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Best Hanging Solar Lights

Do you want to make your yard or garden stand out in the dark? Do you want to scare away the dark without increasing your electricity bills (because that hurts right?). Well, mate you are in for luck. There are hundreds of solar hanging lights available in the market that will allow you to illuminate your front or backyard without increasing your carbon footprint.

Hanging Solar Lights have numerous advantages to offer. Besides not paying a dime for electricity, These lights also don’t need plugs or wires. Installation process is very simple. Just attached in the designated places and make sure that the solar panels are getting enough sunlight throughout the day and you will be just fine.

Now, since there are wide varieties of solar hanging lights available in the market, you might find it really difficult to find the one that suits your budget. To make job a bit easier, here we have listed top 10 hanging solar lights that money can buy –

Hanging Solar Lights Reviewed

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1. Tofu Solar Outdoor Hanging Lights

Are you looking for eco-friendly lanterns to decorate the house exterior? Then these aesthetic and durable solar powered hanging lanterns will fit the bill well. These classy looking Tofu Solar Outdoor Hanging Lights have rings and clamps and so hanging them outside of the house is not a problem. You need not worry about harsh weather damaging the lanterns as they have IPX65 waterproof rating. The body is made with Durable ABS Plastic and it is Shock and vibration resistant too.

The flickering flame lighting pattern looks amazing at night. The light is like jumping orange flame and that creates a warm ambiance. The lantern’s Vintage pattern design gels well with many setups. You can hang the Tofu Solar Outdoor Hanging Lights in places like the patio, balcony, driveway, and backyard, etc. You may also use it to adorn the house during parties and special events.

Tofu Solar Outdoor Hanging Light gets charged by solar energy at daytime and night emits flickering light. You will not need any battery to operate these lanterns. The efficient and durable solar panels are long-lasting. Operation is automatic thanks to and there is on/off switch. You get 24 months warranty on this device.

2. GIGALUMI Solar Hanging Lights

Not all solar-powered lanterns have to be dazzling with a bright light! You may seek such lighting solutions that emit soothing white light. In that case, this pack of 8 solar hanging lanterns with candle-shaped lamps inside will be ideal. You can put them up at places like patio, lawn, garden, and porch. The soft candle-shaped light is easy on the eyes.

GIGALUMI Solar Hanging Lights are laden with a solid metal clamp, hook and so hanging them will not be an issue. Installation is simple and no wiring is needed at all. GIGALUMI Solar Hanging Lights operate automatically and so usage is hassle-free. Once fully charged, the lanterns will stay lit for 8 hours approx.

You need not worry about the GIGALUMI Solar Hanging Lights set getting damaged by rain as it is waterproof. These lights come equipped with Ni-MH rechargeable battery that has a long lifespan. The company offers 90 Days’ replacement on this device.

3. Yinuo Mirror Outdoor Hanging Lights

Are you looking for classy styled yet environments friendly exterior lights that can be used in many places? Then this set of Yinuo Mirror Outdoor Hanging Lights is just ideal. The dancing flame type light is alluring and that makes it ideal for usage in personal events and special days.

Yinuo Mirror Outdoor Hanging Lights help create a warm and welcoming ambiance at home. It can be used at patio and porch, among other places. There is no need to use battery and wiring. Yinuo Mirror Outdoor Hanging Light is powered by a robust solar panel. The charging time is 5 hours approx and once the lantern gets fully charged, it stays illuminated for as much as 15 hours.

The circular ring makes hanging the unit easy. It comes with a clip as well. The automatic operation eliminates hassles. You can stop worrying about weather-induced damages as the unit is IP65 Waterproof. Its body is made using rugged ABS Plastic.

4. TomCare Outdoor Hanging Lanterns Lighting

Sometimes, you need more than ordinary lighting solutions to light up the household in style. You may consider buying this set of TomCare Outdoor Hanging Lanterns Lighting. The lantern has a poly plastic body that resembles glass but offers better durability. Its dancing flame Design makes the set look even more enticing. The viewers will love the warm yellow glow and so it can be used to light up the home in personal events. The bronze finish has a vintage style. You may put it on any surface and use the hook to hang it from many places, based on your penchant.

You need no wiring to use it and the sunlight is all the unit requires for charging. The charging time is roughly 8 hours. There is a 2000mAh rechargeable battery inside. Since TomCare Outdoor Hanging Lanterns Light is IP65 waterproof certified, you need not fret about the weather. It comes with 12 Months warranty.

5. Take Me Outdoor Hanging Light

Are you thinking of buying lanterns that look vintage but offer modern features? Then Take Me Outdoor Hanging Light is what you need. Powered by solar panels, Take Me Outdoor Hanging Light also have inbuilt rechargeable NiMH AAA600mah batteries. The lamps get lit up at dusk automatically after getting recharged in the daytime. In the lamp, you get Flickering LED Flameless Candles that emit warm white light. Once fully charged, the lanterns stay lit for almost 8 hours.

