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Best Solar Tiki Torches

Solar Tiki Torches give off a beach vibe that is hard to recreate with any other forms of lights that are easily accessible in the market. So, if you want to change the boring atmosphere of your front yards or backyard, you need to put your trust in Solar Tiki Torches. These torches draw their energy from sunlight and that means, they will not drive up the electricity bill which is always a good thing for those people who want to keep their carbon footprint level low. Unlike traditional tiki torches, They will not set your house on fire even if they drop dead on the ground. They are safe as they can get and they are designed to stand the test of time. However, not all Solar Tiki Torches are the same. Since the market is getting overflowed with different varieties of solar tiki torches, it makes it all the more difficult for a common dude like you and me to find out the best solar tiki torches.

Solar Tiki Torches Reviewed

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1. Faishilan Solar Flame Flickering Torch

You need not invest in costly typical electrical lamps to adorn your garden or patio when you can opt for more eco friendly and flexible alternatives. It has minimal maintenance needs and almost zero running cost. Faishilan Solar Flame Flickering Torch simulates real life flame but there is no risk of fire as such! It exudes a soft and enticing kind of glow that creates a cozy ambiance. These outdoor solar torches are laden with rechargeable batteries and solar panels for hassle free and automated operation. You can place the Faishilan Solar Flame Flickering Torch at a place where sunlight is available aplenty.

Installing these solar powered torches is simple. You need not use any wiring or hire an electrician. Just use the ground stakes and spikes. The units are equipped with high quality sensitive light sensors and so they light off at dawn and get lit at dusk, minus anyone’s intervention. Waterproof and durable, these lights have long life. The 2200 mAh rechargeable battery gets fully charged in 8 hours. The solar torches have ROHS Certification. You get a set of 4 torches, required fixtures and a user manual in the pack.

2. Walensee Solar Tiki Torches

Have you been thinking of buying lights to spruce up the look of your house exterior that does not need much maintenance? Then opt for this enticing and eco-friendly solar-powered Walensee Solar Tiki Torches. Walensee Solar Torches have powerful Led lights inside and they emit a flame-like glow. These torch lights operate from dusk to sunrise without any human intervention-thanks to inbuilt advanced light sensors. All you need to do is put them at a place where enough sunlight is available.

These Walensee Torches are IP65 Waterproof and they are built rugged. To install them, you will not have to use any wiring at all and maintenance is as minimal as it can be. The lights come with a rechargeable 2200mAh Li-ion battery and that offers 12 hours of illumination after a full charge.

3. Aityvert Solar Tiki Torches

Do you need quality exterior lights for use in special events but feel worried about running cost and maintenance? This set of Aityvert Solar Tiki Torches will be ideal. The lights contain 96 LEDs in an aesthetic looking, well-designed casing. You can use these lights at a patio or garden during New Year or birthday parties. Aityvert Torches draw power from sunlight and no electricity will be required. The embedded rechargeable battery has a capacity of 2200 mAh. It takes about 8 hours to charge them fully.

Installation is truly hassle-free and no wiring mess will be there. You need not think about damages caused by weather elements like rain and snow. Aityvert Solar Torches are IP65 waterproof and they are also dustproof. The imported ABS material lasts for a long time. You get a 1-year free guarantee on the lights. In the box, you get 4 pieces of Solar Torch Lights, a User Manual, and all necessary fixtures.

4. Permande Solar Torch Lights

Illuminating the house exterior in special ways can be necessary at times. It can be required during Christmas or house parties etc. Permande Solar Torch Light is ideal for such needs. New Permande Solar Torch Lights simulate fire without any risk associated with flame. The lamps have 3 operating modes- Torch Mode, Lighting Mode, and Breath Mode. The lighting duration can vary based on which model you have chosen.

Permande Solar Torch Lights are laden with a high capacity and a durable 2200 mAh battery. Once it is fully charged, the battery will keep the solar lamps illuminated for several hours. Its polysilicon solar panels can withstand weather elements without issues. In fact, the lights are IP65 certified. Installing the lights is simple and you will not require any wires.

