Solar Driveway Lights

Best Solar Driveway Lights

A poorly lit driveway is a perfect recipe for a disaster in the making. You simply can’t trust everybody to have great eyesight to safely drive their cars through that dimly lit driveway without crashing into something or tearing up the lawn. A driveway leads people to your home and that means, you need to make it look good so that you can make a good impression on people. Yeah, you can always use traditional driveway lights to light up the areas but that will lead to more energy consumption and higher electricity bill. There is another way and that is – opting for solar driveway lights. They allow you to illuminate the driveway without contributing to climate change or increasing your electricity bill which is just awesome.

Solar Driveway Lights Reviewed

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1. Siedinlar Solar Driveway LED Light

It is necessary to illuminate your driveway but you have to think of running and maintenance cost of those lights too! If you want a cost effective and eco friendly lighting solution for your driveway, opt for these Siedinlar Solar Driveway LED Lights. There is a set of 4 lights and you can set them up in garden and stairways too. The design of these Siedinlar Solar Driveway LED Light is elegant. There is no wire to mess with and the body is made of quality aluminum alloy. Siedinlar Solar Driveway LED Lights can withstand pressure up to 20 tons and so they won’t break even if you accidentally take the vehicle over the lights.

The stylish solar deck lights get fully charged under bright sun within 6 hours and then they stay lit for 12 hours or more at night. You need not think about these Siedinlar Solar Driveway LED Lights getting damaged by water. The lights are sold with IP68 waterproof rating. The usage is hassle free as the lights operate minus any human intervention. In the package, you get 4 pieces of Solar Deck Lights, Instruction Manual along with all required fixtures.

2. Aogist Solar Driveway Lights

You should invest in lights for your garden or driveway that offer good illumination. However, you have to think of running and maintenance issues too. This set of solar powered deck lights will be good. Each light has an embedded Ni-MH 600 mAh battery. The lights will turn on and off without you getting involved in it and this will definitely reduce operational hassle. Once the battery gets fully charged, these Aogist Lights will stay lit for 8 hours.

Aogist Lights come with IP65 waterproof rating. The high strength ABS body is durable in nature. Even if a heavyweight person stands on these lights they won’t get damaged. It is wireless and installation is simple.

3. Happybuy Driveway Lights

There are so many types of lights that you can use for lighting up the driveways. However, this set of durable solar lights is way better than the other options. These Happybuy Driveway Lights will work for 72 hours after getting fully charged by sunlight. The lights are IP68 certified for water resistance. So, durability will not be an issue.

Happybuy Driveway Lights are not only good looking but they are quite durable. The thick aluminum shell ensures the lights survive pressure well. The lights don’t get affected by temperature drop and UV exposure either. Each light has embedded 600mAh Ni MH battery. Happybuy Driveway Lights also come with buttons for switching on and off. Installation is easy and no wiring is needed. Apart from driveways, these lights can also be used at gardens and sidewalks.

4. JACKYLED Driveway Lights

Nowadays, a lot of people are opting for stylish solar dock lights. These lights are versatile and easy on the wallet. Choose JACKYLED Driveway Lights that can be used at driveway and garden. It comes in a set of 8 lights. Each light has 600MAH NI-MH battery inside that gets charged by solar energy and they stay lit at night. When you install lights outside house, weather resistance is something that can’t be overlooked. JACKYLED Driveway Lights are IP68 waterproof and come with sealed battery compartment. The premium poly-carbonate body will last for several years. Even if you run a heavy vehicle on these lights they will not get affected.

It has wireless design and the brand offers screws for setting the lights up easily. You also get 1 year warranty with 60 days refund policy on this set. In the pack, you get 8 units of solar dock lights, User Manual and 8 Screw Sets.

5. Westinghouse Solar Flat In-Ground Driveway Light Set

Not everyone is fond of stylish garden or driveway lights and minimalism is what they seek. If you have similar liking, opt for this minimal looking Westinghouse Solar Flat In-Ground Driveway Light Set. Each light contains 3 bright LED. Westinghouse Solar Flat In-Ground Driveway Light Set operates automatically thanks to an embedded and advanced light sensor.

The Durable stainless steel is capable of withstanding heavy weight and pressure. Each light has a Li-Ion battery and a ground stake. The top mounted solar panel is quite effective and you need not worry about the cloudy days. These solar lights are compact too. Installation is easy and no wiring will be needed.

