Solar Deck (Steps) Lights

Best Solar Deck (Steps) Lights

Thanks to solar energy, you don’t have to rely on the grid to illuminate the stairs, pathways, or the porch. The world is already battling with rising CO2 levels and therefore, it makes perfect sense to make a concerted effort to transition away from the traditional source of energy. This is the reason why more and more people are opting for solar deck lights as they allow people to illuminate outdoor without directly or indirectly contributing to global warming.

Solar Deck Lights use a very simple mechanism. They come attached with solar panels that transform sunlight into electricity and those solar deck lights then use that electricity to produce light. The solar panels need to be placed in an area where they can get an ample amount of sunlight otherwise, they will take a long time to get the batteries fully recharged. Usually, they don’t take more than 5 hours on a sunny day to get fully recharged but it can vary depending on some external factors.

The most amazing thing about these solar deck lights is that they get automatically turn on when the sun goes down and they get turned off automatically when the dawn sets in. This is pretty convenient for most users as they don’t have to manually turn off each solar deck light individually.

Some solar step lights can last up to 12 hours given they are charged properly. Now since there are hundreds of different variants of solar deck lights available in the market, you might find it increasingly difficult to find the one that suits your needs and requirements –

Solar Deck Lights Reviewed

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Solar Deck LightsMaterialWeightBatteryVoltage
Unifun Solar Deck LightsPlastic3.17 poundsAAA batteries1.2 Volts
Phereu Solar Deck LightsABS1.6 pounds1.2V AAA 300mAh1.2 Volts
Sunface Solar Deck LightsPlastic0.33 Pounds6 AA batteries2.00 volts
DenicMic Solar Deck LightsABS plastic2.35 pounds1 AA batteries2V 0.26W
Tijnn Solar Deck LightsABS plastic0.3 pounds6 AA batteries1.2 Volts
Garden Solar Deck LightsPlastic2.74 pounds4 AA batteries5 Volts
Maggift Metal Solar Deck LightsPlastic1.6 pounds1.2V 600 MAH AA Ni-MH battery2 Volts
Happybuy Solar Deck LightsHigh-quality aluminum frame8.33 pounds1200mAh Ni MH battery1.2 Volts
ELELINK LED Solar Deck LightStainless Steel +ABS+ PC15.2 ounces1.2V/600mAH AAA Ni-MH1.4 Volts

1. Unifun Solar Deck Lights

Unifun Solar Deck Lights operate automatically and don’t need any such human intervention. The solar panels get themselves recharged during the day and when the night falls, the lights start glowing automatically. The lights are super bright and emit a soft glow. Unifun Solar Deck Lights are powered by a 600mAh battery that only takes 6 to 8 hours to get itself fully recharged.

The On / Off button is located at the back of this product and it stays lit for at least 8 hours which is impressive by any standard. Known for a long lifespan, Unifun Solar Deck Lights are highly efficient and don’t consume too much power. Suitable for different environments, Unifun Solar Deck Lights are easy to install. Its wireless design makes it super easy to operate since there are no cables to mess around.

Unifun Solar Deck Lights are extremely robust built and can withstand the weight of heavy vehicles with ease and elan.  

2. Phereu Solar Deck Lights

Phereu Solar Deck Lights emit a warm white light that adds to the overall aesthetic of your yard or garden. Phereu Solar Deck Lights are heavy-duty and rarely do they get damaged by extreme temperature fluctuations or severe storm. These solar deck lights are also water-proof which is a kind of relief.

Phereu Solar Deck Lights are best suited for marking or decorating. It takes hardly 6 to 8 hours to get fully charged and can operate at full capacity for 8 to 12 hours at a stretch. You can get it mounted either horizontally or vertically. The installation process is super simple as there is no wiring involved. To get it installed on the stairs, you just have to lay these lights down on the edges of the stairs and then use the screws to keep them secured.

3. Sunface Solar Deck Lights

Sunface Solar Deck Lights are available in two different modes – RGB color and Warm white. So, choose wisely. Just kidding! Sunface Solar Deck Lights come equipped with High-efficient Solar Panel. These solar deck lights are both heatproof and waterproof and therefore, we can safely say that it can withstand extreme climatic conditions with ease and elan.

