Solar Laptop Chargers

Best Solar Laptop Chargers

You simply can’t resist the call of the wild right? Well, now you can spend a day or two in the remote wilderness without losing your remote job. All you have to do is to carry a good quality Solar laptop charger that will provide you with a reliable source of power in the middle of nowhere.

In case, you are not much into traveling or camping, solar laptop charger can help you reduce your carbon footprint significantly. Moreover, in this post-Covid 19 world, you simply can’t rely only on the grid because it might go down any moment owing to the unavailability of manpower.

You just have to keep these solar laptop chargers in a place where they can get enough sunlight. Then they will start converting sunlight into electricity. The best thing about these solar laptop chargers is that some of these chargers are so small in size that they can be attached to the backpacks. So, that means, you can move around and explore some unexplored parts of a forest or a camping site while the chargers will be doing their job i.e. changing the connected devices. This is a win-win situation for all of us.

Solar Laptop Chargers reviewed

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1. Voltaic Systems Arc 20 Watt Rapid Solar Laptop Charger

Are you looking for a good replacement for your aging laptop charger? Then give this versatile solar-powered laptop charger a try. This 20-Watt Rapid Laptop Charger comes with large capacity 24,000 mAh battery and it can be used to power Apple MacBook and Surface class laptops, along with many other gadgets. You can use it to recharge your Smartphone, DSLRs, and other USB powered devices with ease. The V88 Laptop Battery pack can be charged through solar panels and the power can be stored to juice up many of your devices later. Its monocrystalline solar panel gets charged fully in 6 hours when put under direct sunlight. The solar panel is water and UV-resistant.

Voltaic Systems Arc 20 Watt Rapid Solar Laptop Charger can charge up most laptops within 2 hours and the smartphone devices can be recharged within 1 year. The company offers 2 years warranty on the product. Voltaic Systems Arc 20 Watt Rapid Solar Laptop Charger weighs only 3.25 pounds and so carrying it outdoors is not hard at all. You can use the Reinforced attachment points to mount it on backpacks.

2. TP-solar 100W Foldable Solar Panel Charger Kit for Laptop

This portable 100 Watt solar-powered laptop charger is versatile in nature and you can use it to charge many other devices, apart from laptops. TP-solar 100W Foldable Solar Panel Charger Kit for Laptop sports twin USB ports and the ports support QC3.0 & 2.0 technology.  This can be used to charge up your tablets and Smartphone devices without hassles. It has an embedded smart IC chip that identifies the device. The devices are safeguarded from overcharging.  The high quality monocrystalline solar cells ensure you get maximum power conversion. It also works well on days that are not sunny.

TP-solar 100W Foldable Solar Panel Laptop Charger is lightweight and weighs just 2.3 kg. So, you can pack it in backpacks and carry for pouting and trips outside city limits. The solar panel is laminated with durable ETFE material and so you can expect it to last more than a decade. It is also waterproof. The package comprises of one foldable 100-watt solar panel, Alligator Clip Cable, DC extension cables, 10-in-1 Connectors, USB to DC 55*21 connector, MC4 connector Extension cable, and a Cigarette Lighter Plug.

3. TP-solar 60W Portable Foldable Solar Panel Laptop Charger

This Multipurpose Renewable Solar Portable Charger has an output of 60 watts. TP-solar 60W Portable Foldable Solar Panel Laptop Charger is foldable and portable in nature. It is compatible with the majority of portable generator power station models. You can also use it to charge gadgets like laptops, tablets, mobile phones, power banks. It can be used to charge laptops made by brands like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, and Asus. It is sold with quality alligator clips and cigarette lighter plug. In fact, you may use it to charge the 12 Volt batteries used in the RVs. It can charge one 12V – 18V DC device along with dual USB 5V outputs.  This can be handy in unexpected power outage situations.

TP-solar 60W Portable Foldable Solar Panel Laptop Charger is not only versatile but it is also safe to use. It is equipped with QC 3.0 Charging technology which is both Fast & Smart. It maximizes charging speed and safeguards the linked devices from short circuits, heating, and overcharging.  The solar panel is laminated, waterproof, and durable. The rugged ETFE material ensures it lasts almost 15 years. It is portable and so you can pack it in a bag for outdoor usage.

