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Best Solar Fence Lights

As the sun sinks below the horizon, darkness descends on your yard. That is a not a good sight to behold after a tiring day. You want to enjoy the beautiful yard that you have designed and developed, right? What about investing in solar fence lights that will illuminate your front yard and backyard? That sounds tempting right? Of course, it is. Solar fence lights are the best option out there to illuminate your garden.

Now you might be wondering – what about installing conventional lights instead. Well, there is a catch. Conventional lights require wired power source in order to operate. They can’t function of their own. On the other hand, these lights don’t need any such wiring. You just have to get them poked into the ground and there you go. They also require little to no maintenance whatsoever.

Solar Fence Lights Reviewed

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1. DBF Solar Fence Lights

These sleek and elegant looking wireless LED deck lights can be used on the fence, boundary, porch and stairs, and other outdoor places. DBF Solar Fence Lights are easy to install and can be set up on the exterior surface without much woes or time. DBF Solar Fence Lights are solar-powered and save on energy bills, all over the year. The units are laden with 600mAh lithium-ion batteries which get recharged by sunlight during the daytime. The units are light-sensitive and so you do not need to operate them manually for illuminating the exterior. Once the device battery is fully charged, it will stay on for 6 hours or so.

DBF Solar Fence Light operates in 2 modes. In mode 1, it emits white glow and in mode 2, the Led light keeps changing hues- which is ideal for festivities. DBF Solar Fence Lights are made with top quality ABS material and they are Weatherproof too. You can use them without worrying about exposure to diverse weather elements.

2. DenicMic Solar Fence Lights

If you are looking for sleek and minimal looking solar Led lights to illuminate your house exterior- DenicMic Solar Fence Lights will fit your bill. DenicMic Solar Fence Lights are sold in a pack of 16 and the led light units can be set up outside the house. DenicMic Lights can be installed on a fence, wall, stairways, porch, and patio- and at other places. The solar Led lamp units have 3 lumens output and they exude warm white lighting. The light units are equipped with automated switches and sensors and so manual operation is not required.

Once the sunlight falls on the solar panel in the units, they start getting charged. Full charging can be done in 5 hours. These sleek looking solar Led lamps are weather resistant. The lights are simple to install and screws are included in the package. No wiring is needed at all.

3. JACKYLED Solar Fence Lights

Are you weary of plastic-based solar Led lights that are not much durable and want something different? This stainless steel based durable solar LED light pack will fulfill your needs. It is sold in packs of 2- 16 and you can buy whichever fits your needs.

JACKYLED Solar Fence Lights are suited for use outdoors and you can set these up on patio, porches, walls, and fences easily. JACKYLED Solar Fence Lights come with an auto mode and this ensures you need not manually switch them off and on. The units are equipped with rechargeable AAA Ni-Mh 1000mAh batteries. The lights perform as expected all over the year. The battery, once fully charged can offer illumination for 8 hours or so.

In terms of durability, JACKYLED Lights can outshine the segment rivals. These units have robust stainless-steel construction that can cope with prolonged exposure to rain, snow, and heat. No wire is needed to set up these lights and installation is hassle-free. Screws are given in the pack. The company offers a 12-month warranty.

4. GIGALUMI Pack of 4 Solar Fence Lights

These retro-style solar powered LED lamps will enhance the beauty of your exterior and provide decent illumination at the same time. It is sold in a pack of 4 lamps. GIGALUMI Solar Fence Lights can be installed at patio, stairways, walls, and fences with ease.

The white light emitted by GIGALUMI Solar Fence Lights will light up exterior without being harsh on your eyes. You need not use any wire to set these LED lamps up and installation is smooth. GIGALUMI Lights do not need manual intervention for lighting on and off. A full charge requires 6 hours and after that, the lights can stay on for 6-8 hours.

GIGALUMI Lights are pretty durable and they can cope with weather elements for a long time. They have an ABS build and the brightness level is 8 lumens.

5. SunnyPark Solar Fence Lights

These minimal but elegant looking set of solar Led exterior lamps are sold in packs of 4. These lamps can be set up in areas like Walkway, Patio, Fences, and walls. SunnyPark Solar Fence Lights are equipped with a 0.3W poly-crystalline solar panel. These help in better absorption of solar energy. Since these lamps draw power only from sunlight, your energy bills get reduced. SunnyPark Solar Fence Lights are laden with rechargeable 700mah batteries and these offer 8 hours of illumination when fully charged. The embedded automatic light sensors ensure they can be switched off and on automatically.