The installation process as simple as it can get. You don’t have to deal with wires at all. All you have to do is to use the screws to secure these deck lights. Sunface Solar Deck Lights emit a soft white color that will not invite any complaint from your neighbor. However, when set in changing color mode, the light will change its color automatically.

The attached solar panels are extremely powerful and are made from polysilicon silicon. These solar panels can convert 20% of the sunlight into electricity.

4. DenicMic Solar Deck Lights

DenicMic Solar Deck Lights offer superior performance against all odds. Ideal for use in festivals or for decorative purposes, DenicMic Solar Deck Lights are equipped with large solar panels and that means, it will not take long to get the battery recharged. On a bright sunny day, the battery gets fully recharged in just 4 hours. Once recharged to its full capacity, the DenicMic Solar Deck Lights will continue to stay lit for at least 10 hours.

DenicMic Solar Deck Lights are designed for outdoor use. Be it rain, snow, or frost, DenicMic Solar Deck Lights can withstand them all. These solar deck lights are both heat resistant and Waterproof and that means, they will last long. Available in modes, DenicMic Solar Deck Lights can easily be mounted on edges or any flat surface without creating much ruckus. The entire installation process gets completed in less than 1 minute.  

5. Tijnn Solar Deck Lights

Tijnn Solar Deck Lights have got an intelligent design. Powered by 2V 0.26W solar panels, Tijnn Solar Deck Lights can operate for 10 hours at a stretch when fully recharged. It does not take long to get itself recharged fully; it will barely take 4 to 5 hours to get itself recharged fully. Made from ABS plastic, Tijnn Solar Deck Lights emit a warm amber light and they can be installed on the garage, deck, or the fence.

These gorgeous looking Tijnn Solar Deck Lights are made from premium quality materials and that means, they will last long. Built-in dusk till dawn sensor makes human intervention totally redundant. IP65 technology is being utilized in the making of these solar deck lights. These Tijnn Solar Deck Lights don’t have any wires on them and are made from heatproof and weatherproof plastic. Installation does not take more than a minute.

6. Garden Solar Deck Lights

It is necessary to install fence lights for illuminating exterior of the house and enhancing safety. However, installing typical electric fence light models is not exactly a cost effective solution. You may opt for this set of solar powered lights that can be used on posts and fencing. The Garden Solar Deck Lights have copper colored finish that exudes class and elegance.

Garden Solar Deck Lights are durable and they emit light in all directions. Garden Solar Deck Lights are powered by Rechargeable 600mAh AA Ni-CD Batteries. Its solar panel soaks in sunlight and the batteries get recharged. The lights shine bright at night. No additional wiring will be needed to set up these lights. These lights are meant for use with wooden light posts.

7. Maggift Metal Solar Deck Lights

Solar deck lights are perfect for those who want no maintenance and low cost exterior lighting solutions. If you are among them, choose this set of amazing solar fence lights. It comes in pack of 4 solar lights that can be used on wall, fence and outside of house. The lights are equipped with quality 600 MAH AA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries. On a full charge, the lights will stay lit for 8 hours approx. You get mounting hardware to install the solar lights on wall or fencing.

You need not worry about durability of these lights. The rugged metal shell will last for a long time. These lights come with IP44 waterproof rating and so you can use the set in all weather conditions. The charging time is 6 hours approx. In the pack, you will find the solar lights and all required fixtures.

8. Happybuy Solar Deck Lights

Solar deck lights are ideal when you want hassle free and low maintenance exterior lighting solutions. Try this set of Happybuy Solar Deck Lights and you will not regret the experience. This set of Happybuy Solar Deck Lights soak in solar energy during the day though a panel and they lit up at night. The lights are laden with 600MAH NI-MH batteries that offer god durability and performance.

You can use these Happybuy Solar Deck Lights in practically all climate conditions as they come with IP68 WATERPROOF certification. Whether it is snowfall or rainfall, you need not worry about performance or rust formation. The quality poly-carbonate shell and aluminum alloy material build of these lights copes well with temperature changes and pressure. Installation is absolutely simple and no wiring will be needed for that. The lights are sold with the necessary fixtures for ease of installation. You get 1 year warranty on this set.

