred from the panel to the pump.

Hence, you must consider how much sunlight is available in your garden. Note that I didn’t say your pond. Because the solar panels are attachable via long wirelines, providing up to 15-foot extension, which is enough to keep the pumps in areas in your garden that receive the most sunlight.

Features of Solar Pond Pumps That You Should Carefully Consider

Here are the varied features of solar pond pumps; the following aspects make them a popular alternative to the conventional battery-powered pond pumps.

  • Easy-to install
  • Portable
  • Do not have high operational costs
  • Work silently
  • Use renewable energy sources which makes them an environmentally-friendly option
  • Usually, they come with in-built pond filters that help to prevent small debris from gaining entry. Even so, you may have to clean some pumps regularly.

Nevertheless, using solar-powered pond pumps have many disadvantages vis-à-vis battery-powered models.

  • Offer less power output, and consequently, less water flow
  • More suitable for small-sized or medium-sized pools; they are not suitable for the large-sized ones
  • During cloudy or overcast days, the solar panels are unable to absorb energy due to lack of sunlight. That said, the pumps cannot be powered on those days and your pond does not receive water then.
  • More expensive to buy than the traditional pond pumps

Selecting The Best Solar Pond Pump For Your Pond

If you’re looking to purchase a solar pond pump for your pond, then you must consider several aspects for making the right selection among the available options.

Some aspects worth pondering over when shopping for solar pond pumps include gauging the pumps ability to pump the requisite amount of water, along with the aesthetic value and the water effects that they produce.

Different patrons have their distinctive set of priorities, based on which they make their purchase decisions – including the financial constraints. However, in the following details, we study some important aspects to consider to help you along the way.

Water Flow

Concerning pump water flow, in spite of all pond pumps having a similar output, they do not offer the same strength of water flow. This is because of their internal hardware structures which lead to efficiencies and inefficiencies. Hence, some pumps rate greater in power than others, although both varieties have the same wattage.

A good strategy would be to check photos and videos of the pump in action when choosing solar pond pumps. Moreover, you can read customer reviews to know more about the pros and cons of the solar pond pumps that you are looking to purchase.

Power Output

In general, the higher the power output the pumps generate, the more effective and powerful they are deemed to be. Power ratings of water pumps are determined by the unit of Wattage (W). The power level directly impacts the amount of water that the pumps are able to handle; this includes both at the capacity level and the distance that they can be ejected into the air.

Many solar pond pumps have variable flow rates. They depend on the force of the sunlight and the direction where the solar panel is positioned.

The combination of the given factors affects the pump’s performance, particularly on cloudy days.

Thus, you must consider the pump position in your garden and keep the pump in areas that receive maximum sunlight during the day for the best results.

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