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Best Solar Powered Backpacks

So, you are planning to go on a great hiking expedition next week. That sounds great. So, tell me how you are planning to charge your fancy electronic gadgets on the go? A dead cell phone or a dead GPS is as good as nothing. This is the reason why you need to change your boring backpack with a solar backpack.

Solar backpacks have evolved a lot from the past. They are not that bulky and clunky anymore. Manufacturers have ironed out a lot of issues from its previous designs. Modern-day solar-powered backpacks are more efficient and they are lightweight too. 

Solar backpacks now flaunt unique and stylish design. The best thing about these solar backpacks is that they now come equipped with a host of exciting features like ventilation systems, anti-theft protection, and hydration bladders.

Solar Backpacks Reviewed

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Choosing the right solar backpack is never easy. You need to go through the technical specifications of each solar backpack carefully if you want to get your hands on the right one. To make your job easier, here we have reviewed the most popular solar powered backpacks available.

1. Sunnybag Explorer+ Solar Backpack

Are you looking for a backpack that can accommodate all your gadgets and also serves as a source of clean energy for charging the devices on the move? Your best choice is the Sunnybag Explorer+ Solar Backpack. This solar backpack is also stylish looking and available in dual-color combinations. The reliable 6 Watt solar panel can be used to charge a variety of USB devices without hassle.

Its solar panel is removable and it offers 22.4% solar energy conversion efficacy- which is really superb! It can be used to charge many types of USB powered devices like smartphones, tablets, power banks, GPS devices, etc. In bright sun, it can be used to charge a Smartphone in only 2 hours. However, on clouded days charging efficacy may be affected. The generated solar energy is indicated by a LED light which is handy.

The removable panel makes things flexible for the users. It can be carried separately and still be used to charge numerous devices. It is plug n Play and once charged, you can use it almost anywhere. The backpack is quite spacious and with 15-liter volume, it can accommodate most laptops with ease. There are so many pockets and pouches to store all your gadgets.

2. Fanspack Solar Powered Backpack

Fanspack offers a durable and functional solar backpack for a wide range of users who need to charge their devices on the move using a clean energy source. The backpack is laden with a 5.3 Watts solar panel and the good thing is you can remove it from the backpack and use independently. This adds to the flexibility. The panel is highly capable of converting solar energy to usable power with 24% transfer rate. This ensures your gadgets get charged very fast.

The portable solar panel in this backpack does not store solar power as such. It can be used to charge a variety of USB devices. It works the best under bright sunlight but even on less sunny days, you will be able to charge your devices. It can be used to charge a variety of USB powered devices including smartphones.

The backpack is quite spacious and you will be able to pack in most 15.6 inch laptops with ease. There are enough pouches and pockets to keep the phones, disk drives, cables and gadgets of similar types. Made with quality Oxford Cloth the backpack is very durable in nature and can be used in all weather conditions. It has Padded adjustable shoulder straps and heat-dissipating Breathable mesh at rear side.

3. Voltaic Systems Array Rapid Solar Backpack

Are you one of those guys who need their laptop everywhere and rely more on it than mobile devices! Then, the Voltaic Systems Array Rapid Solar Backpack is the best thing you can get. The rubbed and stylish solar-powered backpack has an embedded power bank that can be used to charge your laptop outside-on the move. It works also on those days when the sun is not bright. You can expect to charge a laptop in 6 hours and the mobile devices in 1 hour or a little more.

The solar panels used in the backpack are robustly built. The company offers 1 years warranty on the battery pack and 2 years warranty on the embedded solar panel. You get 25L of storage and dedicated padded sleeve. This can be used to keep almost all types of laptops and tablets. Of course, you get several pockets to store the cables and other gadgets in the backpack.

With a capacity of 24,000mAh and Hi-Voltage Laptop Output, it can be your perfect companion for outdoor trips. You also get USB and new USB type C ports in it. The fabric is water-resistant in nature and can be used in damp areas.

4. ECEEN Hiking Backpack

If you are looking for a hiking worthy backpack and means to charge your devices outdoors, there is no need to buy 2 separate products. The Eceen hiking solar backpack will fit your bills well. The 7-watt solar backpack can be used outdoors, even on less sunny days without hassles to charge a number of devices like tablets and smartphones. The backpack ships with a fully functional solar panel and a Voltage Stability Controller. It is available in several enticing bright colors.

The backpack has a solar panel with a high energy conversion rate, on the levels of 22%. This makes it perfect for charging most of your gadgets and devices powered by USB. The devices are also safeguarded from voltage fluctuations when you use the backpack to charge them.

The Eceen solar backpack is quite durable in nature and you can use it for hiking, trekking, camping and backpacking in varying weather conditions. There is one 1.8L hydration pack along with enough pouches and pockets to store all your stuff easily. The weatherproof PVC fabric will endure extreme temperature variation, rain or snowfall exposure. It weighs just 3 pounds. The provided clips can be used to hang the panel on the backpack.