5. TomCare Solar Tiki Torches

You may want to beautify the exterior of your house with enticing light but need something that has low running cost and maintenance. Then, this set of solar-powered torch lights is what you need. TomCare Torches run on solar power and no wire is required to install these Tiki Torches. Set these up at the garden or backyard or near the driveway –based on your need. The lights work for 12 hours after getting recharged fully. You get installation hardware and it is devoid of wiring. The flame style light is a delight to watch. Its inbuilt 2200 mAh rechargeable battery is long-lasting.

TomCare Torches are waterproof and durable. The monocrystalline solar panel also lasts for a long time. The package includes the set of Torch Lights, Ground Spikes, Extend Pipes, and a user Manual.

6. YoungPower Waterproof Solar Tiki Torches

There are many options available when you want to buy exterior lights. However, illumination is not the only priority for every buyer. If you want exterior lights that look enticing, need a low level of maintenance, and have almost no running cost, choose solar tiki torch lights. These YoungPower Waterproof Solar Tiki Torches generate dancing flame style light that looks gorgeous. You also get the extra pipe to enhance the height of the torches, when needed. The lights operate automatically and no manual intervention is required. In 6 hours or so, the battery gets fully charged and after that, it keeps the lights on for 18 hours.

These solar lights are built rugged and they have IP65 weather proof certification. They are ideal for hosting parties at home and making your patio or garden look enticing on personal events. In the pack, you get a set of solar torch lights, the fixtures, and the user manual.

7. Otdair Solar Tiki Torches

Are you looking for hassle-free and eco-friendly lighting solutions to adorn your house exterior? This set of solar-powered tiki torches will meet your needs well. Otdair Solar Torches simulate real-life flame sans any risk of fire. The dancing flame style light looks absolutely stunning. It gets the energy from sunlight and then at sunset the light gets illuminated. There is no manual intervention involved, as it is.

The build quality of the units is superb and they have an IP65 waterproof rating. So, you need not bother about heavy rain or snow damaging the lights! To set up these aesthetic solar lights, you will not need to use any kind of wiring. There is a 2200mAh rechargeable battery inside which can power the lamp for 12 hours approx. if it gets fully charged. The company offers 12 Months Warranty on this item-and that brings peace of mind. You can use this light at places like a pathway, garden, and backyard easily.

Solar Tiki Torches Buying Guide


Traditional tiki torches are chiefly made from bamboo and that means, they are available for cheap whereas solar tiki torches are made from premium ABS plastic as they have to withstand extreme weather. As you have already guessed, bamboo tiki torches don’t last that long. However, traditional tiki torches that are made from metal will last long. Nowadays, these torches are made from a wide variety of materials like copper, stainless steel, brass, iron, and more. Some manufacturers have even gone one step further and have started using materials like glass, resin, ceramic, and their likes.

Light Source

Traditional tiki torches use a flame to illuminate areas around whereas solar tiki torches rely on solar power to light up the areas around. This is the reason why these torches are gaining currency in households with kids. Basically, they offer a safe alternative to families with kids as they don’t pose any such danger to anyone around. They mimic real-life tiki torches sans the danger.


The brightness level is another factor that you need to carefully consider. Should you plan to illuminate your entire yard, you might have to look for torches that have got higher lumen. Solar lights with a low lumen rating will only produce soft and warm light which may not be enough to illuminate your entire front yard or backyard.


The two most popular Solar tiki torch types are – tabletop torch and standard pole torch. Pole torches are quite popular as they come fitted with a pointy rod that can be staked to the ground easily and effortlessly. Tabletop torches are mainly used for decorative purposes and they are available in different lengths.


Since these tiki torches will be installed outside, they have to be water-resistant and dustproof at any cost. They should be made from premium quality materials otherwise they will not be able to withstand extreme weather and extreme temperature fluctuations.


Battery capacity is another factor that you need to pay attention to. The higher the capacity of the battery, the longer those torches will stay lit. It is observed that a 2200mAh battery can provide enough power to the solar tiki torches to keep them lit for at least 10 hours at a stretch.

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