9. ELELINK LED Solar Deck Light

Solar powered Led lights have become popular these days. If you want such lights to light up house exterior without taxing your wallet much, go for this set of ELELINK LED Solar Deck Light. This set of 4 ELELINK LED Solar Deck Light is durable and they can be used in many setups without hassles. ELELINK LED Solar Deck Lights get switched on and off automatically. Owing to Solid stainless steel body, the lights will last for a long time.

The monocrystalline silicon solar panel is also robust and it performs well in all climate conditions. The company offers 12-month warranty on this set. Once the 600mAH Ni-MH battery gets fully charged, the lights stay illuminated for 9 hours. Installation is simple and you get the fixtures in the pack.

Solar Step Lights Buying Guide

You always want to get the bang for your buck, right? Well, in that case, you have to figure out the right solar deck lights that don’t cost you an arm and a leg. To make your job easy, here we have listed some of the facts and factors that you need to carefully consider before coming to a conclusion –

Types of Solar Deck Lights

There are mainly two variants of solar step lights available in the market and they serve two different purposes. The 1st type of solar deck lights is usually installed on the edges of the pathway and they are usually available in different shapes, sizes, and colors. The most amazing aspect of this 1st type of solar deck lights is that they can be laid flat on the ground and that means you can step on them without damaging them.

The 2nd types of solar step lights are bright enough to completely eliminate the needs of the traditional path lights. The main advantage of using this 2nd type of solar deck light is that these lights are extremely easy to install and they can be laid flat on the ground. Placed upwards, this 2nd type of Solar Deck lights provides warm and fuzzy light that will definitely help you enhance the décor of your home to a great extent. This type of solar light is designed to withstand extreme weather as they will be placed outdoors.

Solar Cells And Batteries

As explained adequately earlier, solar panels and batteries are designed to collect, transport, and store sunlight as electrical energy and that means, you need to make sure that all the panels and the batteries are not made from cheap materials otherwise, they will break down soon. You should consider having a minimum of 4 solar panels along with the regular AA Ni-Cad battery. Try to avoid old models of solar panels because those models don’t work properly on overcast conditions and not that much energy efficient.


Solar deck lights don’t have to ugly and unseemly just because they get powered by a renewable source of energy. Manufacturers have gone the extra mile to make these solar step lights as elegant and stylish as possible. Most modern solar deck lights are designed to give the existing décor of your room a nice facelift. You can be 100% certain that these solar deck lights will not look out of place once installed on the pathways.


Since these solar deck lights will be placed outdoors, you need to check the labels of these solar lights carefully to ensure that they are waterproof. Snow and rain can seriously damage electrical components beyond repair.

Charging Time

Batteries of some solar deck lights take 6 to 8 hours to get recharged fully but some cheaper models take more than that. Now imagine living in a place where the number of bright sunny days are few and far between! In that case, these solar deck lights will take forever to get fully recharged. If not recharged 1000% during the day, these solar lights will not stay lit for more than 6 hours at the night. That would defeat the very purpose intended to be accomplished by installing solar deck lights on the porch or stairs.


If you want more brightness, you will have to purchase solar deck lights with higher lumen ratings. It is as simple as that.  

LED Bulbs

LED bulbs are a preferred choice when it comes to purchasing solar deck lights as LED bulbs are highly energy-efficient and can stand the test of time with flying colors. LED bulbs are not bulky and that means, they will not make you trip over them if you get them attached to the stairs but they are bright enough to illuminate things around you.

Solar Deck Light FAQ

Q: How Long Solar Deck Lights Usually Last?

Ans: It depends on a number of factors but still, they should last at least 2 to 4 years if proper care is taken. However, in-built LED can last 10 years in some cases.

Q: How You Can Clean The Solar Deck Lights?

Ans: When it comes to cleaning the solar panels, you just have to use a damp cloth and soapy water to clean the surface of the panels. Once all the dirt is removed from the surface, you will need to use a clean dry cloth to clean out the remaining dirt and soap water.
To clean the light covers, you may use either clean cloth or a paper towel. Just rub the surface of these solar deck lights with these paper towels and it will make all the contaminants come off easily.

Q: Can Snowfall Disrupt The Function Of These Solar Deck Lights?

Ans: Most of these solar deck lights are made from sturdy materials and that means, they can withstand the vagaries of nature. Most solar step lights are made weatherproof. However, if the solar panels get covered by snow and the snow does not melt of its own, you might have to remove the snow from the solar panels manually.

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