Solar String Lights

Solar String Lights

String lights can light up your porch, veranda, walkways, or outdoor Christmas tree. Also, you have an array of lighting solutions to take your pick from. However, have you thought of getting solar string lights rather than the electricity-run ones? If not, consider availing the option of solar lights; for they offer a host of benefits. Yes, they are cost-effective and highly efficient lighting solutions. Besides, they do not need electricity for their operation thus are deemed environmentally friendly.

However, you have a range of options in solar string lights to choose from, and making a choice can become overwhelming. Anyways, here we have compiled a list of important considerations to ponder upon during your shopping expeditions for the solar-powered lights.

Outdoor Solar String Lights Reviewed

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1. Brightech Ambience Pro Outdoor String Lights

What can be better to adorn your balcony or terrace during the festive days than a set of solar powered string lamps! These vintage style solar string bulbs are shatterproof and they emit soft white light. They are also water proof and so you can use them all over the year.

After the battery gets fully charged, the lights will stay illuminated for 6 hours or so. They need the same time to get recharged fully in bright sunlight. The clip and stake ensures you can hang the solar lamps almost anywhere in or around the house. There are 12 bulbs in this set and a chord is there spanning 27 feet.

The approx lifespan of each lamp of these Brightech Ambience Pro Outdoor String Lights is 20000 hours. The company offers 3 years warranty of the product. Setting the lamp set is simple. The lamps can be set up at shops too.

2. SEMILITS Solar String Lights

These honey bee shaped solar string lamps are ideal to illuminate and adorn your balcony or patio, on festive events. There are 20 bee shaped LED lamps in this set. They exude warm white light- creating a warm ambiance outdoors. These SEMILITS Lights are powered by rechargeable 1.2V 600mA Ni-MH batteries and no wire is needed for setting them up.

SEMILITS Solar String Lights are made of robust plastic and they can withstand storm and heat well. Installation is simple and takes just a few minutes. Apart from home, these decorative LED based solar lamps can also be used in shops. These lights are IP65 waterproof and so you need not worry about rain. It takes approx 8 hours for full charge and after that the lamps will stay lit for 8 hours or so.

3. LiyuanQ Solar String Lights

This set of bee shaped solar lamps is perfect for illuminating your house or shop on special occasions. The attractive bee design looks stunning when the lamps are lit. The lamps operate without manual intervention and emit Warm White hue. They are shipped with 800mAH NI-MH rechargeable battery and an adjustable solar panel. Once fully recharged, the lamps will stay illuminated for 8 hours continuously at night. There are 30 LED bulbs in the set and they are durable and safe. They do not overheat even when used for a long time.

The honey bee shaped solar lamps have as many 8 lighting modes. So, you can pick from the modes to suit your mood. You need not worry about longevity of these solar lamps. They are IP65 Waterproof. Setting the lamps up is easy and no wiring is necessary. You get a user manual in the pack.

4. AMIR Upgraded Solar Powered String Lights

This set of 100 bright LED lamps is solar powered and they can be ideal when you want to light up large areas outdoors. You can also set the lamps on fence and garden with ease. Of course, it can be used to light up the balcony and terrace. They exude warm white light. The Lamps are placed on a quality 33 feet copper wire. They have 360 degree viewing angle. There are power buttons to set this on and off.

There are 2 lighting modes to pick from. You need not worry about rainfall as these lamps are IP65 Waterproof and same is true of the packaged solar panel. The lamps also generate minimal amount of heat. The company also offers a 12 months warranty.

5. Lolansi Solar String Lights

This set of globe shaped solar powered led lamp is pretty and they can enhance aesthetic appeal of your house or shop. There are 60 crystal ball lamps in the set and they emit Cool White light. The string LED lamps are simple to set up and store. These solar string lamps are powered by 800 mAh rechargeable battery. Once the battery is charged fully, the lamps will stay lit for 8 hours or so.

The set is water resistant and so you can hang the lights at garden without worrying about rainfall. The nice thing is these lamps support 8 lighting modes. You get switch for power and choosing lighting modes. The company offers 12 months replacement and refund policy for defective sets.

6. Lalapao 2 Pack Solar String Lights

Lalapao 2 Pack Solar String Lights is ideal when you want to illuminate a large area outdoors. You get 2 set of solar based strong lamps, 2 solar panels and one user manual in the package. Once fully recharged, these solar decorative lamps can stay lit for 10 hours or so. There are 8 different lighting modes to select from.

These lights also have a sensor and so it gets lit up automatically at night. You need not bother about durability of the set as it is IP65 waterproof. The lamps are built robust and they can cope with wear and tear.

7. Upoom [2 Pack] Solar Fairy Lights

This set includes 2 packs of solar string decorative lamps. The 33 feet copper wire is moldable and durable. There are 100 glowing micro Leds in each. The lamps have 360 degree viewing angle. You can use the sets to adorn and illuminate patios, gardens, backyards and even shops. The lamps are automatic and they get lit up at evening and switch off at sunrise. There are 8 light modes.

