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Solar Lights for Chicken Coop

Solar Lights for Chicken Coop

If you have a farmhouse and keep the chickens in a coop, it is necessary to ensure that the birds stay in good shape. They will need lights for laying eggs and roosting. In fact, chicken coop lights are also required for safety. You surely do not want the birds to fall prey to menacing predatory animals like foxes and coyotes. In some areas, wildcats and dogs also look for chickens. However, you have to select the apt type of light for your chicken coop. You have to think of usability and cost of usage as well.

Solar Chicken Coop Lights Reviewed

1. Afoskce Solar Chicken Coops Light

Afoskce Solar Chicken Coops Light lets you illuminate your chicken cook without polluting the environment in the process. Once fully charged, the solar light will stay lit for at least 3 to 4 hours. All you have to do is to plug the solar lamp into the solar panel or you can just get it connected to the main power source and the battery will get itself recharged in the process. Afoskce Solar Chicken Coops Light has got an impressive 5000H lifespan. The installation process is dead simple. All you have to do is to place the solar panel outside where it can get direct access to sunlight. Placed usually in the roof, the photovoltaic panel needs to get ample sunlight to produce energy. You can also use this Afoskce Solar Chicken Coops Light for camping, reading, and other similar activities.

2. Taysing Solar Chicken Coop Shed Lighting

Taysing Solar Chicken Coop Shed Lighting comes fitted with a powerful 7V 1200mAh lithium-ion battery. When fully charged, this Taysing Solar Chicken Coop Shed Lighting can stay lit for at least 6 hours at a stretch. It should not take more than 5 hours to get the bulb fully charged. However, if the overcast condition persists for a long, you can try traditional methods to get it charged (which is basically using your power bank to channel the energy into it). Taysing Solar Chicken Coop Shed Light comes fitted with metal hooks and a 10ft long cable.

3. Led Chicken Coops Light

Led Chicken Coops Light is a reliable and versatile solar light that you can use in the chicken coop to illuminate the place without contributing to the problem of global warming in one way or the other. During the day, you just have to get it connected to the solar panels and the light will then get fully charged. Once charged 100%, it will last for at least 3 to 4 hours. Just place the solar panel on the roof and then pull the wire in the room. Led Chicken Coops Light is well known for its low power consumption and energy efficiency.

4. Designers Edge L-949 Rechargeable Solar Shed Lights

Designers Edge L-949 Rechargeable Solar Shed Lights can be placed 16 feet away from the solar panel thanks to its extra-long extension cord. That means you can place the solar shed lights wherever you want.  You can place the solar panels where they can get the maximum amount of sunlight. The LED Light is extremely bright and should last at least 100,000 hours. This solar shed light can be mounted on poles or on the wall. It has two different operation modes – half brightness with 5 LEDs and full brightness with 10 LEDs.

5. Aiyego Portable Solar Lights

AIYEGO Portable Solar Lights should be used carefully because it is not waterproof. The solar panel comes fitted with a protective case that will keep it protected from weather abnormalities. All you have to do is to place the solar panel in a place where it can get an ample amount of sunlight and it will start generating energy. AIYEGO Portable Solar Lights comes standard with a 3-meter-long wire. The solar light can be charged with a 5-8V Charger or you can plug it directly with the solar panel. AIYEGO Portable Solar Lights comes fitted with a powerful 1200mAh battery. AIYEGO Portable Solar Lights has got three different dimmable modes for your convenience. Set it to SOS Flashing mode and it will last for at least 15 hours whereas when set in half brightness mode, AIYEGO Portable Solar Lights will stay lit for 15 hours. In full brightness mode though, AIYEGO Portable Solar Lights will stay lit for only 7 hours.

6. Feifeier Solar Chicken Coop Light

Feifeier Solar Chicken Coop Light gets turns on at dusk and it shuts itself down at dusk. Sounds great right. You can use this Feifeier Solar Chicken Coop Light on your next camping trip without any worry. Feifeier Solar Chicken Coop Light gets powered by 3600mAh BATTERIES and it should last at least 10 hours when fully charged. It can be used both indoor and outdoor and it has got an impressive 50000 hours lifespan. Its solar panel is made from premium quality Monocrystalline Silicon and it is extremely durable in nature.

Why opt For Solar Chicken Coop Lights

A number of people are switching to solar-powered chicken coop lights. There are several advantages of using solar chicken coop lights over their electricity-driven counterparts.

  • Solar chicken coop lights are easy to maintain.
  • These coop lights have lower running costs.
  • The cost of these lights is now decent.
  • The new generation solar-powered chicken coop lights come with many useful features.
  • They are easy to set up.

What Do You Need to See When Buying Solar-Powered Chicken Coop Lights?

When you shop for chicken coop lights, even in the solar category, there are plenty of options. You have to compare the available models using these parameters.

Light Attachment

A solar light can be attached to a chicken coop in so many ways. This will vary from one company to another. Some lights can be hung using a hook. However, you will find units with screws and fixtures.


The brightness of chicken coop light will vary based on your need. Think of the size of the coop. It has to be well lit. However, using a very bright light does not make sense. You will not spend hours nearby the coop as such. It should not be dim as a night lamp as well.

Power Source

A solar coop light is primarily powered by solar energy. There will be cloudy and foggy days and that will affect the power generation. These days, the backup power source will come in handy. So, you can look for chicken coop lights with a rechargeable battery. This can be useful for storing excess energy and using it as a backup.


The lights may be like regular bulbs or you can also opt for enclosures. Enclosed solar lights do not get impacted easily by rain and weather elements.


You will buy a solar coop light primarily to illuminate the coop at night and safeguard the poultry from predatory animals. However, setting up such light can be useful for other needs too. It can be ideal to provide soft diffused lighting in the backyard or garden. The solar lights go off at sunrise and get illuminated at sunset automatically.

Summing It Up

Buying a solar chicken coop light can be handy. However, you should take time to compare the light models and then choose the apt one. If necessary, you may read the user reviews of such solar lights online.


  1. What are the Benefits Of Having Coop Lights For The Chickens?

    The solar coop lights will help the chicken to hatch well. They need 2 weeks of daylight to produce healthy eggs. In the winter, days are shorter and so the chickens do not get enough sunlight. They may stop or reduce laying eggs. In such situations, using solar coop lights can resolve the issue. The warm LED bulb in such lights simulates sunlight. It can also be handy on cloudy days.

  2. Will Solar Chicken Coop Lights Operate On Overcast Days?

    This is one question many buyers have. Typically, the solar coop lights require bright sunlight to be fully recharged. On less sunny days, they may take longer to get recharged. On very cloudy days, they may not offer adequate or long-term lighting. That is why people opt for solar coop lights with embedded batteries. These batteries store solar energy and let the light illuminate on such days. You may also think of buying hybrid lights that are powered by USB.

  3. How to Set Up the Solar Coop Lights

    Setting up the solar-powered chicken coop lights should not be tedious. The lights usually have external solar panels. The lights are connected with such panels by cables. You will be able to set the light up without requiring any technical help. The brands selling such lights offer setup guidelines.

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