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Best Solar Wall Lights

Do you want to light up patios, garden, yard, porch, or any other dim areas of your home? Well, no need to install regular blubs then. Rather go for solar wall lights that will do the job sans the carbon footprint and the resulting indirect pollution.

Most Solar wall lights that you usually come across on the internet come equipped with a battery (to store the energy) and solar panels (to generate power by converting sunlight into electricity).

Most solar panels these days can generate some amount of electricity even if they don’t have access to direct sunlight and this is a good thing for people who live in states like Wyoming or Montana. However, as you can understand, the absence of direct sunlight means, these lights might not shine that brightly at night.

The best thing about these lights is that they require little to no maintenance at all. Maybe you just need to get the dust off the solar panels and changing the battery; other than that, there is nothing much to do when it comes to maintenance. The installation process is also fairly simple which is an added advantage of these solar wall lights.

Solar Wall Lights Reviewed

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1. Upgrade Solar Powered Wall Mount Lights

Are you looking for aesthetic and low maintenance wall lights to augment the beauty of your house exterior? Then this dual-mode, color changing solar wall lights will fit your bill. You can set these Upgrade Solar Powered Wall Mount Lights up on boundary walls, patio, porch, balcony, and similar places. These lights operate automatically- thanks to their embedded sensors. So, they light up when darkness seeps in and switch off at sunrise. Setting up the lights is also easy and anyone can do it without hiring an electrician.

These Upgrade Solar Powered Wall Mount Lights are IP65 Waterproof and the build quality is robust. On average, the lights can stay on for 4-6 hours. The Rechargeable NI-CD battery has a rated capacity of 600 mAh. The Polysilicon solar panels are very efficient and they can also perform on days that are not sunny.

Upgrade Solar Powered Wall Mount Light is versatile and you can pick from 2 different lighting modes. It can change colors and there are 7 colors to pick from. These lights are pretty lightweight and stylish looking.

2. Sterno Home Paradise Solar LED Wall Lights

Are you looking for inexpensive and low maintenance accent lights to beautify your house exteriors? Then this minimal yet elegant set of solar wall lights will fit your bill well. The light is sold in packs of 4. The output is 4 lumens and it is easy on the eyes. Its cast aluminum body is vintage looking and long-lasting.

Sterno Home Paradise Solar 4 PACK LED Wall Lights are not much heavy and you can set these up them on walls, patio, porches, and balcony, etc. 4 AA 800 mAh Rechargeable Batteries required to run the lights are also included in the package. You can be assured of soothing and warm white lights adorning the house exterior.

3. Neporal Solar Wall Mounted Motion Sensor Light

This stylish and versatile bamboo tube-shaped solar wall light is the perfect solution to illuminate your house exterior. Neporal Solar Wall Mounted Motion Sensor Lights take almost 8 hours to get charged to full capacity. The wireless solar lights operate in 2 brightness modes. It actually operates without human intervention. When darkness seeps in, the lights will get into dim mode from off position. If the inbuilt dusk to dawn sensors detect any motion, the lights get into full brightness mode. This helps in saving power and extending lifespan.

Neporal Solar Wall Mounted Motion Sensor Light can be used in porches, patios, balconies, stairways, and also on walls. The lights are also robust and can withstand rainfall. It is IP65 Waterproof compliant and heat resistant. The body is made with quality ABS that lasts for a long time. The battery capacity is 1800mAh. Installing these sleek lights is simple and it requires just a few minutes. No adapter or wiring will be required. In the package, you get the necessary fixtures, the solar light along with a user manual.

4. Gama Sonic GS-105FPW-BW Solar Wall Light

If you are thinking of replacing your power guzzling exterior wall lamps with something more ecofriendly and elegant, this vintage style solar wall light will be just right! This lantern style wall light exudes elegance but packs in several modern features. The Cone reflectors and 10 LEDs ensure you get bright and clear white light. Gama Sonic GS-105FPW-BW Light is laden with a powerful lithium-ion battery pack. It can be mounted in 3 ways and opt for the method that suits your needs well. Once the battery gets fully charged, the light stays on for 10 hours. There is an integrated photocell sensor and that ensures the lights switch off and on without your intervention.

Installing the Gama Sonic GS-105FPW-BW Light is simple and that does not take much time either. There is no wiring or digging required to set it up. In the pack, you will get the required fixtures and the light. Once you set it up, maintenance is minimal. The cast-aluminum body lasts for a long time.

5. Home Zone Security Solar Wall Lantern Lights

When you seek stylish solar exterior lights, Home Zone Security Solar Wall Lantern Lights can be a good contender. This elegant looking lamp with lantern glass design is solar powered and so the running cost is almost non-existent. Its advanced crystalline solar panels provide enough power to the rechargeable battery to offer illumination for a long time.

