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Best Solar Powered Keyboards

We all know that you care for the environment and you can any extent to reduce your carbon footprint. So, what not start this green energy revolution from your work desk? It is simple. All you have to do is to replace your wireless keywords with a shiny new solar-powered wireless keyboard.

Now, finding the right solar-powered wireless keyboard is easier said than done. The market has got so many varieties of wireless keywords that you might find it overwhelmingly difficult to find the best solar wireless keyboard that can meet your budget and specifications. To help you out, here we have listed top 9 solar wireless keyboards.

Solar Keyboards Reviewed

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1. Macally Wireless Solar Keyboard

The solar-powered cordless keyboard from Macally can be ideally used for computer desktops, laptops, and even notebooks. There are no hassles of changing batteries in this wireless keyboard as it can be charged via solar power. You can use the light sources in the room like halogens, LED lights, lamps, etc. The keyboard comes with a built-in Lithium-ion battery (600mAh), which has the capacity of lasting for 150 hours in complete darkness, without any light source for recharging.

The keyboard is full-size extended and comfortable with anti-slide grips and 10-inches tilt for convenient typing. The numeric keypad makes working easier. Other important features in the keyboard include battery LED indicators, caps lock indicator and most importantly 17 Windows shortcuts. The sleek and slim design of the keyboard looks enticing. The width of the keyboard is just 0.75 inches and highly durable and strong.

If you have a Mac you can use this keyboard with that as well as the device comes with strong 2.4G wireless receiver connection. The Mac desktop/laptop can be conveniently and quickly paired to the keyboard by inserting the USB Receiver. The black-colored smart keyboard comes with a one-year warranty and assistance.

2. Arteck 2.4G Solar Powered Wireless Keyboard 

Arteck offers solar charging wireless keyboard for use in offices as well as in homes and commercial stores. The keyboard comes with advanced solar charging technology. There are two built-in solar panels for absorbing light energy and solar energy. The keyboard gets charged from light sources like LED lamps, halogen lamps, bulbs, etc. The battery in the keyboard is a 600mAh one and can work for 150 hours in total darkness. The Standby time is about 600 hours.

The solar wireless keyboard is ergonomically designed with 110 keys with concave keycaps. Typing on the keyboard is smooth and comfortable. With whisper-quiet keys, the fingertips get optimum comfort and there is no noise as well while typing. Rubber pads on the back of the keyboard provide firm support. The keyboard remains in place while typing.

The sleek and smartly designed gray-colored keyboard is just 0.2 inches thin and weighs only 1.62 pounds; can be carried to any place conveniently. High-quality material is used in making of the keyboard. The keyboard is implemented with 2.4 GHz wireless technology and can be used with desktop and laptop. Once the Nano USB receiver is inserted in the computer – the keyboard is ready for use.

The product comes with a 12-months warranty and 30-days money-back guarantee.

3. Logitech K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard for Windows 

If you are looking for a battery-less wireless keyboard for your windows desktop or laptop, the Logitech K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard is one of the worthy contenders. The solar-powered keyboard does not require a battery or any other power source. It is capable of drawing energy from sunlight or even many artificial light sources. You need not worry if sunlight does not enter the place where you keep it. The nice thing is the small Logitech Unifying receiver can be kept in the laptop without hassle.

The wireless solar keyboard K750 has a slim body and compact design. This makes it easy to fit in cramped computer cabinets. The Logitech solar app can be used to check the power level. The keys are quite comfortable, letting you type for long hours without getting fatigued. It is only 1/3-inch in terms of thickness. The build quality, however, is pretty solid and it will last you for a long time.

The 2.4 GHz wireless technology ensures you can work from a distance of your laptop. This is particularly handy while watching movies from a distance. This solar keyboard is compatible with PCs running Windows XP and later versions up to Windows 10. The company offers 3-years limited warranty for this device.

4. Logitech MK750 Wireless Solar Keyboard & Mouse Combo (windows)

Your search for a solar-powered keyboard and wireless mouse combination ends with the nifty Logitech MK750 Wireless Solar Keyboard and Wireless Marathon Mouse Combo. Meant for the Windows users, this sleek and functional set can be used by casual and serious PC users alike. The styling is nice and the feature set is commendable.

