Best Solar Deck (Steps) Lights

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Best Solar Deck (Steps) Lights

Many people are seeking energy-efficient and eco-friendly lighting options to illuminate the dark areas around their homes – including stairs, porches, and other alleys. And solar technology is the best available option for electrifying their home appliances and different devices. Now, if you’re looking to lighten up your stairways, then consider using solar step lights.

Solar-powered lights are connected to solar panels that absorb sunlight, following which the inbuilt battery stores the energy. However, you must maintain the panels in areas that receive maximum sunlight exposure for the batteries to charge completely.

Different brands of solar lights vary in charging time. While some charge quickly and between 4 to 6 hours, others take longer and between 6 to 8 hours.

After the solar panels collect energy, the same is stored in the battery. Then, the conversion of solar energy to electrical energy transpires. During dusk, the solar lights will draw from the charger for electrical energy to light up your outdoor spaces. Also, they switch-on and switch-off automatically.

Depending on the amount of charge, they will continue to shine on. Some light varieties continue to shine for 12 hours. Moreover, the brightness of the lights depends on the amount of stored energy.

Besides, such lights are easily installable and do not need much maintenance. In addition to lightening up your roadways, they accentuate your gardens as well.

Owing to an array of designs to select from, you’re sure to find the ones that are well-suited to your home. Solar step lights offer cost-saving benefits and that too, in a sustainable manner.

Best 9 Solar Deck Lights

1. Unifun Solar Deck Lights

Unifun Solar Deck Lights operate automatically and don’t need any such human intervention. The solar panels get themselves recharged during the day and when the night falls, the lights start glowing automatically. The lights are super bright and emit a soft glow. Unifun Solar Deck Lights are powered by a 600mAh battery that only takes 6 to 8 hours to get itself fully recharged.

The On / Off button is located at the back of this product and it stays lit for at least 8 hours which is impressive by any standard. Known for a long lifespan, Unifun Solar Deck Lights are highly efficient and don’t consume too much power. Suitable for different environments, Unifun Solar Deck Lights are easy to install. Its wireless design makes it super easy to operate since there are no cables to mess around.

Unifun Solar Deck Lights are extremely robust built and can withstand the weight of heavy vehicles with ease and elan.  

2. Phereu Solar Deck Lights

Phereu Solar Deck Lights emit a warm white light that adds to the overall aesthetic of your yard or garden. Phereu Solar Deck Lights are heavy-duty and rarely do they get damaged by extreme temperature fluctuations or severe storm. These solar deck lights are also water-proof which is a kind of relief.

Phereu Solar Deck Lights are best suited for marking or decorating. It takes hardly 6 to 8 hours to get fully charged and can operate at full capacity for 8 to 12 hours at a stretch. You can get it mounted either horizontally or vertically. The installation process is super simple as there is no wiring involved. To get it installed on the stairs, you just have to lay these lights down on the edges of the stairs and then use the screws to keep them secured.

3. Sunface Solar Deck Lights

Sunface Solar Deck Lights are available in two different modes – RGB color and Warm white. So, choose wisely. Just kidding! Sunface Solar Deck Lights come equipped with High-efficient Solar Panel. These solar deck lights are both heatproof and waterproof and therefore, we can safely say that it can withstand extreme climatic conditions with ease and elan.

The installation process as simple as it can get. You don’t have to deal with wires at all. All you have to do is to use the screws to secure these deck lights. Sunface Solar Deck Lights emit a soft white color that will not invite any complaint from your neighbor. However, when set in changing color mode, the light will change its color automatically.

The attached solar panels are extremely powerful and are made from polysilicon silicon. These solar panels can convert 20% of the sunlight into electricity.

4. DenicMic Solar Deck Lights

DenicMic Solar Deck Lights offer superior performance against all odds. Ideal for use in festivals or for decorative purposes, DenicMic Solar Deck Lights are equipped with large solar panels and that means, it will not take long to get the battery recharged. On a bright sunny day, the battery gets fully recharged in just 4 hours. Once recharged to its full capacity, the DenicMic Solar Deck Lights will continue to stay lit for at least 10 hours.

