Solar Chargers For GoPro

Best Solar Chargers For GoPro

So, you have purchased a GoPro to capture every single moment of your next hiking or backpacking trip? That sounds awesome. But what about charging it in the middle of the wilderness?  GoPro Battery usually lasts for a day or two. That means, if this a short trip, you would not have to worry about getting it charged but if you are planning to go on a 10-days trip, you will then have to have a solar charger to get it charged otherwise, you will not be able to capture those beautiful moments as they will pass by.

These solar chargers for GoPro can generate electricity even when if the sky remains overcast. Direct access to sunlight will cut down the time it will take to charge the battery but even if you don’t get enough sunlight, these solar chargers can get your GoPro fully charged in 4 or 5 hours. 

Now, the problem is there are so many low-quality solar chargers masquerading as high quality, that it makes it really confusing for potential buyers to get their hands on the right product. To make it easier for you all, here we have listed the best 7 solar chargers for GoPro –

Solar Chargers For GoPro Reviewed

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GoPro Solar ChargersCapacityWeightSolar PanelAC charging time
Dizaul Solar GoPro Charger5000mAh146 g5.5V/1.2W 6-7 hours 
BEARTWO Portable Solar GoPro Charger10000mAh 7.4 ouncesNA4-5 hours
AddAcc Solar GoPro Charger25000mAh17.64oz 5.5V/330mANA
FEELLE Solar GoPro Charger24000mAh480g5V/4.5WNA
Kilponen Solar GoPro Charger26800mAh350g5V / 1A  8~12 Hours
NEXGADGET GoPro Solar Charger30000mAh15.4 ounces5V/ 360mA6-8.5 hours

1. Dizaul Solar GoPro Charger

Dizaul Solar GoPro Charger is a reliable solar charge that can withstand extreme weather with ease. Made from ABS + PC material and silicone rubber, Dizaul Solar GoPro Charger is ultra-portable. Its water-resistant body makes it ideal for outdoor use and its shock-proof design has made it a popular choice among those people who are always seeking adventure and thrills. Powered by 5000mAh Li-Polymer Battery, Dizaul Solar GoPro Charger can easily charge your GoPro in 2 to 3 hours. It weighs just 146 g and its USB ports are covered by rubber caps that keep them protected from dust and water. For the price, the quality of this Dizaul Solar GoPro Charger is just too good. With this Dizaul Solar GoPro Charger, you will not have to worry about dead GoPro anymore.

2. BEARTWO Portable Solar GoPro Charger

BEARTWO Portable Solar GoPro Charger is probably the lightest GoPro solar charger in the market available as we speak now. It weighs only 7.4oz which is incredible if you think about it and this is what has made it quite popular among hikers and backpackers. You can charge multiple GoPro devices simultaneously which is amazing. Since you will be using BEARTWO Portable Solar GoPro Charger mostly outdoor, you will feel relieved to know it is waterproof. Both the micro USB port and the standard USB port are covered by a rubber cap. The corners of this GoPro Solar charger are reinforced to increase their lifespan. To eliminate slipping, it has got a rugged surface. BEARTWO Portable Solar GoPro Charger is RoHS certified which testifies its durability and long lifespan. BEARTWO Portable Solar GoPro Charger charges the battery really fast as it can automatically detect the charging device.

3. AddAcc Solar GoPro Charger

AddAcc Solar GoPro Charger is powered by a 25000mAh grade A lithium polymer battery and this is what has made it an ideal choice for camping and hiking. AddAcc Solar GoPro Charger comes fitted with 1 built-in solar panel and you will also get 4 detachable solar panels with this. Compared to other solar chargers that come fitted with single solar panels, AddAcc Solar GoPro Charger can charge devices 4 to 5 times faster. You can use either a USB C Cable or a micro USB cable to charge this power bank if you wish so. AddAcc Solar GoPro Charger has got a rugged design and is shock-proof.

4. FEELLE Solar GoPro Charger

FEELLE Solar GoPro Charger comes fitted with 3 foldable solar panels and if you keep them under direct sunlight, it will get fully charged within 25 hours or so. The attached solar panels are highly efficient at converting sunlight into electricity. Ideal for climbing and camping, FEELLE Solar GoPro Charger comes standard with a 24000mAh High Capacity battery. It can charge two devices at the same time. The best thing about this FEELLE Solar GoPro Charger is that it can auto-detect devices’ current and thus help to increase the charging speed. FEELLE Solar GoPro Charger is basically designed for outdoors. It can survive a fall or two as its cover is made from ABS engineering plastics and artificial leather. This is what makes this device both anti-fall and shockproof. With FEELLE Solar GoPro Charger, you will be able to charge your GoPro at least 7 to 8 times.

5. Kilponen Solar GoPro Charger

Kilponen Solar GoPro Charger is a powerful solar charger that can provide enough charging power to recharge your GoPro 5 to 6 times at least. Kilponen Solar GoPro Charger comes fitted with a 26800mAh battery but it weighs just around 350 grams. Kilponen Solar GoPro Charger can charge your GoPro really fast without getting overheated in the process. Micro USB cables come included in the package. To protect your GoPro from overheating or from excess power, Multiple protected circuits are in place in this device. The battery of this Kilponen Solar GoPro Charger can be charged in 11 hours at 5V 2.1A.

6. NEXGADGET GoPro Solar Charger

NEXGADGET GoPro Solar Charger comes standard with a massive Built-in 30000mAh battery. With this NEXGADGET GoPro Solar Charger, you will never run out of power no matter what. Unlike other run-of-the-mill solar chargers that take years to recharge a GoPro, NEXGADGET GoPro Solar Charger is known for its faster recharging capability. It comes fitted with PD 18W USB C output ports and USB A port and this is what allows you to recharge multiple devices at the same time. 1.8W monocrystalline solar panel allows it to absorb more sunlight and generate more electricity. Compared to other solar chargers available at this price point, NEXGADGET GoPro Solar Charger gets recharged in half the time. A real-time LCD screen keeps you posted about the current status of the NEXGADGET GoPro Solar Charger. You will get to see charging and discharging status, remaining power percentage, and more.

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