Perfect Solar Lamp Post Lights for Exterior Lighting

Solar Lamp Post Lights for Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting can be a challenge for property owners, especially for large plots. When yard lighting is powered from the grid, trenches have to be dug around the property and extra wiring installed to power the lamps. With newer EPA regulations coming into force, power from conventional sources of energy is set to become costlier over the next five years. Homeowners are increasingly looking at green and non-conventional options for their domestic energy needs. One way to go green is to use solar lamp post lights for all yard lighting needs.

How Solar Lamp Post Lights Work

These lights convert solar energy to electrical energy with an inbuilt solar cell on the top surface of the lamp. The electricity produced by the solar module is stored in a Li-Ion battery. The battery powers the lamp during the night period as the ambient light reduces. LEDs are used for their high energy efficiency and cool operating temperature. They give off less waste heat when compared to conventional fluorescent and incandescent lamps. LEDs also last at least three times more than equivalent fluorescent lamps and a whopping eight times more than incandescent lamps of similar brightness.

The color temperature of the LEDs can also be chosen with a cool white light of 6000K giving the best performance in outdoor conditions. Solar lamp post lights can also be customized with motion sensors, so they light up gradually when motion is detected near the light. The solar lamp post lights come in single lamp, two-lamp and three lamp combinations in a variety of pleasing designs. The lamp post lights can be mounted on posts and on concrete walls as well since additional wiring is not required. Just ensure that the lights are installed in locations with plenty of sunlight to charge the built-in batteries. At least eight to ten hours of strong sunlight is needed for the battery to get fully charged.

Benefits of Using Solar Lamp Post Lights

Safety and Security

A well-lit yard deters intruders and burglars from trespassing onto your property. Solar lamp post lights do not need a grid connection to work as they get energy from the sun. So, even in case of a power failure, these lamps will keep your property illuminated. They can also be used to line pathways and niches in the yard so that guests and residents can find their way easily around the grounds at dusk and during the night time without fear of tripping on a dimly seen obstacle. In times of winter and rain, working yard lights ensure that people walking outside do not trip on wet patches that would be easy to miss without adequate lighting.


Solar lamp posts come in a variety of stylish designs with different finishes like bronze, silver and black. Homeowners can choose the kind of design which most suits their preferences. Homes and buildings having a multitude of lights around the exterior present a very welcoming appearance to visitors while also enhancing safety and security.

Power Savings

As a solar lamp post lights use solar energy and run for a far longer time than conventional lamps, buyers can expect double savings both on monthly power bills as well as maintenance incurred in replacing burnt out lights. Homeowners can expect to recoup their investment in a matter of months after the grid solar kits are installed. As these lights do not require external wiring, the chance of a short circuit happening in wet and damp conditions can also be avoided.

Easy to Install and Scale up

These lights can also be installed on the walls and the top of concrete walls with the right mounts as additional. If buyers feel they need to increase the number of lights, the installation can be very easily done as only the posts need to be installed. Additional trenching is easily avoided. Buyers can also supplement their grid-run exterior lighting with a few solar lamp post lights.

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