Solar Fountains for Bird Bath

Best Solar Fountains for Bird Bath

Water fountain can be a nice addition to your garden. However, as you have already guessed, installing a water fountain is definitely not easy. There is so much work involved and then the very thought of going through all that mess can make you feel depressed. But not anymore. Solar fountains that are primarily designed for birdbaths are incredibly easy to install and they are environmentally friendly. They don’t pollute the environment and they help then birds feel happy. Who does not love to watch birds taking a bath, right? So, you need to get a solar powered birth bath fountain to experience this bliss. Now, the problem is that you simply can’t get your hands on a good quality solar fountain since there are so many varieties of solar bird baths available in the market. To make your job easier, here we have listed some of the best solar bird bath fountains that money can buy –

Solar Fountains for
Bird Baths Reviewed

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However, finding the right solar fountain for birdbath is not easy. There are so many varieties of birdbaths available in the market that you might have a hard time finding the one that suits your requirements. To make your task easy, here we have listed the top 8 solar fountains –

1. Tranmix Solar Bird Bath Fountain

What can be a better idea to beautify your pool or fish pond than using a solar fountain? This solar-powered sleek fountain is a perfect means to attract birds to your garden. The solar panels keep this Tranmix Solar Bird Bath Fountain running and setting it up is as simple as it can be. Indirect sunlight, the unit starts functioning in a matter of seconds. Just make sure that the solar panels are getting the right amount of sunlight and the fountain will start pumping water in less than 3 seconds. Tranmix Solar Bird Bath Fountain lets you make adjustments in the nozzles so that the water does not get sprayed out of the basin.

You get to enjoy different water spray patterns – thanks to 8 different spray nozzles. Tranmix Solar Bird Bath Fountain is portable and you can carry it to a new location easily. Keep the water inlet and solar panel clean to enjoy a good performance.

2. CONXWAN Solar Fountain for Bird Bath

Do you want to set up a small fountain in your backyard or garden for bathing the lovely winged visitors! Then, go for this hassle-free solar fountain model. This Solar Water Fountain is equipped with an 800mAh battery. The 2.5W solar panel is effective and it stores energy as it is getting charged and that makes usage simple. Even on the cloudy days, the fountain will not come to a halt owing to the stored energy.

Setting it up is simple and all you need to do is putting it in water. The fountain can help enhance the oxygen in water, making it suitable for keeping fish and water plants. You get 8 different styled nozzles in the set for different fountain patterns. The fountain has an embedded water-shortage protection feature. You get the solar power fountain, 8 x Sprinkler head, necessary fittings, and a user manual inside the packet.

3. Solatec Solar Fountain

Have you always wished to set up a fountain in your garden or pond but got deterred by the thought of setting up and maintenance related hassles? This sleek and stylish solar fountain will fulfill your needs. Solatec Solar Fountain is powered by a solar panel and operation is simple. It is also quite stylish and comes with 4 distinct styled nozzles. So, you get water patterns matching your moods. The solar fountain is ideal for bird bathing at the backyard or garden and you can also set it up in an outdoor fish pond.

Since it is a floating fountain, you only need to put it on the water while ensuring the solar panel gets a good amount of sunlight. However, Solatec Solar Fountain does not have any energy storage option and you get optimum performance by ensuring the panels get adequate sunlight. The quality Polycrystalline Silicon-based panel is durable and lasts a long time with proper care. You get a 1-year warranty on this product.

4. MADETEC Solar Powered Water Fountain

It is a nice feeling when you watch the colorful chirpy birds playing in your garden or backyard. You can make the place more enticing for these lovely winged creatures by installing this sleek solar water fountain. There is no need to use any battery to run it as the solar panels draw power from sunlight. MADETEC Solar Powered Water Fountain starts operating within a few seconds of putting it on the water under bright sunlight. You get 4 different shaped spray heads and by using these you can create enticing water patterns. No complex setup is involved and you do not need to use wiring or drilling as such.

MADETEC Solar Powered Water Fountain is portable and you can put it on outdoor fish ponds and pools easily. The embedded brushless motor will last for a long time. It should be cleaned from time to time to enjoy a good performance.

