Indoor Solar Lights

Best Indoor Solar Lights

Do you want to light up dimly lit areas inside your house without increasing the electricity bills? Of course, you do and the easiest way to do that is by installing solar-powered indoor lights that can dissipate darkness without even relying on the grid. These lights draw their energy from the sun and that means, you don’t have to feel guilty about damaging the environment further just to light up dark areas inside your house.

The best thing about these indoor solar lights is available for cheap and they are extremely easy to install. Now finding the right solar indoor lights is definitely not as easy as it transpires to be. To make your job easier, here we have listed some of the most popular indoor solar lights that money can buy –

Solar Lights for Indoor Reviewed

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1. LightMe Portable 130LM Solar Powered Indoor Led Bulb

Portable solar lights are very popular and that is mostly owing to their versatility and ease of usage. You may try this LightMe Portable 130LM Solar Powered Indoor Led Bulb for indoor usage needs though it can be used outdoors too. LightMe Portable 130LM Solar Powered Indoor Led Bulb has a photovoltaic panel and that has to be placed on the rooftop or any place where a good amount of sunlight is available. The High quality LED emits bright light. It is ecofriendly and long-lasting in nature.

There is an inbuilt 1600mAh lithium-ion battery which runs for 8 hours after getting fully recharged. A hook is there using which you can hang the light. On top of that, LightMe Portable 130LM Solar Powered Indoor Led Bulb has a USB port and that is handy for charging your USB based gadgets. Apart from solar energy-based charging, there is provision for typical home electricity charging. An indicator bulb is there that shows charging status. It is durable and longevity issues won’t be there.

2. Pearlstar Indoor Solar Desk Lamp

This versatile solar energy-driven light is ideal for a wide range of users. Pearlstar Indoor Solar Desk Lamp comes with 2 brightness modes and that can be handy in many situations. You can use it for reading or during emergencies. The soft white light emitted by the lamp does not hurt your eyes.

Pearlstar Indoor Solar Desk Lamp is laden with a High-performance Solar Panel. Once the rechargeable battery gets fully charged by sunlight, the lamp can stay lit for a duration of 4-8 hours. The Pearlstar Indoor Solar Desk Lamp also comes equipped with an advanced Light Sensor Switch which automates operation. The design is elegant and no wiring is needed to operate it. On top of that, it is waterproof.

3. Kyson Solar Powered Led Indoor Light

Are you looking for a stylish solar light for multipurpose use? Then choose this amazing solar Led lamp. The solar panel is external and you get Pull Cord and Remote Control. Kyson Solar Powered Led Indoor Light has a simple, lightweight design. You may use it for both illumination and accent lighting needs. Its body is composed of stainless steel and that means, it will last a long time.

There is a Li-ion battery with 400 mAh capacity. It gets charged in 8 hours approx. and after that, it will stay lit for 10 hours at a stretch. Kyson Solar Powered Led Indoor Light has a switch for setting it off and on. To use it, ensure the panel receives plenty of sunlight.

4. Lixada Solar Pendant Light

Solar-powered lights are aplenty but not all of them are versatile. This Lixada Solar Pendant Light is easy to use and has minimal maintenance. There are dual control modes. You may either use the pull-cord switch or the supplied RF remote controller. It can be used indoors and there is a 3 meters cable for that. The light is laden with a solar panel with an adjustable angle.

After the battery gets charged to full capacity, the light can stay lit for 8 – 12 hours. Lixada Solar Pendant Light has a premium stainless-steel body that withstands wear and tears well. It is also IP44 water-resistant and so you can use it in places like the patio and balcony.

5. GVSHINE Solar Panel Lighting Kit

Sometimes, you need special types of lights to cope with unprecedented situations. This versatile solar-powered light will be handy for dealing with emergency blackouts and similar situations. This is a light with a 30W Foldable Panel. GVSHINE Solar Panel Lighting Kit is more than just an emergency light. Using the unit, you can also charge your gadgets.

The Flexed panel can be put on numerous surfaces like – Van, Truck or Curved Roof etc with ease. The waterproof material can cope with vagaries of nature. The 5V 2A output is ideal for charging mobile and power banks. You may also use it to power several LED bulbs. The unit comes with an IP65 waterproof rating.

6. Nature Power 21030 Hanging Solar Powered LED Indoor Light

Sometimes, you need something more than typical solar lights that can be fixed in one place. This is a Hanging Solar Powered light with remote control.  Nature Power 21030 Hanging Solar Powered LED Indoor Light has Bright white LEDs that operate in 2 lighting modes. You can control it using a keychain based remote. The lamp has batteries that can be recharged by sunlight.