4. AIMTOM SolarPal 100W Portable Solar Panel for Laptop

AIMTOM SolarPal 100W Portable Solar Panel for Laptop serves as a power source for a multitude of devices including laptops and it has a rated output of 100 watts. You can connect it to portable solar generator models too. It is ideal when you are planning for a picnic or outing away from home and want a reliable power source to charge all your gadgets. It can be used to recharge most tablets, Smartphone models, and car batteries too. The device features a couple of USB ports and one of them supports QC3.0 tech. You also get DC-to-Clamp cable, MC4 cable, DC-to-DC cable, along with 10-in-1 DC connector. There is a user guide too.

AIMTOM SolarPal 100W Portable Solar Panel for Laptop is not only advanced but it also has a high safety standard. It safeguards your devices from hassles over-heating, over-charging. The device is pretty lightweight and so packing it in a backpack or travel bag is easy.

5. AIMTOM Portable Solar Laptop Charger

Do you want a portable off-grid charging solution for recharging laptops and other gadgets? Then this versatile solar-powered Foldable Solar Panel is the answer. It features 5V USB and 18V DC ports for charging laptops and smaller gadgets easily. AIMTOM Portable Solar Laptop Charger has an output of 60 watts.

The devices that you can charge using AIMTOM Portable Solar Laptop Charger include smartphones, tablets, DSLR, etc. All types of laptops except Macbook can be charged using the 10-in-1 connector. You also get DC-to-DC cables, DC-to-Clamp, and MC4 cable. The DC and USB outputs ensure you can charge 2 devices at the same time. It is lightweight and so can be carried to outdoor locations.

6. WISSBLUE Solar Panel Charger

If you want a truly portable yet versatile solar charging station to recharge laptops and smaller gadgets, this is the ideal option.  WISSBLUE Solar Panel Charger has a foldable panel, making it perfect for use in camping and picnics away from home. WISSBLUE Solar Panel Charger scores over similar offerings from rivals owing to the presence of Fast Charging twin-Port Outputs.

One of them is Dc 18v output and the other is a 5V USB port. The great thing is you can use both parts at the same time and charge 2 devices. WISSBLUE Solar Panel Charger is ultra-thin and lightweight. The solar panel is made with Monocrystalline silicon for durability. The company offers 12-month support and you also get user manual packed in.

7. TOPDC 39W Foldable Solar Panel Laptop Charger

This high efficiency solar foldable panel serves as a nice off-grid power source using which you can charge laptops and many other small gadgets. TOPDC 39W Foldable Solar Panel Laptop Charger has dual outputs and one is 5v USB and the other is 18v DC. You can use it also for charging cameras and Smartphone devices with ease.

TOPDC 39W Foldable Solar Panel Laptop Charger has an embedded IC chip that can identify any connected device. Thereafter, it offers adequate charging power to the linked device. The linked devices are safeguarded from overcharging. The oxford fabric wrapped PET solar panels are weather-resistant and you can use them outdoors without worrying.  This charger has a 39W output. You get a foldable solar charger, DC cable, 10 laptop connectors and user manual in the pack. The unit weighs less than 1 kg.

8. Solar Charger 26800mAh Battery Charger for Laptops

Not all solar power chargers need to be dull looking! Try this stylish solar charger cum power bank to charge all your small gadgets smoothly. The rugged black and orange body is a stunner. Solar Charger 26800mAh Battery Charger for Laptops has a mammoth 26800 mAh battery capacity and so you can use it to charge a number of devices, one after another. This charger has USB C ports for charging various compatible gadgets. With the right adapters, you will be able to charge select laptop models too. It is not only sleek but comes with IPX5 Waterproofing. The design is also dust and shockproof.  You can use it to charge almost all tablet and smartphone models.

The power bank supports QC 3.0 technology and so you will not have to wait for a long time to charge the connected devices. It also supports 1A and 2A input recharging. The bonus is a led flashlight and an embedded compass.

Solar Laptop Charger Buying Guide

Buying a solar laptop charger is not an easy job per se. You have to take into consideration several factors before making the final decisions.

1. Charging Time

Before anything else, you need to know how long this solar laptop charger is going to take to get charged completely. You simply can’t wait forever in the middle of a forest or in the midst of nowhere just to allow this to get charged. However, environmental factors can influence the performance of a solar laptop charger.