Home Zone Security Solar Wall Lantern Light is not only aesthetic looking but it is durable too, owing to the aluminum and glass build. It is simple to install and you won’t need much time for the same. No wire will be needed for it. You won’t even need to operate the light manually. Its inbuilt ‘Dusk to dawn’ sensor ensures the lamp gets switched on and off on its own. It copes with outdoor weather easily and the company offers a 1-year warranty.

6. Maggift 12 Lumens Solar Wall Lights

When you need a wall lamp that is low on maintenance and high on performance and also offers elegant styling, this Maggift 12 Lumens Solar Wall Light is a winning contender. This pack of 2×2 solar powered Led bulbs has an output of 12 lumens each. This ensures you get soft white light that makes the exterior enticing. The lamps need 8 hours of sunlight to become fully charged and they stay illuminated for 8 hours thereafter. Its inbuilt sensor ensures the lights get illuminated and switched off automatically.

Installation is simple and you need not use any wiring to set the lamps up. The company offers 6 months warranty on the products. The 900 mAh rechargeable Ni-Mh battery is durable. You need not worry about weather exposure as the units are IP 44 Waterproof.

7. Home Zone Security Solar Wall Lights

These solar powered wall lights have minimal yet elegant styling and they offer reliable performance. Home Zone Security Solar Wall Lights can be put up on walls, balcony, fences, and porches easily. The bright Led lamps in the unit offer superb illumination. It has a quality stainless steel build that will cope with weather elements easily for a long time.

The advanced crystalline solar panels are highly efficient too. Setting the Home Zone Security Lights up is painless and quick and you won’t even need to use wires. There is no need for you to switch on or off these Led solar lamps manually as they come equipped with special Dusk to dawn sensors.  The output is rated at 20 lumens.

8. Mlambert Solar Wall Lights

You may be thinking of getting a stylish and functional solar exterior light. Then, this sleek and feature-rich solar lamp will be right. Mlambert Solar Wall Lights has a unique flickering flame light pattern. However, that changes to soft white light as you get close to it. This makes the exterior look enticing. Mlambert Lights can be set up on areas like the exterior walls, patios, and driveways, etc.

The weather-resistant design and high-quality material ensure these lamps last for a long time. The battery requires 8 hours of solar charging and after that, the lamps stay lit for 8 hours. Setting the lamps up is simple and you will need no electrician for that either. They are waterproof too. In the pack, you get User Manual, 2×AA Batteries, 4×Rubber Plugs, Screws, and 2 pieces of Solar Wall Lights.

9. OTHWAY Solar Wall Lights

This solar-powered wall light is perfect for locations like the garden, stairway, and fence. It is ideal when you want soft white light that is not blinding on the eyes. The sleek-looking solar lights have embedded day night sensor and so you need not operate it manually. The approx charging time is 6 hours.

Installation is absolutely hassle-free and requires a small time. You need not even deal with wiring. The honeycomb-shaped light design is pleasing on the eyes. These lights are made durable. The company offers 12 months warranty and a 60 days refund policy. In the pack, you will find the solar lights, fixtures, and a user manual.

Buying Guide

1. Charging Time

Different models have different charging times. Some solar wall lights can be charged in 4 hours or less but some other models can take much longer like – 12 hours to get fully charged.

2. Brightness

If you want to eliminate darkness completely from your yard or garden, you might have to opt for LED solar blubs with high lumens output. However, higher lumens output means, they will consume more energy and that means, it can drain the battery very fast. To fix this issue, you need to go for a battery with more muscles and oomph. However, most people tend to have a liking for solar lights that produce soft and warm light.

3. Durable construction

Since lights are placed outdoor, they should be made from high-quality materials otherwise, they will not be able to deal with heavy snowfall. Thunderstorms, strong wind, dust, UV rays, etc. The cover of the lights should ideally be made from ABS material as this material is known to be super durable and that means, it will keep the lights protected from the vagaries of nature. Don’t forget to check the IP ratings of the solar wall light that you are planning to purchase because it can reveal information pertaining to the weatherproof and waterproof nature of the product in question.

4. Working Time

Solar light usually stays lit for 8 hours at a minimum. Some premium solar lights might work for 10 to 15 hours depending on factors like – direct access to sunlight, brightness, battery capacity, etc. Now, if you want to increase their performance, you should try to place the solar panels in those areas where they can get direct access to sunlight for at least 6 to 7 hours a day. Do this and you will considerable improvement in the performance of your outdoor lights.

5. Aesthetic Appeal

People use solar wall lights not just for illuminating their yard or garden, they have got plenty of other options for that; rather what they are looking for an aesthetic appeal that is remarkably absent in other types of solar lights. Solar wall lights should have an aesthetic look and feel otherwise what is the point of having them.

6. Battery Performance

If you want the light to remain operational for 10 or 12 hours at a stretch, you need to purchase a 1600 MAH; anything less than is just sheer waste of money.  

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