Nature Power 21030 Hanging Solar Powered LED Indoor Light can be put hanging in places like the garage, deck, or covered porch. In low brightness mode, the lamp runs for 8 hours. Nature Power 21030 Hanging Solar Powered LED Indoor Light also comes with a separate on/off switch. It has a black matte finish which makes it aesthetic looking. The company offers one year manufacturer’s warranty on this light.

7. Kyson Solar Powered Led Indoor Light

Kyson Solar Powered Led Indoor Light is ideal for replacing conventional lamps. The External Solar Panel is well built and it is easy to set up. You get a pull cord as well as a remote control with the light for ease of usage. The lamp has an enticing vintage styling.

You may use this solar LED wall light to spruce up the house exterior. Kyson Solar Powered Led Indoor Light is eco friendly and has a classic appeal. Using the light is simple and the company packs in a wall mounting kit. The build quality is nice and it will cope with weather elements without fuss.

8. Roxy-G2 Solar Outdoor/Indoor Lighting Kit

You may get confused while buying solar lights these days, thanks to the variety. When you need a versatile solar light that can be used both indoors and outdoors, go for this Roxy-G2 Solar Outdoor/Indoor Lighting Kit.

Roxy-G2 Solar Outdoor/Indoor Lighting Kit comes armed with a high quality solar panel that soaks in solar energy and then stores it in a high capacity 2400mAh lithium battery. The Led is designed to emit bright light without causing much glare. A push button is there to set the light off and on. The Aluminum frame polycrystalline panel copes well with climate conditions. The lamp has tough ABS made body. The package contains the cable, solar panel and light fixture.

Different Types of Indoor Solar Lights

Different varieties of solar indoor lights are available these days and this is what has complicated the quest for the best solar indoor lights further.

Solar Lights with Separate Solar Panels

This type of indoor solar light is fairly common. These lights come fitted with solar panels but they are not attached directly to the lights and that means, you can move these solar panels around. This is kinda beneficial to the users as this feature allows them to place the solar panels wherever they want. You can place them outside where they can get direct access to the sunlight and this will speed up the charging process. More often than not, this type of solar lights are attached to the walls or mounted on the windows by using some kind of rubber suction and screws.

Solar Skylights

Solar skylight basically a window attached to the roof of your house to allow more natural sunlight to enter the room without facing any obstacles. They help increase the temperature inside besides reducing the need to use artificial lights during the daytime. 

Solar Tube Lights

Solar Tube Lights makes it easier for you to harness the power of sunlight more efficiently. Solar tubes are basically a metal tube that gets attached to the dome of your house. The dome harnesses the sunlight and then that sunlight gets reflected down that metal tube and that in the process illuminates the indoor. Solar Tube Lights are in vogue and they are primarily used for decorative purposes.

Best Indoor Solar Lights Buying Guide


This is a no brainer, right? Like who would really want to spend his/her hard-earned money on indoor solar lights that have got very little lifespan. Well, some people do ignore the durability aspects just to save a few dollars. So, don’t go for the cheaper models as they will make you feel disappointed later for sure.


Contrary to what you believe, indoor solar lights come fitted with a different model of batteries. These batteries have nothing in common with other types of solar batteries that you and I might have come across earlier. They have got different voltage requirements. You need to check the voltage requirement of these batteries because batteries with higher voltage requirements are hard to charge as they need more power and this can lead to a lot of problems if the sky is overcast with clouds.


The higher the lumen, the brighter will be the light. It is as simple as that. But just because you have purchased indoor solar lights with higher lumen ratings, you should not assume that the brightness of the solar indoor lights will increase automatically. The brightness depends on other factors too like for example – direct access to sunlight, overcast conditions, etc. This is the reason why you need to place the solar panels where they can get maximum sunlight for the longest period of time possible.


Screw mounted solar indoor lights are quite popular among people as they can be easily attached to the wall of a room. All you need is a drilling tool to get them attached to the wall. However, some other variants of solar indoor lights come standard with hooks. Hooks make it super easy for people to hang them from a wall or rope.

Light Colors

Solar indoor lights are available in different colors. You get to choose from bright, warm, or cool white lights. It all boils down to the preference of the shopper. You can also settle for multicolor solar indoor lights if you want to jazz up the interior of your house.


A motion sensor is a nifty feature that you might want to consider while purchasing the best solar indoor lights for your bedroom or kitchen. Motion sensor automictically detects movements and lights up those areas accordingly and thus helps saving energy as much as possible. It dims the lights back when a person leaves the room which is definitely a great feature to look out for.

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