Solar Gutter Lights

Best Solar Gutter Lights

Solar Gutter lights are a unique addition to your home because they never need power from the electrical grid – so you’ll save money by no longer paying for electricity. The fact that solar gutter lights charge during the day with clean, free and inexhaustible energy means that these lights will provide you years of maintenance free illumination. No more electric bills – or trips to the store to buy batteries! And as the latest technology LED bulbs shine brighter than ever before – weather-proof too!

Give your yard a stylish, contemporary look with this elegant Solar Gutter Light. Made from durable steel material for long lasting use, it features an array of Solar Light that illuminates the area below your roof. It can be easily attached to most roofs using mounting brackets/supports for easy installation. 

The elegant design means that it blends in with any home décor, so you won’t have to compromise style for functionality. Weatherproof and safe to use anywhere, this lighting system is a great way to add some life to your patio or yard without having to worry about electricity usage or maintenance costs.

The light is also equipped with energy saving LED lights, which provide brighter illumination than traditional bulbs that take more power from the grid – eliminating another source of environmental pollution and saving money on electric bills!

No wiring or electrical work is required. Solar Gutter Light requires no wiring or electrical work. This sleek, clean design is a great way to add security and decoration to any home. The solar panels are embedded into the top of the light fixture for optimal solar energy collection. Simply mount the lights onto your roof then turn on at night for a beautiful illuminating effect!

Solar Gutter Lights Reviewed

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1. iSunMoon Gutter Solar Lights

Love to be outside in the evening? The iSunMoon Gutter Solar Lights are for you! So easy to install – just slide out and stick it on your gutter! You’ll never have to worry again about walking around looking for a light switch after dark. We’ve got a houseful of outdoor power-savvy lighting with solar lights, so we’re well protected even when there’s no electricity.

Make a statement with these color changing solar gutter lights without having to plug anything in and watch them shine all night. No more scrambling for extension chords or climbing on ladders, iSunMoon’s 8 pack of round LED gutter lights have gently curved upper clips that attach securely onto any size or shape gutter with strong magnets. Add ambiance and safety by illuminating landscaping features like garden plants, statues, fountains, benches, driveways—anywhere outdoors where you need extra light.

2. Falove Oudoor Solar Gutter Lights

Grab these beautiful black color solar powered gutter lights, perfect for any garden or house. These little lights are small but mighty and they’re water resistant, heat proof, and weatherproof too. They have a 3 inch by 5 inch dimension and are an inexpensive lighting solution for your outdoor endeavors no matter what you may need it for! It lights up automatically at night when evening falls so you don’t have to worry about whether or not people would trip over them during daytime. Rechargeable battery collects sunlight into electrical energy throughout the day, then discharges electricity stored in the battery into LEDs for illumination at night once turned on.

3. JSOT Solar Gutter Lights

JSOT Solar Gutter Lights are not just a fancy decoration. They will help you save money on your electric bill, and they’ll provide adequate lighting when the sun sets and darkness settles in. Don’t worry about having to purchase expensive batteries or live with an overhead light because these fixtures use solar power to continue providing light for up to eight hours after fully charged. With the built-in rechargeable battery (no more spending time looking for batteries), this Solar Gutter Light is perfect whether you’re trying to find your way across the deck at night or want some extra security around your pool.

The JSOT Solar Gutter Lights are a perfect way to improve the safety outside of your home. Use this bright and easy lighting for all your needs on the exterior of your home.

4. Roshwey Outdoor Solar Gutter Lights

Seen as a glowing UFO, the LED light brings illumination and beauty to your backyard. With solar panels on the top, this gutter light is sure to charge throughout the day while providing a luminous night-light for any space! It’s made of high quality environmentally friendly ABS material which makes it strong for all weather conditions. The water-resistant LED can withstand heavy rain or other harsh outdoor elements; no need to worry about deterioration after mold or mildew with this product. Include one item in order to receive 9 lights that are designed for installation anywhere you wish – gutters, eaves, walls or other locations where an outdoor installation might be desired!

5. Falove Outdoor Solar Gutter LED Lights

These products make it easy to illuminate any part of your yard or home with solar lights! Great for entertaining, outdoor parties and other events. Solar-powered built in light, lasts 7 hours on a single charge even in rainy conditions, and are weatherproof – no worries about power outages! Hang the lights anywhere you need illumination! You can easily hang them off gutters, roofs, fences… almost anything.

The new improved panel ensures increased performance and prolonged battery life while reducing energy consumption. Don’t get caught up in forgetting to turn those important lights off when you’re coming back from that evening drink by the pool – these will automatically shut off as night falls so that you don’t have to remember this detail every day.

6. Owalle Solar Powered Gutter Lights

Brightening your yard has never been easier. Put a stylish touch to any outdoor living space with these bright white Owalle Solar Powered Gutter Lights. Whether you are looking for the perfect backyard light, porch light or even a deck light, Owalle’s solar- powered, water resistant fixtures have you covered for all of your outdoor lighting needs. Fits into any standard gutter and charges using sunlight so it turns on automatically when the sun starts to go down and shuts off automatically while keeping an impressive 10 hours of battery life. Be different with some owalle!

