How to Stop Solar Panel Theft

Solar Panel Theft

Every year, the United States loses billions of dollars in solar panel theft. In an effort to combat this epidemic, we’re going to explore what can be done about it and how you can protect your investment. Following are some measures that can be taken to prevent thieves from stealing them. 

1. Paste A Fake Sticker on Solar Panels

Sometimes, you have no other option but to lie. So, you can paste some fake sticker with some texts printed on them like – “This Solar Panel is protected by etc”. You get the idea right? However, you should make sure that this fake sticker is made in such a way that it can’t be removed (or stolen) easily. If thieves see the sticker only, they would at least think about not making any attempt to steal solar panels because of fear of being caught.    

2. Install an alarm system

Install an alarm system that activates when the solar panels are touched or moved in any way. It can also be activated when the panels are accessed using certain tools. This will act as a deterrent for thieves as they will be caught red handed.   

3. Install a bolt-down mechanism

Install a bolt-down mechanism on the roof where solar panels are mounted to a metal surface using a large nut and bolt assembly. It makes the process of theft more difficult for thieves as it is almost impossible to separate the two components once bolted down together.    

4. Install Security Cameras

Visible security cameras provide a great deterrence factor against potential thieves. Aside from that, they can serve as evidence of theft should it happen by recording the crime on video. When you think about it carefully, investing in solar panel security equipment is actually another investment for your home or business property since power bills will be lower once solar panels are installed.       

5. Install a Motion Sensor Light

Install motion sensor lights around the perimeter of your solar power system. Thieves often use the cover of darkness to conceal their identities. Installing motion sensor lights will make them think twice because they can be easily seen in pitch black nights unlike security cameras which are hidden in discreet places around the property.    

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