Choosing the Right Garden Cart For You

garden cart

Gardeners agree that most of their efforts are spent on hauling tools and supplies or compost or clippings or other such things around the landscape. So, whether you have a small herb garden in your backyard or a large flower garden at the front, one essential you cannot do without is a suitable garden cart.

Before you visit a hardware store to buy a cart for your garden, it’s important to have a clear idea about what suits your purpose. The choice can be quite confusing if you aren’t decided about this, especially with the different makes and models of carts available.

What you intend to carry in the cart is one question you cannot miss. If it’s only for a little heap of compost or a few leaf clippings, a small cart can be ideal. But if you want it to carry around odds and ends such as rakes and poles, you need a bigger cart. Again, the sturdier the cart, the better it will be for heavy items such as potted plants.

Let’s take a look at the features you need to look for when you choose a cart to help you with your gardening chores.

There is no one-size-fits-all

It’s true though that if you have a small space, a small cart with suitable features is all you need. Make sure it is foldable so that it doesn’t take up much storage space.

But when you have a big garden and need to carry heaps of dead leaves, mounds of compost or loads of supplies, you need to opt for something bigger. That way you needn’t make numerous trips from the shed to the garden to get your necessities to the spot you want.

Materials matter much

A garden cart made with canvas sides and the bottom isn’t a bad idea if you have a small space. It can also double up as a garden seat. But you need something sturdier if you plan to haul bigger items for your large garden.

Wooden carts have been in use for quite some time. But it’s not the best choice. Aluminum or mesh is better. Lightweight and durable, these materials won’t rot when you leave them outside. If you have a fascination for wooden carts, you had better choose models that come with a weather-resistant sealant.

Look for a cart with a ‘dump’ lever

It will be a waste of efforts if you have to shovel the compost or clippings on to the cart and again shovel them from the cart. A ‘dump’ feature, on the other hand, relieves you of this effort.

The lever makes it possible to lift up the central portion of the cart and throw out the contents. You need not shovel twice to get the work done. Some models also have a simple foot-pedal release mechanism that makes the bed of the cart tip to unload the mulch, leaves or whatever is in there.

Make sure of its stability

A garden cart that bumps and jars and cannot hold still for a moment can be a nightmare. It’s easier to ensure the stability if a cart has legs and wheels combined.

Check the wheels on the garden cart. Pneumatic tires, rubber tires, and many other options are available. The plumper ones absorb shock better. Therefore, if you are going to take it across rough terrain, it’s best to choose the bigger tires. You can take carts with bicycle-like tires too. But it will be one bumpy ride!

Take your pick from the numerous makes and models of garden carts available from hardware stores and enjoy your gardening.

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