It has built-in 1.2V 1500mAh rechargeable Ni-MH battery for power storage of solar charging. Charging time is 6-8 hours that gives 10 hours working after full charged and automatically turns on at dusk and then off at dawn!

7. InnoGear Solar Gutter Lights

The InnoGear Solar Gutter Lights are here to light up your home all year round. Beautifully designed with a sleek and shiny appearance, the gutter lights have an elegant feel that brings a modern touch of elegance to any space they’re installed in. The InnoGear Gutter Lights come equipped with 80 super bright LEDs so you can shine brightly from dusk until dawn without having to worry about buying expensive energy-guzzling bulbs or replacing them ever again!

Take full control of your lighting today by installing these beautiful solar gutters; not only do they provide gorgeous low-key lighting for evening dinner parties and backyard barbecues, but they also create safe walking paths for joggers and strollers alike.

8. Bonashi Solar Gutter Lights

These solar gutter lights are water resistant and can withstand any type of weather! They have 36 bright LEDs. The updated bigger solar panel ensures a longer working time that can work continuously over 12 hours when fully charged. Automatic illumination with an auto light sensor for dusk (1/4 brightness) to dawn (full brightness). Not only do these lights protect your yard but also prevents fires since it is made from ABS material. Best part yet – they fit in almost all types of gutters!

These solar lights are durable and powerful with easy installation instructions so you can install them yourself without spending more time digging through hardware stores. Made out durable ABS material, they’ll be able to withstand any conditions. Going into heavy rain? Don’t worry about it! It is waterproof up to IP64 which means it will stay dry under any circumstances.

Solar Gutter Lights Buying Guide

Purchasing the right solar gutter light does not have to be complicated but since there are hundreds of different versions of solar gutter lights available in the market, it makes it really hard for a commoner to get his/her hand on the right one. To make your job easier, here we have listed the best solar gutter lights that money can buy –

1. Are They Durable?

Not all solar gutter lights are made from the same material. Since these lights are mainly used outdoors, they should be made from strong and durable materials otherwise they will, not last long. They should ideally be made either from ABS or IP65 material otherwise, they will not be able to withstand the vagaries of nature. More often than not, these solar gutter lights will be installed outdoors and that means, these lights have to deal with extreme climate conditions like a strong wind, extreme cold, or extreme heat. Ideally, the material should be resistant to fading and corrosion as well.  

2. Simple Installation Process

Solar gutter lights are usually placed in those areas that are frequented by family members but are hard to illuminate with a traditional power source. Of course, you can always use traditional lights to light up those areas but aren’t we trying to transition away from coal and gas?

Choose the ones that do not contain drilling holes, because (common sense!) that means, they don’t require any drilling to get them installed. Different solar models demand different approaches when it comes to installation. Some models are installed on the ground whereas some models come attached with clips that make it super easy to get them hung from a wall or something.

Plus, you must check where the kit contains all the important material that is needed for setting up the lights – including the user guide. Opt for the DIY ones, because then you will not need to ask for professional assistance for such cases.

3. What Is The Lumen Count?

You also have to consider the brightness of these lights when making your purchases – for you want them to illuminate your spaces adequately, right? The higher the lumen count, the brighter these lights will be. Solar gutter lights with lumen counts between 300 to 500 are more than enough to illuminate large areas.

4. Are They Weatherproof?

As mentioned earlier, these lights are essentially outdoor lights. Hence, they are designed to be waterproof and weatherproof so that they do not get damaged easily when exposed to rain or extreme heat. They should be able to endure all kinds of weather and continue to offer optimal performance.

5. How Efficient Is The Battery?

Based on the models and the brightness level of these solar gutter lights, they come standard with batteries with varying levels of power capacities.  Usually, Ni-MH batteries and Lithium-ion batteries are fitted in gutter lights. As compared to the Lithium-ion models that are cheaper and need less maintenance, the Ni-MH batteries are robust, durable, and last longer. Technically, people expect these lights to stay lit for at least 7 to 8 hours when charged fully. This is the reason why it is important for all of us to choose lights that come fitted with batteries with a high power capacity

6. How Are They Designed?

The purpose of having solar gutter lights is not to illuminate the dark pathways rather they also help improve the overall ambiance of your home. They add elegance to your home and outdoors and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home to a great extent. This is the reason why you need to purchase lights that have got a classy look.

7. Do They Work Automatically?

Many solar gutter lights contain in-built sensors with light-sensitive photocells. These varieties can sense whether sunlight is adequately available or not. In the absence of sunlight, the lights switch-on automatically; and in the presence of sunlight, they switch-off.

In all, they are a hassle-free operation. Only you need to switch them on during the installation process, and thereafter, they operate automatically.

8. Do They Come with A Warranty?

Many times, you may buy products which work well for some time, and then, stop working all of a sudden. Now, if you do not want your investment to go waste, consider buying the ones that come with a warranty. If you do so, the company will repair or replace the product for the validity of the warranty period. Popularly, solar gutter lights come with a 1-year warranty period for manufacturing failings.

9. Are They Affordable?

With an array of solar gutter lights available at reasonable and expensive rates, you may want to compare the prices of the different models before you make the final decision. Select lights that come with guarantees of quality and are being offered at discounted rates.

Overall, take into account your budget and compare the prices of different light models, following which you must consider your requirements and preferences to make the right choice and get value for your investment.