5. Voltaic Systems Converter Rapid Solar Backpack Charger

You may want a solar backpack but also want a product with power storage option. There is no need to invest in a power bank separately when there is the Voltaic Systems Converter Rapid Solar Backpack. This stylish yet rugged solar backpack packs in innovative features that make it suited for a multitude of users. It is equipped with a 5W SunPower Black Solar Panel. Using it you will be able to charge a Smartphone in 3 hours approx.

The solar backpack ships with a handy 4,000mAh battery, and that can be used to store solar power. As for storage, this backpack will not disappoint the users. You get 20 liters of storage space. The main storage compartment will be enough for keeping most 15 inch laptops and tablets of all sizes. As a backpack, it is pretty handy. It offers 20 liters of storage in clamshell design. The dedicated laptop/tablet sleeve is fully padded and your device will remain safe from bumps and shocks.

The solar panel is coated with ETFE instead of PET which is far more durable. The USB connector is compatible with plenty of gadgets and digital cameras. It works on cloudy days as well.

6. SolarGoPack Solar Powered Backpack

SolarGoPack offers a classy-looking yet rugged solar backpack that can be used to charge a plethora of devices and gadgets. The backpack contains a handy 7 w solar panel that can converts sunlight into usable energy. It also has a 10,000 mAh battery that is ideal to store the energy and charge the devices later. This frees you from the need to carry a power bank. You also get Micro USB cables. The li-polymer battery is also waterproof- making it suitable for use in hiking and camping trips.

You can use the backpack to charge your mobile devices on the move or when you are far from home. Even at home, it can be used to charge devices during a power outage. The backpack itself is pretty durable and can be used in any climate conditions. The composite fabric is water-resistant and there are padded straps for user comfort. It can be used to charge most Smartphone and tablets minus problems.

7. SolarGoPack Solar Powered Backpack

Solar-powered backpacks are the craze nowadays but not all of them offer same functionality and versatility. The SolarGoPack backpack is rugged and stylish looking and it comes with a powerful 10,000 mAh battery. So, in essence the backpack serves two needs. It is useful to charge your USB powered devices on the move. It can also serve as a power bank and you need not carry another at all. The 10k mAh li-polymer battery is waterproof, making it ideal to use in damp areas and amidst varying climate conditions. You also get micro USB cables to charge your devices.

The SolarGoPack backpack is not only ideal to charge your gadgets when you are away from home but it can also be used at home to charge many devices when you cope with a prolonged power outage for any reason. The backpack is made of durable and water-resistant fabric and it has a long lifespan. The straps are padded for ensuring user comfort.

8. FARAZ Solar Backpack Waterproof and Anti-Theft

Faraz solar backpack crams in useful features and offers support for myriads of gadgets that can be charged using it, on the move. The solar panel has a 6w output. You can use the backpack to charge up several devices at the same time. The backpack comes with plenty of storage pouches in which you can store all your gadgets and cables without fuss. The compartments have varying shapes and sizes so that you can keep all types of stuff in them easily. They have soft padded walls too.

The backpack is quite lightweight and has padded straps for carrying on your back for a long time. This solar backpack is made with rugged waterproof material for utmost safety. You can also adjust those straps for optimum comfort. You even get a handle loop to carry the bag. The backpack, however, lacks any energy storage option and you will need a power bank for that purpose. On bright days, you can expect speedy charging of your devices but even on clouded days, it won’t fail you.

9. Voltaic Systems OffGrid 10 Watt Rapid Solar Backpack Charger

Voltaic offers a solar backpack charger with 10-watt output that can be ideal to meet needs of different types of users. This backpack not only enables you to charge your gadgets when you are away from home or workplace but it also comes with a 12,000mAh battery pack. So, you do not need to buy and use a power bank separately. It works on bright sunny days but even on the cloudy days you will not be out of luck completely. It features dual USB ports.

The backpack is equipped with a durable solar panel that lasts longer than what you get in most rival products. The rugged fabric can survive exposure to rain, dust, and frost. The monocrystalline solar cells in the panel can sustain a very long time. Using the scratch-resistant ETFE solar panel, you will be able to charge most Smartphones in about 3 hours. The company offers 2 year warranty on the solar panel which is assuring.

The backpack is built keeping in mind the needs of different types of users. It has thick padded straps which ensure your back does not get strained even after carrying it for long time. The sleeve inside can be used to keep 15-inch laptops and most tablets. There are a lot of pockets to keep all your cables and small gadgets with ease.  The total storage space is 25 liters.

10. SUNKINGDOM Solar Backpack

If you are looking for a rugged and versatile solar backpack that can be used without issues, the Sunkingdom backpack is good for your needs. The embedded solar panel captures solar energy using which you can charge a lot of devices when you are away from home. It is just the right product for those who spend a lot of time outdoors- in trekking, camping or backpacking. The 12 watts solar panel is durable and functional.

