Solar Powered Security Cameras

Best Solar Powered Security Cameras

Here are some scary statistics – According to FBI, in the year 2017, 1,401,840 burglaries were taken place in the United States and what is even more alarming is that 67% of those burglaries were taken place in residential properties.

Now, I hope that you feel the need to bolster the safety of your home with some reliable solar powered security cameras. We all know that you care for the safety and security of your family and you can go to any extent to keep them from harm’s way. But to keep your home protected from intruders and thieves, you don’t have to be a Liam Neeson in real life or reel life. Rather all you have to do is to install a solar-powered security camera in your home and your family will be just fine.

Without these cameras, you will never be able to lead a normal and relaxed life again because you don’t have to look over your shoulder all the time. These solar-powered security lights operate without any human intervention.

Keep a watch on your property should not be a pain in the neck. However, make sure that these cameras do have features like alarm notifications, motion detection, etc so that you can get instant notifications whenever someone tries to forcefully enter your property.

Now, you might be wondering why not just install a set of regular security camera instead? Well, you can always do that but have you ever thought about issues like – power outage? Well, thankfully solar powered security cameras don’t have to deal with such a crisis. They have nothing to do with regular electric power and that means, your property will be better protected if you decide to go for the solar-powered ones.

Solar Powered Security Cameras Reviewed

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1. Reolink Outdoor Solar Powered Security Camera

Are you looking for a smart home security camera that works without much human intervention? Then this Reolink Outdoor Solar Powered Security Camera will fit your bill well. It supports footage capture in 1080p Full HD and the CMOS image sensor ensures you get crystal clear images. It has a 100° field of vision. Even in darkness, it can capture footage- thanks to the infrared LED light embedded.

The solar panel recharges the battery in the camera and no electrical connection is required. The device supports 2.4G wifi connection and so you need not think about messy wiring. Reolink Outdoor Solar Powered Security Camera can be charged by a solar panel as well as a supplied 5V 2A power adapter. It also alerts you when the battery level gets 10%. You can operate it hands-free, owing to Alexa and Google Assistant support.

The installation is voice-based and can be completed in a short time. This device supports PIR Motion Detect and that alerts you by email and push notifications. The videos are stored in the SD card that you have to buy separately. The Smartphone app lets you view captured footage. You can use the same app to operate multiple cameras. On the device, you get a 2-year warranty.

2. Reolink Wireless Solar Powered Home Security Camera

Reolink Wireless Solar Powered Home Security Camera will help you protect your home from burglars and miscreants when you are away. It is wire-free and installation is simple. You can mount it inside rooms to keep watching a toddler or put it up outside the main entrance to safeguard the home.

Reolink Wireless Solar Powered Home Security Camera has IP65 weatherproof certification and so you need not worry about heavy rain or snowfall affecting its durability or functionality. It supports 1080p HD Video resolution and so you get sharp and clear footage. It offers a 100° field of vision and night-vision footage is also clear thanks to its CMOS Image sensor. It can be charged by the supplied Solar Panel or a 5V 2A power adapter. The 5200 mAh rechargeable battery lasts for a long time.

Reolink Wireless Solar Powered Home Security Camera has an embedded advanced PIR Sensor that can capture movements easily. It will send you alerts upon motion detection. The captured footage can be saved to the microSD cards. The device supports 2.4G wireless standard. You can view the captured video using your smartphone via the app. The nice thing is it supports Google’s assistant and so you can operate without using hands when required.

3. SOLIOM Wireless Outdoor Solar Battery Security Camera

This stylish and feature-rich solar powered surveillance camera will boost the safety of your home and you can also use it inside the rooms for keeping watch on toddlers. The solar light panel is there to charge the unit’s 4000mah battery. The camera is built rugged and the battery can work in cold and hot weather smoothly. The device comes with IP66 weatherproof certification.

SOLIOM Wireless Outdoor Solar Battery Security Camera is equipped with advanced two-way motion detection and that eliminates false alert risks. It saves recorded videos in the memory card.  It can capture footage in 1080p full HD resolution and night vision is also there. So, you can be assured about receiving sharp and clear footages round the clock.

SOLIOM Wireless Outdoor Solar Battery Security Camera supports Smartphone apps-and that ensures ease of usage. It supports 2.4Ghz wifi band for connectivity and so there is no need to use wiring for operation. Up to 64 GB memory card is supported. Setting up the device is simple and it takes just a few minutes.

4. REOLINK Outdoor Solar Powered Security Camera

If you want a professional-grade solar powered security camera for your house, REOLINK Outdoor Solar Powered Security Camera is a good contender. This camera can be set up both indoors and outdoors. Only sunlight is required to run the device and it is durable enough. The camera sports IP65 weatherproof certification and so the users need not fret about snowfall or rain.

