5 Green Family Habits

5 Green Family Habits

In modern society there is no doubt that people and businesses have to be aware of their carbon footprint.  People are encouraged to recycle their disused wares, bottles and even home fixtures and fittings, should they be decorating.  We are asked to travel more by public transport which means smelly buses and trains running frustratingly late. Some even ask us to spend thousands of dollars kitting out our homes with the latest green and efficient trinkets.

You may think I am having a grumble about becoming green, far from it; I just like to introduce it to people in a different way.

Of course, all the things that I have mentioned are great things that do help the environment but let’s look at the older generation, will they adopt changes like recycling or fitting solar panels?  Most probably not, but encouraging relatives, friends and neighbors CAN make a difference.  So I wanted to put together a small list of things that you can adopt at your leisure and help to make a difference with a little bit of a twist.

Browse Charity Stores

Whilst this may not appeal to the masses, the simple fact is that charity stores and furniture regeneration projects can have some outstanding bargains and it means that a piece of clothing or furniture is given a new lease of life!  Check out online resources such as Freecycle, you never know you might end up with something better than you planned!

Start a Veggie Patch

This can be a great project, especially if you have small children.  It means that you are able to grow vegetables, spend time with your children and educate them about the benefits of growing veg and the concept of providing for yourself.  Does an afternoon or two in the garden not sound better than trailing around the supermarket for ages?

Save Rainwater

One thing I noticed when I went back home is my Dad had very cleverly set up a drainpipe running from his shed roof to a large drum.  He was saving the rainwater for using on the garden and other things like mixing cement so that he didn’t have to unnecessarily use water straight from the tap.

Neighbourhood Pop Up Supper Clubs

Now this may be slightly unorthodox way to eat out but it’s something that is gaining traction in larger cities.  People attend other people’s homes or one off special locations.  People are usually asked to donate £20 or so and they will have an evening of entertainment, nice food and provides an opportunity to meet more, like minded people.

What I would propose is suggesting this with neighbours and having a pot-luck dinner party where each neighbour could host an evening of food and entertainment and each home takes their turn.  This reduces the amount of gas and electricity used to cook amongst a few houses and also saves petrol from heading into town to eat out!

Family Night In

Why not suggest to your family that instead of the usual after dinner scramble to each person’s bedroom to play with consoles, laptops, Ipads, DVD players (you get the gist), you dedicate one night a week to turning off all of the aforementioned arsenal of gadgetry and spend the evening together as a family.

Switch off the majority of the house lights, gadgets etc. and sit around in the sitting room and play a game or even chat!  I can almost hear the groans of thousands of teenagers across the country but see how much money you save on your electricity bill by having four family nights per month. You might even enjoy yourselves!

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