Installing these SunnyPark Lights is simple and you can make use of these supplied screws. These lights are built ruggedly and they are IP44 waterproof. They will cope with rain and snowfall exposure without woes.

6. Home Zone Security Solar Wall Lights

Are you looking for better options than typical plastic body solar LED lights that have durability issues? These stylish and rugged steel-based exterior solar LED lamps will answer your needs well. Home Zone Security Solar Wall Lights can be put up on exterior places like fences, walls, stairways, and porches without hassles. Home Zone Security Solar Wall Lights are sold in packs of 4 units. They have high-end crystalline solar panels that soak in enough solar energy to offer bright light at night for hours. The sleek steel body exudes a premium look.

The installation is simple and no wiring is involved in the process. The installation screws and anchors are provided in the pack. You need not switch off and on these lights manually as they have embedded Dusk to dawn sensors. Home Zone Security Solar Wall Lights can withstand exposure to harsh climate conditions. You need not worry about snowfall or heavy rain affecting their functionality.

7. Luposwiten Solar Fence Lights

This sleek and stylish solar-powered LED lamp is perfect for lighting up the house exteriors. It is sold in a pack of 4 lights. The super bright Led lamps offer an output of 2000 lumens. Luposwiten Solar Fence Lights can be set up both on exterior walls and porches and patios. These solar Led lamps have embedded PIR motion sensors and 125-degree detection range is there. So, you can use these Lights as security lights outside. Luposwiten Lights are also fitted with Li-ion 2600mAH batteries. Upon motion detection, the lamps get illuminated and stay in that condition for 30 seconds.

Luposwiten Lights need 8 hours or more for getting fully recharged. They are easy to install and you will not need any wire to set the lamps up. These units are waterproof and built rugged. In fact, these units are IP65 waterproof and you can use them for years.

8. JSOT Outdoor Solar Fence Lights

Your search for water-resistant solar Led lamps ends here. The warm yellow-hued JSOT Outdoor Solar Fence Lights sets are sold in packs of 6 lamps. JSOT Outdoor Solar Fence Lights will illuminate your exterior and at the same time add an aura of warmth to the place. JSOT Outdoor Lights have embedded rechargeable 1500 mAh Ni-MH battery and large solar panels. Once fully charged, they stay lit up for 8 hours. They can be used in places like swimming pools, gardens, and driveways, etc. The lamps are simple to set up and no wire is required at all.

JSOT Outdoor Lights are made with top quality ABS material that can cope with harsh weather conditions yearlong. These IP55 waterproof certified lamps can be used without woes. Its unique design ensures rainwater does not seep in easily. The company offers a 12 months guarantee. The lamps do not require manual operation and in the evening, they get switched on automatically.

Benefits of Solar Fence Lights

Solar Fence lights help people illuminate their yards without increasing their overall carbon footprint and therefore it is no wonder that these lights have got immensely popular among environmentally conscious people over the years. Here are some of the amazing benefits of using Solar Fence lights –

1. Low on Maintenance

Solar Fence lights don’t need much maintenance. They work perfectly fine without requiring any external intervention. These lights hardly malfunction and since the replacement policy is pretty simple and straightforward., you can easily get the replacement should any Solar Fence light start acting up. All you have to do is to make sure that the solar panels are cleaned and that is all. The battery needs to be replaced every two year. Other than that, there is no such maintenance cost involved.

2. Environmental-Friendly

As obvious, Solar Fence lights don’t use conventional source of power rather they harness the power of sunlight to generate electricity and thus helping people to illuminate their yards without increasing their carbon footprints. The battery is also long-lasting and they hardly need replacement in a year or two.  

3. Cut Down On Electricity Bill

Since Solar Fence lights will not draw electricity from the grid, it will not have any impact on your electricity bills. These lights are one-time investment and since they require very little or no maintenance, and that means, overhead expenses are almost zero.

4. Simple Installation Process

Just drill some holes on your fences and then fix these solar fence lights with screws and that is all. No need to mess around with wires. Just get them attached to the fence and they will start working automatically. It is that simple. Just make sure that these lights are getting enough sunlight to produce electricity and they are good to go.

5. Help Detect Buglers

Those of you who have already installed CCTV cameras to keep the intruders away might not even aware of the fact that CCTV cameras can’t spot everything. In low light conditions, CCTV cameras might not be able to work that effectively and that could seriously jeopardize the security of your home. Moreover, most CCTV cameras do have a lot of blind spots that buglers can easily utilize for their advantages. Some Solar Fence lights highly sensitive to motion and that means, thieves will not even think of entering the premises of your home uninvited.

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