If you like using smart and sleek gadgets, REOLINK Outdoor Solar Powered Security Camera will not disappoint you. The security camera has Voice Control and it also supports Google Assistant. So, you can operate the functionality without even using your hands. You can be assured of getting crystal clear footage and images, thanks to its 130° field of vision and 1920×1080 full HD resolution. Upon motion detection, the camera will send you an email and push message-based alert.

REOLINK Outdoor Solar Powered Security Camera supports microSD cards with 64 GB capacity. You can view the recorded clips using the Smartphone app, free of cost. The camera supports wifi and so you get rid of messy wiring for set up and usage. It can be used to connect to a 2.4G wireless router. The company offers 2 years warranty. In the pack, you get all the required accessories and a quick start guide.

5. Reolink Argus PT Outdoor Wireless Pan Tilt Solar Battery Camera

This is a versatile and useful solar security camera that many homeowners will lap up. Reolink Argus PT Outdoor Wireless Pan Tilt Solar Battery Camera has a sleek body and has an inbuilt tilt mechanism. So, it can offer you wider coverage outside the home compared to typically fixed security cameras. This is a wire-free device that supports 2.4 GHz WiFi standards. The solar panels help recharge its battery and that lasts for a long time. The battery has a capacity of 6500 mAh.

You get sharp and clear videos and images thanks to its starlight CMOS image sensor and 1080p HD resolution support. Reolink Argus PT Outdoor Wireless Pan Tilt Solar Battery Camera comes with IP65 weatherproof certification. You may use the DC 5V 2A power adapter or the solar panel to charge the battery. It also comes with a Built-in speaker and microphone-which enhances user experience.

Reolink Argus PT Outdoor Wireless Pan Tilt Solar Battery Camera is equipped with a digital PIR motion sensor and it alerts you upon detecting motion. The recorded clips are stored on a microSD card. The US users can make use of Google Assistant support. You also get 2 years warranty on this device. In the package, you get the camera with all the accessories and a Quick Start Guide.

6. SOLIOM S90 Outdoor Home Security Solar Battery Camera

Are you looking for a robust security camera for a home that has low or minimal running costs? Then this solar-powered sleek security camera will be ideal for your requirements. SOLIOM S90 Outdoor Home Security Solar Battery Camera comes with a massive 10000 mAh battery which can be recharged by the solar panels. The device itself is built solid and it can cope with harsh weather without woes.

It has weatherproof IP66 certification as well. In the box, you get the camera with all the necessary fixtures and setting the unit up takes about 15 minutes or so. SOLIOM S90 Outdoor Home Security Solar Battery Camera supports 2.4GHz Wifi for connecting to Smartphone and you need not use wiring. The recorded clips can be viewed in your Smartphone through apps. The device is equipped with motion detection and sends you to alert the moment it detects any movement. Its advanced technology ensures you do not get any false alert.

This camera can capture crystal clear and sharp footage and pictures. SOLIOM S90 Outdoor Home Security Solar Battery Camera supports 1080p full HD resolution. It also features Reinforced Noise cancellation tech along with 2-way audio. This ensures you can communicate with people outside your home in a safe manner.

7. Fuvision Solar Powered Wireless Outdoor Home Security Camera

Fuvision Solar Powered Wireless Outdoor Home Security Camera is a feature-laden and user-friendly solar security camera that will not inflate your energy bills. This device connects to your Smartphone through 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. So, you can control it minus using wires, remotely. Fuvision Solar Powered Wireless Outdoor Home Security Camera features two-way microphones and speakers-which are quite handy. It has an embedded advanced motion sensor and that alerts you when any movement gets detected.

The technology is advanced and so you need not worry about false alerts. The device supports microSD card with 64 GB capacity. You get clear footage and images owing to HD 1080P resolution and a Progressive CMOS Sensor. Its advanced night vision capability will enhance your security. In low light, its infrared LED mode gets activated and offers you sharp and clear visuals.

You need not worry about harsh climate conditions when you use this Fuvision Solar Powered Wireless Outdoor Home Security Camera. It has Full IP66 Water-Resistance certification. Its quality ABS plastic body will last for a long time. The rechargeable battery has a capacity of 10400mAh. There are inbuilt microphones and speakers in the device. Using these, you can communicate with visitors or let trespassers know you are watching them.

