9 Ways To Become A Green Parent

9 Ways To Become A Green Parent

Going green is not a really difficult task. You can make small changes in your life to achieve this. Your little actions can have a great impact on your children and help them to grow up with a care for the environment. Here are 9 easy ways to become a green parent.

Buy Organic Food, Clothing and Products

Organic products are free from harmful chemicals. So try to buy organic foods, clothing and products whenever you can. Explain to your child how organic products are different from products which contain chemicals and their influence on the environment.

Teach Your Kids How to Recycle

Teach your children how to recycle various of materials like metal, paper, plastic and glass by taking them to the nearest recycling bin center. Show them how to separate the materials and put them in the appropriate recycling bins.

Plant a Family Tree Together

It is fun to plant a tree, especially children love this idea. So plant a tree together on any important event like a birthday, important holiday etc.Use cloth diapers for your baby
If you have a small baby, It’s better to use eco-friendly cloth diapers instead of disposable diapers since they free of the many chemicals contained in disposable diapers. In additional, Disposable diapers are the third largest single consumer item in landfills and they are decompose after 200-250 years!

Cook for Your Family at Home

Making your family food by yourself at home is healthy for you and your kids, and it is better for environment.

Avoid Ordinary Paints in Your Child’s Room

Avoid ordinary paints which have large amounts of volatile organic compounds and may damage baby’s lungs. Rather use a low VOC paint.

Encourage Your Kids to Swap Toys with Friends

Encourage swapping of toys and books among the kids. This can saves you money by avoiding unnecessary purchases. Your child can get new things and toys without buying new ones.

Promote the Habit of Conserving Energy and Water

Teach your kids how to conserve water and energy. Promote this habit by turning off the lights, fans and other electrical equipment when they are not needed. Explain them why it’s important to take a short showers.

Try to Avoid Plastic Ttoys

The production of plastic toys polluting the environment. In additional, plastic toys contains ingredients that can be harmful for kids, So buy your children natural and wooden toys instead of the plastic ones.

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