6. JIGUOOR Solar Driveway Lights

When buying solar deck lights you have to think of both functionality and durability. This set of lights has 4 units. These lights are ideal for those seeking low running cost and minimal maintenance. The Ni-MH 800mAh batteries get recharged through poly-crystalline solar panel in day and then they stay lit at night.

This Silver gray set is made with quality aluminum alloy casting and you also get IP68 WATERPROOF rating. Wireless design makes installation very simple. JIGUOOR Lights not only look stylish but they are extremely durable. You can drive your vehicle over these JIGUOOR Solar Driveway Lights and they won’t get broken or damaged.

7. Home Zone Security Solar Driveway Lights

Are you planning to illuminate your driveway for ease of usage at nighttime? Then look no further than this set of stylish and durable solar lights. The pack contains 4 lights and so it is suited for those with long driveways too. You may also set up these Home Zone Security Lights in your garden. The high performance Mono-crystalline solar panels get charged up at day time and the lights get lit at dusk. There is an embedded 600mAH NI-MH battery in each light which gets fully recharged within 6 hours.

Home Zone Security Lights are Waterproof and come with IP67 rating. The Cast aluminum heavy metal frame will last for a long time and it is capable of coping with heavyweight objects. Installation is simple and it has a wireless design.

Benefits Of Driveway Lights

There are several direct benefits of using solar driveway lights are the most prominent among them are –

Money Save

They are going to help you save a ton of money since they will not be drawing their power from the grid. They also come fitted with solar panels that convert sunlight into electrical energy.


With these Lights installed on your driveway, you will be able to spot intruders from a distance. They also help you and your family members to navigate the area safely.

Simple Installation Process

The best thing about these lights is that these lights are extremely easy to install. You don’t have to follow an elaborate set of instructions to get these things installed on your driveway nor will you need any fancy tool. All you have to do is to stick the stake to the ground and you are all good.

Types Of Solar Driveway Lights

Here are the three main variants of –  


Of the three main variants of solar driveway lights, the post is the most popular of them all. This type of light comes mounted on a stake and thus making it easier for us to get them installed along the inner edge of the driveway. Keeping the lights elevated from the ground are the stakes.


As the name suggests, this type shines downward. So, you need to mount them up on something so that the lights can evenly illuminate the area below. People usually mount them on sheds, garages, or trees that are close to the driveway and it will do the trick.


If you have got lots of small plants or shrubs along the driveway, you need to put your trust in Uplight. This type shines upwards and that means, you will need quite a lot of them to illuminate the area properly. Place them around small plants and shrubs and then watch how these lights change the very look and feel of the driveway.  

Features to Look For

Light Style

The lighting style is also a factor that you need to carefully consider. Post lights will work fine if you want to illuminate only the edges of the driveway so that drivers can navigate easily while entering or exiting the house. Overhead lights can be used if the driveway is very short. If the driveway is long and wide, you might have to settle for post-type lights.

Power Source

Everybody knows that solar driveway lights are environmentally friendly but in order to operate properly, they need access to direct sunlight. Now, as you have already guessed, the performance will depend on a number of factors like – direct access to sunlight, cloudy weather, the performance of the solar panels. This is the reason why you need to opt for those solar driveway lights that come fitted with batteries. The batteries will be charged by solar panels during the day and the lights will then draw the energy from these batteries at night. A perfect win-win situation for all of us.  

Number of Lights

You have to first figure out how large your driveway is. Should the driveway is long and wide, you might have to purchase a bunch of these lights to illuminate the driveway properly. Rather than purchasing a bunch of these lights individually, you should purchase a large kit. This will help you save a ton of money.

Illumination Time

If you want these lights on for a few hours after the sunset, you need not have to settle for premium lights that usually come with a hefty price tag. If you want these lights to stay light throughout the night, you need to make sure that these lights come fitted with powerful batteries that can store that much energy to keep the lights going for that long.


Most solar driveway lights have a range between 2 to 3 feet which is more than enough for a shorter driveway. Should the driveway is long, you will have to find solar driveway lights that have a range of at least 10 feet otherwise it will not be able to illuminate the area properly.


These lights will be installed outside and that means, they will have to deal with a number of extreme climatic conditions like storms, snow-storm, heavy rainfall, extreme fluctuation in temperate, and more. This is the reason why these solar driveway lights have to be made from durable materials. And make sure that these lights are resistant to the UV rays of the sun and these lights have to be water-resistant.

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