Upoom [2 Pack] Solar Fairy Lights are IP65 Waterproof and Ni-Mh battery capacity is 1200 mAh. Upoom [2 Pack] Solar Fairy Lights are simple to set up and you can wrap them around trees or hang them on walls easily. Once fully recharged, the lamps can stay lit for 10 hours or more. The lamps can operate in varying temperature. You also get user manual inside the pack.

8. AMIR Solar Powered String Lights

AMIR Solar Powered String Lights have 2 sets and emit warm white light. The lamps are placed on quality copper wire and they are waterproof. You can set the lamps on patio, balcony, terrace etc. The sets contain 100 Led lights each. The copper wire is thin yet flexible. The low voltage lights can be used without safety issues and they can be stored easily too.

You get power on/off switch along with a mode selector switch. Both the solar panel and the string lamp sets are IP65 Waterproof. The 33 feet wire ensures you can position the lamps in any shapes, even around large trees and objects. The battery however is non- replaceable.

9. Toodour Solar String Lights

Toodour Solar String Lights contain 2 packs and 200 LEDs and 2V/300mA solar panel. These Lights can be set up at outdoors and are operated by a light sensor. The sensor controls charging too. You need not operate these light sets manually and they get lit up as evening comes. There is one 1200mAH NI-MH Rechargeable Battery which can be fully charged in 8 hours. You get 2 switches in the set, one for switching the sensor on and off and the other for changing lighting modes. There are 8 light modes. 

Toodour Lights come with Memory Function and so it saves the last chosen mode. It is also IP65 certified and so you can expect the set to survive weather exposure. The ground stake of its solar panel ensures you can set it up on fence, walls, patio, and terrace and also around the trees with ease. You also get user manual inside.

Solar String Lights Buying Guide

Here are some important factors that you must consider when shopping for solar string lights. Of course, you want the maximum mileage from your investment in solar lighting solutions, thus carefully weigh all the available options. Subsequently, make a balanced decision after accounting for all the related factors.

1. Indoor or Outdoor Use

Before you start hunting for outdoor string solar lights, finalize whether they are needed for indoor or outdoor areas. If needed for indoor use, opt for the indoor varieties; for outdoor use, go with the outdoor ones.

Additionally, you can choose the ones that are designed for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Nonetheless, they are costlier as compared to the other models.

2. Battery Lifespan & Charging Time

During your purchases of outdoor-based solar string lights, consider how long they can operate after a single charge. While some solar lights can run from 4 hours up to 6 hours, others have the capacity to last for over 20 hours and above. Moreover, check whether they are constant or flashing lights. Then, base your decisions depending on your lighting needs. Even so, batteries having long battery life are a good buy.

Also, beforehand, know about solar panels and whether they are required for battery recharges. Also, the amount of sunlight needed for recharges is another aspect to take into account.

On average, batteries take 7 hours to charge, following which they can work for approximately 10 hours.

3. Cord Specifications

The length of the electric cord should be considered as well. Because the solar-engineered lights are connected to the solar panels using cords. Ensure that the cords are long enough; then, you can mount the lights and solar panels wherever you want. All the same, know about the area that you want the lights to cover.

Further, make sure to pick cords that are shapeable. In turn, the lights can be set up where you deem appropriate. More so, you should consider the durability and waterproof features before making your purchase decisions.

4. String Layout

This aspect relates to the number of LED bulbs that constitute the final product, string lengths, and the distance between the bulbs. In turn, you can know about the amount of area that the bulbs can illuminate. Accordingly, you can take decisions on whether to buy one or more strings for matching your lighting requirements.

Also, before your purchases, make sure to measure the distances between anchoring points of the string lights in your garden.

5. Mode of Operation

Understand that some solar string lights have to be switched on and off. Conversely, other varieties operate via switches for activating them. However, they turn on and off automatically depending on the surrounding lights. Though, the most popular varieties are the ones that are switchable between steady and flashing light modes.

6. Solar power details

Other critical aspects to consider when purchasing your sting solar outdoor lights are the specifications of the rechargeable batteries and solar panels. Going by the current output of the PV module, you can get an idea about the amount of required energy the panel can generate.

The technology of the module is also important to consider for knowing about the effectualness of the solar panels. As such, monocrystalline models are considered better than the polycrystalline ones.

Additionally, you have to consider the mounting structure of the models and where you intend to position them. You can select between the wall or ground setups. Only keep in mind that the panels have to be located at a given distance from the first lights, so planning beforehand about the arrangement of lights helps.

Furthermore, the factors pertaining to battery life should be duly considered. During the selection process, learn about charging timelines and mode of battery charging too. The general recommendation is to opt for products having lower charging time and higher operation time.

Solar String Light: FAQs

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