5. Biling Solar Bird Bath Fountain Pump

This sleek-looking solar fountain is the perfect thing to beautify your garden or house backyard. This user-friendly Hiluckey Solar Bird Bath Fountain has an 800mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery embedded. Biling Solar Bird Bath Fountain Pump stores energy even when the fountain is working under bright sunlight. Even on the cloudy days, it will not stop working totally.

Biling Solar Bird Bath Fountain Pump has to be put in water and soon the fountain jet will start, provided there is a decent amount of sunlight. There is no need to dig a hole or use any special equipment to set it up. Biling Solar Bird Bath Fountain Pump can be used in a fish pond and atop an existing water body. You get 8 different types of sprayers with the unit and these create unique water spray patterns.

Its water-level monitoring feature is handy and the fountain ceases to work if the water level is too low. You may have to clean the fountain periodically for getting the desired performance. In the pack, you get fittings, Solar Power Fountain unit, 8 Nozzles, and one User Manual.

6. Xanland Solar Bird Bath Fountain

This sleek solar panel powered fountain can be used to beautify a garden or outdoor fish pool, without hassles. The 2.5W Solar Panel is very effective and you just need to put the unit on water. It will start working soon. No digging or wiring will be required ever! The 800mAh Li-polymer Battery helps store energy so that the fountain keeps working even on the cloudy days. The unit is built rugged.

Hiluckey Solar Bird Bath Fountain has a set of 8 nozzles and so you can get distinct water patterns by swapping nozzles. When the water level is low, Hiluckey Solar Bird Bath Fountain will stop working automatically. In the pack, you get the Solar Fountain, User Manual, and Installation Kit.

7. Smart Solar 22300R01 Solar Powered Ceramic Frog Water Feature

Are you looking for a cute and sleek looking water fountain with a different styling! Then this green ceramic solar fountain will be ideal. This frog-shaped fountain will make everyone enticed. The water flows through the mouth of the frog into the bowl and it gets re-circulated. This will also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your garden or patio.

You may even set Smart Solar 22300R01 Solar Powered Ceramic Frog Water Feature up at the balcony. The fountain is lightweight and compact. The fountain gets power from a solar panel and a cable is provided to link both items. No wiring or running cost is there and setting the fountain up is also simple. It is lightweight and durable.

8. IDEALHOUSE Solar Fountain 

You may have thought of setting up a fountain in the garden to beautify the place but the thought of running cost and maintenance needs might have held you back from buying one! IDEALHOUSE Solar Fountain may be the thing you actually need. It is absolutely eco friendly and does not need any battery. It starts working under direct sunlight and you need not do anything extra to make it work. However, keeping the solar panel and pump clean will be required.

You get 4 distinct shaped nozzles and by using these you will get separate and nice water spray patterns. The unit has an embedded brushless motor that lasts for a long time.

9. Feeke Mini Solar Powered Bird Bath Fountain

You may have thought about installing a birdbath fountain in the garden to woo the colorful and chirpy birds to the place but the maintenance and running cost issues have deterred you. In that case, you can opt for this sleek looking and hassle-free solar fountain. Feeke Mini Solar Powered Bird Bath Fountain is laden with premium quality 2.5W solar panels. Under direct sunlight, it starts working within a few seconds, minus any human intervention. Setting it up is also very easy and no wiring or drilling will be necessary.

Feeke Mini Solar Powered Bird Bath Fountain comes with 6 separate nozzles and each has a unique water spray pattern. This unit has a durable pump and a high-quality brushless motor. Cleaning the panel and pump from time to time will ensure longevity and optimum performance.

10. Qualife Solar Water Fountains

You need not invest a huge amount to set up a sleek looking fountain in the patio or backyard of your house. You can opt for this sleek and functional solar fountain model. Qualife Solar Water Fountain does not have an inbuilt battery and instead relies only on solar power. It has 4 replacement nozzles with varying water jet patterns.

Qualife Solar Water Fountains can be used in fish pools and swimming pools for adornment. The product is lightweight and compact and it lasts for a long time. Keep cleaning the panels to get the desired performance. You get a 1 year product warranty. The expected lifetime of the product is 10000 hours.