You can put these beautiful and vintage style lanterns at places like balcony, patio, backyard garden or rooftop. Take Me Outdoor Hanging Light can also be used on personal occasions. The Weather-resistant body lasts for a long time.

6. PearlStar Solar Hanging Lights

You may have a penchant for vintage style lanterns but missing out on modern features is something you do not want. Then, your ideal choice is this set of solar-powered retro style lantern. These vintage design PearlStar Solar Hanging Lights need no electricity. The solar panel draws energy from sunlight to recharge the included NI-MH Rechargeable batteries.

Then, it offers illumination at night. You can hang these PearlStar Solar Hanging Lights on trees or keep them on tables. You need not think of climate-related hassles as the lanterns are water-resistant. They feature IP44 Waterproof certification. The bronze finishes ABS plastic body lasts for a long time. Operating the lantern is a joy owing to its built-in light sensor. It kicks in at sunset and turns off the light at sunlight.

7. GIGALUMI Solar Hanging Lights for Yard Decoration

There are so many solar lanterns and hanging lights but you may want a set that looks truly unique and aesthetic! Then this 4 Piece set of hanging solar lanterns will fulfill your needs. GIGALUMI Solar Hanging Lights for Yard Decoration can be used in gardens, backyards, and patios. You can also put them on tables and flat surfaces. The sturdy steel hooks make hanging hassle-free too. The solar-powered lanterns exude warm white light. Its automated dusk to dawn operation mechanism ensures peace of mind.  The stainless steel body lasts for a long time. After a full charge cycle, the lights stay lit for 6 hours.

There is basically no installation required and you can charge and start using the GIGALUMI Solar Hanging Lights for Yard Decoration. These GIGALUMI Solar Hanging Lights for Yard Decoration are weatherproof and so you have no woes of snow and rainfall causing any damage in the long run. The 180 days product warranty offered by the company sweetens the deal.

8. Pearlstar Vintage Solar Hanging Light

This traditional and vintage designed solar lantern is simply perfect for outdoor use like in the garden, porch, patio, yard, driveway, etc. Pearlstar Vintage Solar Hanging Light contains a LED tungsten light bulb emitting warm white light. The light is 100% solar-powered and it takes 6-8 hours for the battery to be fully charged. This solar marine lantern is made from high-quality metal, which is heatproof as well as waterproof, making Pearlstar Vintage Solar Hanging Light ideal for outdoor use. The batteries in the lantern are replaceable giving the device a long life. After a full charge, it stays on for 8 hours approx.

The retro-style solar lantern has similarities in design with traditional hurricane lanterns. In spite of its rustic design, it syncs well in modern outdoor settings. No wiring is required for the lanterns as they are completely solar-powered. Its automatic light sensor feature makes usage absolutely hassle-free.

9. Homeimpro Solar Big Lantern Hanging Light

This is a beautiful solar powered garden light, which imparts a romantic ambiance to the place where it is kept or hung. On receiving the product, the switch has to be turned ‘on’ and placed in an area with abundant sunlight for 6-8 hours. The Ni-MH 2V/AA600mah battery gets fully charged to be used throughout the night. The lantern comes with 7 lumens super bright LED for excellent illumination.

The body of the Homeimpro Solar Big Lantern Hanging Light is made of stainless steel, making it durable and highly weather-resistant. When hung outside, the lamp can withstand all weather conditions and provide excellent long-lasting performance. Once fully charged, Homeimpro Solar Big Lantern Hanging Light will illuminate a spot for 8 hours. It comes with an IP44 rating. No wiring is needed and there is nothing like installation.

The pattern on the lamp’s body is intricate and fascinating and when the light glows from inside, it creates a nice sight. Apart from hanging, the lantern can also be placed on the table as a décor piece.

Solar Powered hanging Light Buying Guide

Finding the best solar hanging light should not be complicated but there are certain factors that you need to consider carefully before making the final call –

1. Color & Temperature

Warm white is the most popular color in the category of solar powered hanging lights and there is a good reason for that. Warm white color adds to the elegance of the place that brightly colored light can’t. Also temperate is important when it comes to solar powered hanging lights. The lights should not generate too much heat otherwise, it might cause damage to the wall.

2. Run Time

You expect these solar lights to operate at least 8 to 10 hours a day. Once they are fully charged, they should stay lit for 8 hours otherwise, there is no purpose of using them in the first place. These solar hanging lights are supposed to illuminate the dark areas of your backyard or garden. The rule of thumb is – the higher the run time is, the better.

3. Weight

As the name suggests, Solar Hanging Lights will be hanging from the wall, they can’t be too heavy otherwise they their weight will pull them down sooner or later. Gravity is a vile thing and therefore, you need to make sure that the Solar Hanging Lights are lightweight so that they can be suspended from the wall without putting too much pressure on the attached ring. Technically solar powered hanging lights should not be too large because that would defeat the very purpose of keeping them suspended from wall. We need them to create a relaxing environment and not to brighten up the entire neighborhood.

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