Solar Lanterns for Camping

Solar Hanging Lanterns for Camping

Who does not like solar lanterns right? This nifty little gadget can brighten up the outdoor without increasing your carbon footprint. Solar lanterns help you illuminate landscape, patios, and porches without increasing the electricity bill, and therefore, it is no wonder that it is gaining immense popularity among environmentally conscious people in the United States. You can even take them with your next camping trip in some remote mountainous areas of the United State.

No one can deny the aesthetic appeal of these lights. They are also used for decorative purposes. People, who are looking for an alternative source of light to illuminate outer walls, can opt for solar lanterns without any hesitation. They are highly dependable and versatile. They require minimum maintenance and operate mostly automatically. Solar outdoor lanterns are also specifically designed for campers who spend most of their time outdoors and therefore, they are designed to last long.

If you like taking part in outdoor activities be it camping, fishing or hiking, you should seriously consider taking a solar lantern with you on your next adventure trip.

Solar Hanging Lanterns Reviewed

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1. SUAOKI Led Solar Camping Lanterns

A solar-powered lantern can be a savior in times of power cut or when you want to look for things outside the house at night. This SUAOKI Led Solar Camping Lantern is useful and it has twin power sources. It has a solar panel on top which can be used to recharge it and you can also make use of the USB port.

SUAOKI Led Solar Camping Lantern is portable and it is also compact in design. You can even fold it down when needed and put it in the backpack. You can choose from any of its 3 lighting modes – SOS flashing, low and high light. This makes the lantern versatile. In low mode, SUAOKI Led Solar Camping Lantern stays lit for 10 hours. It doubles up as a USB based phone charger. The package includes one Solar Camping LED Lantern, User Manual, and a micro USB cable.

2. Kizen Solar Powered LED Camping Lantern

A solar lantern can be a savior in emergency and blackout situations. This Kizen Solar Powered LED Camping Lantern is laden with useful features. Kizen Solar Powered LED Camping Lantern is compact and you can keep it in your bag. It emits bright white light and has 3 different lighting modes – emergency SOS flash, High, Low. So, you can also use it to call for help when you are in a crisis, amidst the darkness.

Not only that, but this innovative solar lantern also serves as your phone power backup. It has a USB port using which you can charge your smartphone. You can use this device in all weather conditions. Kizen Solar Powered LED Camping Lantern also has inbuilt overcharging protection technology. The build quality is superb. On top of it all, the company offers a 100% Lifetime warranty on this product.

3. HISVISION Solar Powered LED Camping Lantern

You may have many gadgets at home but buying a solar-powered lantern can be very convenient. HISVISION Solar Powered LED Camping Lantern is versatile and it also supports charging through USB. It is compact and you can fold it down when required. In the folded position, it acts as a powerful mini flashlight. The unit weighs only 163 grams.

You can take this multipurpose lantern for camping, backpacking, or use it in power blackout conditions too. It emits light in all directions. There are 4 lighting modes – Flashlight, SOS, High, and Low. The lantern is made rugged and it is also waterproof. There is an inbuilt USB port that can be used to charge your gadgets easily. In the pack, you get Carabiner, Manual, Micro USB Charging Cable, and the Camping Lantern.

4. LuminAID Solar Inflatable Lanterns

You may buy a solar lantern for meeting many needs. LuminAID Solar Inflatable Lanterns lantern is innovative and it serves many purposes than just illumination. It is compact and inflatable. The Waterproof and dustproof design ensures the device lasts for a long time.

There is no need to use batteries. You can use the lantern in many places including camps, backyard, rooftop, etc. It is also waterproof and comes with an IP67 rating. The lantern is safe to use and you need not worry about kids and pets around. You may even gift it to a near one. The battery life is long and once it is fully charged, it gives light for 24 hours. You can use USB and solar charging-based on your need.

5. ANSOREN 4 Pack Solar LED Camping Lantern

This set of solar-powered portable lanterns is multipurpose and they can be saviors in a power outage and crises. The lanterns are solar powered and you can also use a USB port to charge the units. ANSOREN 4 Pack Solar LED Camping Lanterns not only serve the purpose of illuminating but you can use them to charge your gadgets through its USB port. ANSOREN 4 Pack Solar LED Camping Lanterns produce white bright light and they emit light in all directions.

