Solar Charger for Bike – Portable Or Non-portable?

Solar Charger for Bike – Portable Or Non-portable?

A solar charger has become an increasingly important device in recent years. It is ideal for both use home and during camping trips or other outdoor expeditions. This charger essentially works as an alternative source of energy for powering up your mobile phone, camera, media player, laptop, and other equipment when you are off the grid. It helps you in supplying the same power to your appliances as they would use while connected to a regular electrical connection.

Non-portable Solar Charger

This type of charger comes in a fixed style. It has a solar panel, inverter, battery, and a control box. Cords are also present that you can connect to your electrical device for charging. Given its non-portable status and relatively large size, it can provide enough power to charge your laptop and media players as well powering cell phones.


  • Non-portable solar charger provides more power, which may be significantly greater than the 1,000 ampere-hour offered by a standard cell phone charger.
  • It requires minimal maintenance as there are no moving parts.


  • The price of a non-portable charger is higher given its large size.
  • Its main drawback is the inability to take it to remote places as it is fixed in one place.

Portable Solar Charger

A portable charger has none of the limitations associated with its non-portable counterpart. It is available in a number of shapes and power generation capacities with some at par with the non-portable counterpart.

You can use a portable charger that comes with a rollable solar panel. This increases power production once you unroll the panel and attach it to the battery. Some panels are so small that they can also be tucked into your pocket as they are light-weight and shock-proof.


  • Advanced models of portable chargers can provide a power of up to 40 watts, which is large enough to power a GPS tracking device.
  • You can take them anywhere under the sun as they come in compact shapes and designs.


  • Standard type of portable chargers does not provide enough power to charge more than one device at a time.
  • Some of the cheaper chargers only work under bright sunlight. More expensive models have much greater tolerances.

Making a Selection Between Portable and Non-portable

It ultimately boils down to your personal needs when it comes to selecting a solar charger. A portable charger is usually considered a better choice if you do not have a stack of electrical devices, laptops, and media players. This will come in handy during traveling,or when you’re disconnected from the electrical grid.

If, however, you are tech savvy and use plenty of gadgets then it sometimes becomes necessary to buy a non-portable device. Especially if you want to save money.

Either outdoors or at home, solar chargers provide the perfect way to keep your electrical devices working when electricity is not available, or even when you want to save money or do your bit for the environment. While they won’t change the world, they are a good start.

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