8. ieGeek Wireless Solar Powered Outdoor Security Camera

If you are looking for an advanced feature-laden and low maintenance security camera, you will be happy with this ieGeek Wireless Solar Powered Outdoor Security Camera. This solar-powered device has a large 10400mAh Rechargeable Battery. It does not require a wire to function as there is support for 2.4 GHz WiFi standard. Setting it up is not complicated and the entire process takes a few minutes only.

ieGeek Wireless Solar Powered Outdoor Security Camera features advanced motion sensors and whenever any movement is caught you receive alerts in the Smartphone through apps. It can also detect animals and people well. Its infrared LEDs offer excellent night vision covering 20m. You can see footages in full HD resolution at 30 FPS. The twin WiFi antennas offer top-notch connectivity.

You will not have to think of weather-related hazards affecting the durability or functionality of this device. It features IP65 waterproof certification. You can utilize its microphone and speaker as well. There are many other handy features in it. For example, you can use the inbuilt low battery alert which notifies you when the battery level depletes. Its solar panel is adjustable and you can rotate it to get maximum possible sunlight.

9. YESKAMO Wireless Outdoor Solar Powered Security Camera

If you want a reliable and advanced solar security camera to safeguard your house from thieves and burglars, go for this model. YESKAMO Wireless Outdoor Solar Powered Security Camera comes with 4 Rechargeable lithium batteries with a combined capacity of 10400mAh. This is a stylish looking and well built wireless solar camera that can be set up without any hassles. It connects to your Smartphone using the 2.4GHz WiFi protocol. The twin 4DB antennas send and receive WiFi signals without hassles. You need not even worry about rain or snowfall affecting your device! It ships with IP65 certification.

YESKAMO Wireless Outdoor Solar Powered Security Camera is loaded with several advanced and useful features. Its cutting-edge motion detection can detect real-time movements and sends you alerts quickly. The embedded speaker & microphone has Noise cancellation tech. You get Crisp 1080P HD footage and images and the sensor also has Night Vision. You also get cloud storage and SD card-based storage choices. In the package, you get all the required accessories, a user manual along with a security camera.

Solar Powered Surveillance Camera Buying Guide

Selecting a solar-powered surveillance camera should not be complicated but there are so many varieties of solar-powered security cameras available in the market that you might find it increasingly difficult to find the ones that suit all your needs. Here are factors that you need to keep into considerations while selecting the right solar powered security camera –

1. Waterproof

Where are you planning to place these solar security cameras? Definitely, outside your home, right? Of course, you will because the purpose is to keep an eye on your property and that means, these cameras will have to deal with harsh climatic conditions like rain, snow, thunderstorms, etc. SO, make sure that these security cameras are at least waterproof otherwise they will not last a single season. They should be able to resist dust as well. In short, they should be strong enough to deal with everything that Mother Nature will throw at them.

2. Camera Recording Features

A low-resolution security camera is as good as nothing. What is the point in installing a solar security camera that can’t even capture the details of the intruders in high resolution? There is no way you can identify the person later who tried to enter your property forcefully if the captured images are all grainy. The camera should capture images in 1080p resolution otherwise it will be treated as another fancy gadget.

3. Storage Capacity

A good quality solar powered security camera should have provisions for both local and remote storage. A 64GB micro-SD card should be there to allow the camera to store some data locally if it is unable to connect with the remote server for some reason. The remote storage should be connected to a cloud server via a secure network.

4. Night Vision Range

A good quality solar security camera can easily capture images in high resolution as long as the object is within 33 feet. However, the range can vary depending on the model, and therefore, you need to double-check the details in the spec before making the final buying decision.

5. Solar Panels

Some security cameras have solar panels attached to them. While this adds to the convenience and helps you save some space, but these types of solar-powered security cameras have their share of disadvantages as well. The separated solar panel allows you to harvest sunlight more effectively. You can easily change the orientation of the solar panels when they are not directly attached to the surveillance camera. Use the extension wire to your advantage and the solar panels will be able to generate more electricity than ever.  

6. Blind Spots

All cameras have blinds spots. Yeah, it sucks but it is the reality and we have to deal with it. If you are looking for a solar-powered security camera that has fewer blind spots, you need to find a surveillance camera with a 100° view.

7. Accessibility

If you want to check on your property in real-time from your mobile, you will have to connect these solar-powered surveillance cameras directly to the WiFi network of your home. This will give you peace of mind that your property is safe.

8. Motion Security Detection

Your solar-powered security camera should be able to fire an alarm bell or at least capture an image of the object in motion. So, double-check to ensure that your solar-powered security camera can detect every single movement in your property. Infrared vision is also a must-have feature in such a case.

Whenever there is a movement, the solar-powered security camera should alert you immediately. You might get a notification on your mobile phone or these surveillance cameras can send you an email notification.

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