10 Interesting Solar Energy Facts

10 Interesting Solar Energy Facts

Isn’t it a bit sad that there are still lots of people around the world who are not aware of the usefulness of solar energy and the advantages it brings when it comes to saving power and in preserving the environment?  The cause of this unawareness is due to the lack of support from the government in developing new technologies that can make solar power available to the masses.

When compared to other energy and electric sources (i.e. fossil fuels, oil, and nuclear plants), solar energy is the least utilized although it is more abundant in nature.  Also, unlike fossil fuels and nuclear plants, solar energy doesn’t exhaust carcinogens or deadly chemicals that can pollute the environment.

If you stumbled upon this blog post while you are looking for some interesting facts about solar energy, then you should continue reading below.

The following are the top 10 interesting solar energy facts you need to know.  This list will increase your solar power awareness and will encourage you to share what you’ll learn with others.

1.  Pro-Environment advocates predict that solar power will become a major energy source in the years to come.  This is due to the massive potential it brings and its positive effect to the environment.  With the continuing increase of pollution, the use of oil, fossil fuels and other energy sources (that worsen the pollution problem world-wide) will probably be minimized in the future.

2.  According to statistics, Germany is the country with the highest number of installed solar energy-powered systems.   It is then followed by Spain, Japan etc.

3.  Household solar systems cost has decreased by 200% since three decades ago.  This shows that the technology becomes less expensive and its availability nowadays is not only limited to the wealthiest households. .

4.  According to statistics, solar energy has only a market share of 0.01%.  This makes up the smallest portion of electricity generation in the United States.

5.  The first solar powered aircraft flew across the United States in 1990.  It was solely powered by solar energy.

6.  Solar energy should be strategically used to prod major power companies to decrease the rate of their energy cost.  Consumers can always benefit from market competitions.  As most power companies monopolize electric distribution and interoperable commications, putting up solar energy as a great competitor in the market can leave them no option but to lower their rates.

7.  As of 2009, there are already 13 solar energy manufacturers in the US.  Number of solar panels shipped from 1990 (3,645) to 2009 (10,511) has increased.

8.  According to statistics, around 30% of total solar energy consumption is used to heat water.

9.  According to statistics, 75 million barrels of oil are saved annually by all solar energy users.

10.  According to statistics, 35 million tons of carbon-dioxide are saved annually by all solar energy users.  This indicates a more pollution-free environment.

The usage of solar energy can be traced back to the 7th Century B.C.  According to history, during that time, solar power was acquired by using a magnifying glass to intensify the heat from the sun rays that was then transformed into fire.

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