This is a solar-powered keyboard which requires no other power source than sunlight or artificial light. The Mouse, however, requires an AAA battery which is included in the package. The laser Mouse has really long battery life. It offers hyper-fast scrolling and accurate cursor control, which makes it ideal for gaming or design work. The design is sleek and slim-making the keyboard suitable for cramped cabinets or tables. The build quality of the keyboard is pretty good-despite the slim body.

The wireless solar keyboard mouse combo works through the USB Unifying wireless receiver from a distance. You will not get fatigued easily even if you type using the keyboard for long-thanks to the Concave keycaps. The keys are amazingly quiet to use. The keyboard mouse combo works with windows 10 and older versions until Windows XP- which makes it suitable for use with old computers.

5. Logitech MK750 Wireless Solar Keyboard & Marathon Mouse Combo (Renewed)

If you want a solar-powered keyboard and wireless mouse set on a tight budget, then the refurbished Logitech MK750 Wireless Solar Keyboard & Marathon Mouse Combo is what you require. The refurbished set is inspected for quality and functionalities. This Full-size keyboard with Logitech’s famous Incurve keys is ideal for long hours of typing without strain on the wrist and palm. The keys are also very quiet, enabling you to type on at late hours without waking others up.

The keyboard draws power from solar energy or even artificial light sources, making the need for any battery or power source redundant. It retains charge if you keep it in darkness for a long time. The Mouse requires a couple of Lithium Polymer batteries to operate. Both the mouse and keyboards have ergonomic and durable build quality- making the set suited for a wide range of users. The keyboard has a slim body and it can be fitted in small PC cabinets easily.

The set connects to your Windows laptop or desktop through a USB Unifying wireless receiver. It is so tiny that you can leave it in the USB port of your PC. It is a set that works with computers running Windows XP to Windows 10.

6. Macally Bluetooth Wireless Solar Keyboard for Mac

If you want a hassle-free solar wireless keyboard for your iMac or Macbook pro, the Macally Bluetooth Wireless Solar Keyboard makes for a great choice. This solar-powered keyboard can work under all lighting conditions and has a rechargeable 600 mAh Lithium-ion battery inbuilt. It lasts for 2 months even when kept in absolute darkness. There is a physical power switch on the keyboard to help you save power.

This stylish solar wireless keyboard is powered by Bluetooth technology, which means there is no messy wire or even a receiver unit that can block the ports on your Mac. The Space Gray Finish of this keyboard gels very well with your Mac desktop or laptop. The keyboard is a joy to use owing to its anti-slide grips and “island-like” Keycaps. It does not matter if you have big or small hands. It is simple to pair with your Mac and you can operate it from as far as 30 feet without issues.

The keyboard is nifty as it has indicators for caps lock and battery status. It also supports more than 20 Apple shortcuts. Despite its super slim body, the solar keyboard is very well built and can be used for a long time. Any Apple PC with Bluetooth and Mac OS X v10.6 or later versions will support this device. Macally offers a 1-year warranty for the device.

7. Logitech K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard for Mac 

If you want a solar keyboard for your Mac that looks great and has excellent ergonomics and functionality, the Logitech K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard for Mac is the way to go. The sleek-looking device has a black and silver body that gels seamlessly with your Mac desktop or notebook.

The slim and streamlined keyboard is ideal for those Mac users who need to type a lot on a daily basis. The K750 works under artificial lights too and you can use it literally any well-lit environment-regardless of source and type of light. You can even check out the leftover power level using the nifty Logitech Solar App. There is no battery and you can expect the device to retain the charge for 3 months even when it is kept in darkness for several days and weeks.

The K750 is slim and sleek and it fits in compact desks and spaces easily. It features the company’s much-touted concave keycap design. This ensures you can type for long without making noise or feeling fatigued. The device works with Macs running Mac OS X 10.5 and later versions and needs a USB port for its Tiny Logitech Unifying receiver. It does not require any software setup and has a typical Mac layout. It connects through 2.4 GHz wireless technology. The company offers a 3-year limited warranty on this solar keyboard.

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