DenicMic Solar Deck Lights are designed for outdoor use. Be it rain, snow, or frost, DenicMic Solar Deck Lights can withstand them all. These solar deck lights are both heat resistant and Waterproof and that means, they will last long. Available in modes, DenicMic Solar Deck Lights can easily be mounted on edges or any flat surface without creating much ruckus. The entire installation process gets completed in less than 1 minute.  

5. Tijnn Solar Deck Lights

Tijnn Solar Deck Lights have got an intelligent design. Powered by 2V 0.26W solar panels, Tijnn Solar Deck Lights can operate for 10 hours at a stretch when fully recharged. It does not take long to get itself recharged fully; it will barely take 4 to 5 hours to get itself recharged fully. Made from ABS plastic, Tijnn Solar Deck Lights emit a warm amber light and they can be installed on the garage, deck, or the fence.

These gorgeous looking Tijnn Solar Deck Lights are made from premium quality materials and that means, they will last long. Built-in dusk till dawn sensor makes human intervention totally redundant. IP65 technology is being utilized in the making of these solar deck lights. These Tijnn Solar Deck Lights don’t have any wires on them and are made from heatproof and weatherproof plastic. Installation does not take more than a minute.

6. Garden Solar Deck Lights

It is necessary to install fence lights for illuminating exterior of the house and enhancing safety. However, installing typical electric fence light models is not exactly a cost effective solution. You may opt for this set of solar powered lights that can be used on posts and fencing. The Garden Solar Deck Lights have copper colored finish that exudes class and elegance.

Garden Solar Deck Lights are durable and they emit light in all directions. Garden Solar Deck Lights are powered by Rechargeable 600mAh AA Ni-CD Batteries. Its solar panel soaks in sunlight and the batteries get recharged. The lights shine bright at night. No additional wiring will be needed to set up these lights. These lights are meant for use with wooden light posts.

7. Maggift Metal Solar Deck Lights

Solar deck lights are perfect for those who want no maintenance and low cost exterior lighting solutions. If you are among them, choose this set of amazing solar fence lights. It comes in pack of 4 solar lights that can be used on wall, fence and outside of house. The lights are equipped with quality 600 MAH AA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries. On a full charge, the lights will stay lit for 8 hours approx. You get mounting hardware to install the solar lights on wall or fencing.

You need not worry about durability of these lights. The rugged metal shell will last for a long time. These lights come with IP44 waterproof rating and so you can use the set in all weather conditions. The charging time is 6 hours approx. In the pack, you will find the solar lights and all required fixtures.

8. Happybuy Solar Deck Lights

Solar deck lights are ideal when you want hassle free and low maintenance exterior lighting solutions. Try this set of Happybuy Solar Deck Lights and you will not regret the experience. This set of Happybuy Solar Deck Lights soak in solar energy during the day though a panel and they lit up at night. The lights are laden with 600MAH NI-MH batteries that offer god durability and performance.

You can use these Happybuy Solar Deck Lights in practically all climate conditions as they come with IP68 WATERPROOF certification. Whether it is snowfall or rainfall, you need not worry about performance or rust formation. The quality poly-carbonate shell and aluminum alloy material build of these lights copes well with temperature changes and pressure. Installation is absolutely simple and no wiring will be needed for that. The lights are sold with the necessary fixtures for ease of installation. You get 1 year warranty on this set.

9. ELELINK LED Solar Deck Light

Solar powered Led lights have become popular these days. If you want such lights to light up house exterior without taxing your wallet much, go for this set of ELELINK LED Solar Deck Light. This set of 4 ELELINK LED Solar Deck Light is durable and they can be used in many setups without hassles. ELELINK LED Solar Deck Lights get switched on and off automatically. Owing to Solid stainless steel body, the lights will last for a long time.