The lanterns have magnets at the bottom and so fixing them on the metal surface is simple. They also have a strong metal loop on top and so you can carry the units easily outside. This makes them ideal companions at campsites or gardens etc. The units need 3 AA batteries to run. The build quality is solid.

6. Tomshine LED Solar Lantern

Not all solar-powered lanterns are the same and you need to pick carefully. This handy solar lantern is powered by a rechargeable AA battery and draws power from sunlight. It has a rugged bronze metal body and the clear glass ensures light under all conditions. Tomshine LED Solar Lantern won’t get damaged easily. It is easy to use and no wire is required to charge the unit. There is a switch at the unit’s bottoms section. The lantern emits Flameless candle type light which is pleasing on the eyes.

After it gets charged at night, the Tomshine LED Solar Lantern keeps glowing at night. This unit also serves as a decorative item. No installation is required as such. After 6 hours of charging it will stay lit for 8 hours, approximately. It is IP55 certified and so you can use it outdoors.

7. EOYIZW 2 Pack Solar Lantern

Not everyone buys solar lanterns just for illumination needs. You may choose this designer vintage style solar lantern set with a unique flickering flame lighting style. Its jumping orange flame creates a cozy ambiance and you can use it for hosting parties outdoors or at a rooftop-for example. EOYIZW 2 Pack Solar Lantern gets charged by sunlight in the daytime and at night it gets lit automatically.

No electricity or battery will be needed to use it. The average charging time is 5 hours and then it will stay lit for over 10 hours. The lantern has IP65 Waterproof rating and the body is made of top-quality ABS. The company offers 24 months warranty on this item-which is kind of reassuring.

Buying Guide

Here are some factors that you need to carefully consider before investing your hard-earned money on a solar lantern –

1. Types of Solar Lantern

Here are some of the common types of solar lanterns that are available in the market. Unless you have a better understanding of each type, you will not be able to make the right buying decision.

USB Rechargeable Solar Lantern

These lanterns have USB ports in them and to get them recharged, you just have to plug them to a battery or a solar panel. Some USB Rechargeable lights can also be recharged via a conventional energy source.

Fixed Solar Lantern

These lanterns can’t be folded down and therefore, they are termed as – Fixed.

Compressible Solar lantern

Compressible solar lanterns are the most popular ones. As the name suggests, these solar lanterns can be folded down when not in use and they are also available for the cheap.

2. Charging Time

The solar lantern should not take forever to get fully charged. You need to check the specs provided by the manufacturers to find out how many hours it will take to get it fully charged under certain conditions. Sunny days are hard to come by and generally, solar panels generate more energy on sunny days and that means, during that period, the solar lanterns will get recharged very first. But what about the cloudy days? What if you place the solar lantern under a canopy? Will it still be able to get it fully charged within 3 or 4 hours. These are some factors that you need to check carefully.

3. Light Quality

What kind of light do you want? A warm one or a lightly diffused one will do the job? Light quality plays a vital role in the overall performance of the solar lantern. If the light is too sharp, it might end up consuming more energy.

4. Charging Modes

Multiple charging modes is an added advantage. Since you might be taking these solar lanterns on a camping trip, you need to make sure that they have multiple charging options. USB ports, Car plug-ins, and DC are some common charging options that a good and reliable solar lantern should have.

5. Lumens

For a camping trip, a 60 lumens solar lantern is more than enough. However, if you have to cover a lot of areas, you might have to go for a higher lumens solar lantern. The higher the lumens output is, the more the energy consumption will be. It is as simple as that.

6. Weatherproof

These lanterns are mostly used outdoors and that means, they have to be waterproof otherwise, they will not last long. Don’t forget to check the IP ratings of the solar lantern before coming to a conclusion. In short, these solar panels should be strong built and should be durable enough to deal with extreme fluctuations in the temperature outside.  

7. Easy to Store

The solar lantern should not take too much space because that would defeat the very purpose of taking them on a camping trip. They should be folded down when not in use and should not be too heavy because in that case, they will wear you down sooner or later.

8. Mobile Charging Capabilities

Some solar lanterns even allow you to recharge your phone. Now, this is definitely a nifty feature, you need to realize that its charging capacity is very limited. All you have to do is to attach the USB charging port to its socket to start the recharging process.  

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