Even adaptor can play spoilsport in this regard; a low-quality adaptor can slow down the charging process. Now, the problem is most solar laptop charger manufacturers tend not to give a specific answer to this specific issue. Either they ignore the question or they tend to exaggerate the performance indicator to a great extent. Read the reviews of previous customers of that product to form an idea as there is no other way around it.  

2. Power Capacity

The power status of the most solar laptop charger is indicated by Wattage. Barring few power-hungry and hi-end laptops, most laptops that are commonly available in the market tend to consume between 15 to 30 watts. However, this is not cast in stone, it can vary widely depending on the type and the brand of the laptop that you are using. So, take it with a grain of salt. However, one thing is sure, and that is – laptops in ideal mode consume far less energy whereas they consume a lot more during the boot-up stage. So, a solar laptop charger with a 40-watt capacity is basically more than enough for most laptops.  

However, if you are planning to recharge your phone or any other devices along with your laptop, you need to settle for a 60W laptop solar charger.

3. Durability

Your solar laptop chargers should be outdoor ready. In an indoor environment, things are under control. The chargers don’t have to deal with dust, blizzard, rain, or extreme heat in such controlled environment. But things take a different turn altogether when you venture out in the wild. It will have to be dealing with extreme weather conditions. Temperature can soar to a blazing 40C in the summer and in the winter, the temperature can plummet to a freezing -10C. That means, your solar laptop chargers should be made from premium quality materials to deal with such extremities.  

4. Solar Panel Area

The surface area matters. You need to find a laptop solar charger that has got solar panels spanning greater surface area to soak up the sunlight more efficiently and then convert it into electricity which will be utilized to it recharge your electrical gadgets. Don’t fall for false advertisements like – solar laptop charger with 10 solar panels because 5 mid-sized solar panels might produce more energy than 10 tiny ones. So, make sure you read the spec carefully before making the final decision.

However, if you are planning to go on a hike, you might have to settle for a less powerful solar laptop charger because powerful chargers tend to be heavier and they tend to take up more space.

How To Find The Best Solar Laptop Charger

At The Green Revolt, we have purchased a total 20 solar laptop charged and carefully curated the best 9 solar powered chargers that money can buy –

Compact Design

Technically, solar laptop charger should fit a laptop bag or a briefcase effortlessly. The whole point of having a solar laptop charger is its portability. If you can’t get it fitted inside a laptop bag, there is no point in having it in the first place. Ideally, the solar laptop charger that you are planning to purchase should weigh around 2 pounds otherwise you will have a hard time carrying it around.


Here are some additional features that you need to carefully consider if you want to make the most of it. Features like USB–to–Micro-USB cable, built-in kickstand etc can prove handy in some circumstances.

TSA Regulations

If you are a frequent flyer like me, it is best that you should read the TSA regulations pertaining to battery carrying capacity. Most airlines allow passengers to carry extra lithium-ion batteries up to 300 Watt. Now, if you are carrying two spare lithium-ion batteries, each should be less than 160 watt and the airlines company will not cause any trouble. A 60-watt solar battery charger can power a 13-inch MacBook Pro for one hour. I am giving you this statistic so that you can plan accordingly.

12-Watt Charging Port

USB-C is gaining round but that does not negate the fact that most people to these days are still using USB-A charging cables. This is the reason why it makes sense that you should have a solar laptop charger that has got at least a 12-watt charging per port.


Believe me 6 months warranty is not enough. You need to have at least 1-year warranty on the product that you are planning to purchase. Since you are planning to spend at least $300 on it, you need to make sure that it should at least last a year. Should anything go wrong in a month or two, you will then get the product replaced by the manufacturer.

Minimum Output Range

In order to charge your laptop fast, the minimum output rating of the solar laptop charger needs to be at least 60 W. Save the new 15-inch MacBook Pro, almost all models of MacBooks need 60-Watt charger in order to get charged fast unless you don’t mind getting stuck for hours (waiting patiently for the battery to fully charged).

USB-C Port

USB-A port is so passe. We have entered a new age and that is the age of USB-C port. USB-C ports have become ubiquitous and that means, you need to make sure that the solar laptop charger that you are planning to purchase at least has one USB-C port. USB-C ports are known to transport power 8 times faster than their USB-A counterparts. This is the reason why it has become imperative for users to invest in a good quality solar laptop charger with good USB-A port.

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