The monocrystalline silicon solar panel is also robust and it performs well in all climate conditions. The company offers 12-month warranty on this set. Once the 600mAH Ni-MH battery gets fully charged, the lights stay illuminated for 9 hours. Installation is simple and you get the fixtures in the pack.

Solar Step Lights
Buying Guide

When investing in products or services, you want your money’s worth. All the same, they have to suit the purposes for which you’re investing in them. Even when you’re buying solar step lights, you need to consider some aspects, as seen below.

1. Adequate Solar Cells And Batteries

As seen earlier, solar cells are batteries are designed for the collection and storage of sunlight. Therefore, you must ensure that these components work properly. So, you must consider having a minimum of 4 solar panels along with the regular AA Ni-Cad battery.

More so, in solar panels, you can avail of energy-efficient and robust models in the updated models.

2. Types Of Solar Step Lights

In solar step lights, you have two options. To know about the varied aspects of both can help you to choose the models that would cater to your requirements suitably.

First are the types that you can install on the ground for illuminating your home pathways. Here, the LEDs are placed upright for giving out warm lights for illuming the roads. They are popular for their easy-to-install features. Also, owing to the nature of their structure, they are long-lasting, rust-free, and heavy. Further, they can withstand all types of weather – including wind, sleet, snow, and rain.

Second are the kinds that are mounted upright yet bent at 90-degree angles. This helps you to set them up around the edges of your stairways for illuminating paths. More so, these kinds of solar step lights come in different designs, depending on how you place them. While some options have to be laid flat, others allow you to step on them.

3. Power Output

Solar-engineered lights require sunlight exposure for their operation. Thus, you must consider the location where they will receive optimum sunlight. Upon receiving adequate sunlight, the solar batteries get charged and, in turn, they light up during the night.

Importantly, you must also check the varied brands of solar step lights; they differ in power output. Also, some models can shine even when partially charged if sunlight is scarce.  As such, they can continue to remain operational even on cloudy days when sunlight is less.

4. Aesthetics

Keeping in mind that the solar lights will be put on around your home, you may want the lighting devices to match your home décor. If yes, do not worry. Solar lights are available in an assortment of shades and designs. Simply pick the ones that match the theme of your personal spaces.

5. Operation Time

The operation time of the solar-based step light constitutes an important consideration as well. Then, you can know how long the battery lasts and use solar equipment accordingly.

Besides, you can operate some varieties of solar lights throughout the year and even have them charging during the winter season. On the other hand, some models will illuminate for some days only to die out thereafter while others might operate only for a couple of hours.

6. LEDs

When buying solar step lights, you must also check the quality of light bulbs that come along with the solar kit. Always go with LEDs because they help in saving energy and are durable. They shine bright for illuminating your paths and are small enough to not have you worrying about anybody tripping on them.

Solar Step Lights: How do they work?

Solar-engineered lights are comparable to mini-satellites. Though they vary in the way they are used, yet their means of operation are similar. As such, both collect and store energy for discharge during nighttime.

As part of the solar step light kit, you get a rechargeable battery, a solar panel, a light sensor, and a controller board that comes with LEDs. Plus, a photoresistor and solar array constitute the controller board.

The solar cells and batteries collect, convert, and store solar energy. While a single solar cell generates 0.4 volts, a lone solar step light contains 4 solar cells.

The charging process ensues until the battery gets fully charged or until night falls. During maximum sunlight, four solar cells receive 1.8 volts.

Upon the photo-resistor sensing less sunlight, the battery and LED units are activated. Subsequently, the controller board draws light from the solar cells and battery for generating electricity. Until the solar unit contains stored energy, the solar lights shine. The next day, the same process of absorbing energy from the sun’s rays ensues.

Even so, batteries rely on solar light, as a result of which, on cloudy days, they do not get fully charged. Hence, the lights may take longer to charge, or die more quickly, during such times.

Last modified: July 20, 2020