If you want to charge your phone or tablet while it is inside the bag, there is one USB port made for that purpose. The backpack is large enough to store a 15.6 Inch Laptop. You get side pockets for water bottles and umbrella along with small pouches for cables and smaller gadgets.

As a backpack, it is well built and comfortable to use. The multi-panel ventilated padding is soft and easy on your shoulder. The shoulder straps are adjustable. This backpack has a durable, Water-resistant fabric and metal zippers. However, this backpack is not equipped with any battery and you may have to carry a power bank. The company offers 1 year warranty for this model.

How to Choose the Best Solar Backpack

Tired of having to charge your cell phone over and over again? Or do you have to limit your productivity in public spaces because you can’t find a charger? For people constantly on the go, and even those of us who enjoy a nice afternoon in the park, a solar backpack just might be the best way of keeping all your gadgets fully functional and still enjoy the great outdoors.

These backpacks have an added value to those of us who enjoy camping and hiking. Now parents can take their children out on a camping trip without worrying about losing touch with home, and the kids can keep their PlayStation charged all the time.

There are however, several considerations to take into account before buying a solar backpack. Even though they offer you practically a lifelong source of charging all your gadgets for free once you buy it, the price range and features of these backpacks vary considerably.

Since there are so many different varieties of solar backpack available in the market, it can easily confuse an average Joe, So, check out these following factors if you want to purchase the best solar backpack for your next expedition –

1. Voltage

Sun as a source of power can be very unstable at times (most of the time maybe). Sometimes, the sun may start shining very bright and the solar panels may start producing energy at an extremely faster rate. In such scenarios, electrical devices if plugged in the USB port of the solar backpack could get damaged severely. But it does not have to end in that way. By using a voltage stabilizer, you regain some level of control in such situation.

More often than not, USB devices need 5V and that means, you need to find a solar backpack that has a 5V output.

2. Durability

This is an obvious one right? Of course, it is. Like it or not, your solar backpack is going to get battered by the monstrous forces of nature like a strong wind, rain, and dust. And that means, the solar backpack needs to be made from premium quality materials otherwise it will last very long, ideally, the backpack should be made from nylon as this material is known for its great strength and durability. Double-check the stitching. The seams where the straps are stitched with the backpack should be checked thoroughly. If you find any inconsistency, just stay away from it.

The solar panels should be strong and flexible at the same time otherwise they will break off easily.

3. Location

Remember, solar panels embedded in your backpack are not going to work that efficiently if you are going on a hike on the misty mountains. If these solar panels get direct sunlight, you would not have to worry about powering bigger and fancier gadgets like laptops or their likes. But sadly this is not the case when the sky is overcast with cloud.

4. Number of Ports

All we can say is that the more, the better. Sometimes, you might need to charge two electrical gadgets at the same time and in such a situation, having multiple USB ports can save your day. Most solar backpacks that are available in the market have at least two USB ports available. So, don’t opt for a cheap solar backpack that only has one port to plug things. Spend a few extra bucks and you will get your hands on a standard solar backpack that has at least two ports.

5. Weight

Often ignored, weight is an important factor when it comes to selecting a solar backpack. Batteries are still inefficient and that means, if you wish to charge large and bulky electrical gadgets, the weight of the solar battery will increase proportionately. The weight of the battery will increase depending on the required capacity. Now, it all up to you at the end. If you don’t mind moving around carrying a lot of weight on your shoulders.  

6. Power Usage

Most people find the concept of power usage confusing, to say the least. But the idea is not that complex. Allow us to break it down for you in simple terms. Say for example – you have a 500 mAh electrical gadget and a 2000 mAh solar backpack and that means, the solar backpack will allow you to charge that particular device 4 times. It is just simple math. Power Usage is usually measured in milliamp hours.

Solar Backpacks FAQ’s

Q. Can The Battery Pack of A Solar Backpack Be Replaced?

Ans: Technically, it should be possible but to be honest, it is a bad idea. You might end up damaging the structural integrity of the solar backpack in the process. This is the reason why it makes sense to leave the battery of the solar backpack untouched. In most cases, these battery packs are inbuilt and that means, you can’t replace or change them.

Q. How Does Solar Powered Backup work?

Ans: Basically, there is no such difference between rooftop solar panels and backpack solar panels as far as their composition and the inner mechanism is concerned. The purpose remains the same, however. The idea is to capture the sunlight and then convert that sunlight into electrical energy which is then used to charge batteries and other electrical gadgets.

Q. Which One is Better – Nylon Solar Backpack or PVC Solar Backpacks?

Ans: Solar backpacks are available in different shapes and sizes and they are made from different materials ranging from PVC to nylon. However, nylon backpack seems to be sturdier and more durable.

Q. How fast a smartphone can be charged by using a Solar Backpack?

Ans: A number of factors at play here. The model of the smartphone, its battery capacity and the capacity of the solar panels determine the time it might need to fully charge a smartphone. It can anywhere between 2 to 4 hours to charge a smartphone but this is a ballpark estimate and therefore, the actual time may vary.

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