Know More About Solar Water Fountain

Home décor manufacturers have introduced good number of Home & Garden appliances which are operated with solar power. One such range of equipment is solar powered garden fountain. These fountains works exactly like their conventional counterparts, only difference is their source of energy supply. Solar powered garden fountains are economical to operate and require little maintenance that is why they have become among home decoration enthusiasts.

A solar water fountain is a beautiful way to enhance your garden in an eco-friendly way. These solar powered accessories have many benefits that extend way beyond the scope of clean energy.  They can run on their own, they take little to no upkeep, and they are usually very beautiful. No recurring electricity charges, free use of natural resources to generate power. They are extremely easy to move around, adjust places, and revamp your garden without spending a dime. No running wires through the garden, using many feet of electrical cord, or other inconveniences or safety hazards of appliances that require electricity to function. Have young kids? It’s a no brainer! Without cords, your kids are free to play their backyard soccer games without setting up the soccer field around wires.

Solar water fountains function purely on solar energy in the sun. If placed in the light, they will never need an electrical cord or energy source besides the sun. They just absorb sunlight to power the solar pump. You can even store that sunlight if it comes with a battery pack, and use it as needed to power the fountain! They do come with a cord to connect to the solar panel if you desire to place your fountain in the shade. How this works is that the panel will soak up sunlight, and then it will store the energy for times when the fountain is in the shade. In addition, many of these fountains are exquisitely designed, and are beautiful additions to your yard’s landscaping. Should you decide that your current fountain is too dear to part with, there is another option for you. Most fountains are adaptable if you can install a solar pump and panel kit.

Solar powered fountains are maintained and serviced like any other fountain. Maintenance of the solar power unit is convenient and simple. The glass which covers the solar cells need to be cleaned with a clean damp cloth to ensure maximum sun rays reaching the solar cells.

Solar fountains Buying Guide

Here are some factors that you need to weigh on before zero in one a particular solar fountain –

1. Full Fountain vs. Pump

A full-fledged solar water fountain has got everything like – solar panels, pumps, and the fountain. You don’t have to purchase any other equipment to get it to work. It is a complete package and therefore, it is no wondering a sizeable section of solar aficionados is opting for this.

On the other hand, solar fountain pumps contain only the sprinkler, solar panels, and the pump. So, in order to make it work, you will have to purchase either a decorative pot or a birdbath separately.

2. Spray Pattern

There should be some options to change the Spray pattern otherwise, you will feel bored by seeing the same spray type sooner or later. Sometimes, there is no easy way out and you just have to get your hands dirty by changing the nozzle.

3. Battery Backup

When the sun is up in the sky, the Solar fountains will work automatically because it will get powered by the solar panels. But what will happen when the sun goes down in the west. If you want your solar-powered fountain for birdbath to work in the night, you need to make sure that your solar fountain is equipped with a battery so that the excess power gets stored into it and your solar fountain continues to work even when the sun is not there to power it up.

4. Material

The pumps are usually made from plastic but when it comes to a solar fountain, you have multiple options to choose from. Some solar fountains are made from terracotta or clay (they are known as – Ceramic fountains). Ceramic fountains look elegant and graceful but the main problem is that they are very fragile and therefore, they are not an ideal choice for outdoor use in most cases.

You can also find solar birdbath fountains that are actually made from real stones. These stone solar fountains are extremely durable but they are super heavy and can cost you an arm and a leg.

Solar fountains made from plastics are also quite popular as they are available for the cheap and they are extremely lightweight too. However, you simply can’t expect them to be as durable as their stone counterparts.  

5. Wattage

Most solar fountains don’t need much power to operate an optimal level. They need somewhere around 5 to 15 watts of power. However, if you are planning something extravagant like huge water sprays, you might have to consider purchasing fountains with higher wattage.

6. LED Lights

Some solar fountains for birdbaths come equipped with some LED lights. These lights are in most cases contains some sort of sensors that get activated by lights. When the sun goes down, these sensors switch on the lights automatically. However, these lights will put some pressure on the battery.  

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